Woke up 6:30am at 259 :) Right now its 8:03pm and scale reads 259 :) = 257-258 tomorrow :D

Today I got things done minus applying for two prn (on call) jobs.
I feel if I have a side job I wouldn’t feel so stressed out and worried about the current job I have now due to having to complaining about co-workers. I am sorry, but its a known fact the complainer is the one they try to find a loop hole to get rid of! What if they lie or find things we all do, but really shouldn’t do and use that against me with unemployment? I lose then panic sets in…and out goes the weight loss and in comes more spending to eat and worry as I hit the streets for a job.

I plan on applying for these two jobs my next day off Monday before my trip and will write down when I am returning just in case they wanna give me a call.


Today I ate 570 calories I felt I was on my game!

But caved in to some watermelon for energy and to stop the stomach feelings if you know what I mean.

So today I had 670 calories.

Later in the day as I was still out doing errands I felt so tired since I had to get up at 6:30am and was up let getting papers together and what not for the next.

I laid awake in bed almost rolling over to sleep, I thought of some of the youtube videos I had watched on people drawing blood last night and how I really need to learn this skill to upgrade my pay for better things: Education, saving,moving out the ghetto and fun!


I recalled I had made a appointment for my eyes, I want to start wearing eye contacts instead of glasses all the time. Sometimes a month goes by where I don’t wear them I feel it takes a little away from looking good.

My appointment was at 10:15am, the school opens at 8am…..

I said to myself if you can wake up and move for work to keep your job, surly you can get up for yourself!

With that I thought ok I have to get up for my future. I could of easily stayed in bed and got up before my eye exam.

I caught the bus at 7am with my packed food.


I wanted no excuse that I had nothing to eat, so I had to settle for this 1000 calorie meal at (name food company of interest), but since I ate that much I should go ahead and eat (name a cake or pie here), but also that drink looks pretty good (name non diet drink here), but you know what that pizza wouldn’t hurt with that candy bar….its a evil cycle.


I got to school exactly at 8:09am.

I was the first in the school! They are use to seeing me at 10am, but my appointment!

The girl who lets me draw blood from her wasn’t there yet……the teacher said any minute she will be here.

Out of all the days to be late she chooses this one. I could of gotten ALL my sticks if she came on time.

She came in at 8:40ish am!

I ride the bus so that wasn’t good at all!


I focused, did all the steps before trying to draw blood, felt for her arm. I thought I will get this I have to…I HAVE TO, I relaxed….I felt a good vein. She told me she forgot to drink water so her veins maybe hard to find. I told her its ok because in the real world many will come in not have had enough water (water makes it easier). She agreed. I felt a good vein and felt to try and follow the direction of the vein.

I stuck the needle in and got nothing, but I fished a little then GOLD I had blood rushing at a fast speed back into the tube. It was so beautiful so red and it was like I did it. I was so excited!!

She stuck me and got nothing, but I told her I will be back.

I am so close to my license I can see it in my minds eye.

The teacher said once I pay in full I can take the test whenever I want to.

I owe 280 or 230 left have to check myself.

I pay slowly here and there.

As a phlebotomist I can be alone on the road no mental co-workers to have to cross paths with.

Or in a office with other medical staff waiting for my next patient…plus I have a cna license I heard I can combine them for serious pay…well compared to my pay!

As I lose weight I should be landing jobs with more ease once at goal. A smiling thin girl?

Now women have been known to not hire another if she looks better then them or feel the first MALE interviewer choose her for the second interview due to her looks.

I only got one stick and had to rush out. I saw my teacher looking at me I bet with the thoughts of my hair….but she will be ok…she will live..


It took me exactly 10:11am to make it I left at a really good time.

I got my eyes checked and ordered my dark brown contacts today! Yes same color as my real eyes never been the one to really change it up. I like to look natural even if what I wear, use is fake.


*Can’t stop looking in the mirror…the weight is coming off.*


I will be honest. When stressed out I tend to eat, in the past at RARE I get so upset I won’t eat much..happened only 3 times of my life I believe?

Just seeing my former rides face and how she yelled at me at work about what I do as a ADULT, I recall the next morning angry at her still and will forever hate her. I ate all 15 mini pieces of candy…went on a sugar binge, a carb binge…it didn’t stop she made me so angry then I hated myself for eating like that….even though it was so good!

The next day going to work seeing her all friendly Im a christian self my hunger went down, I followed what I said I was going to do eat a bad of broccoli and the rest is history.

Im feeling better as long as she doesn’t say anything to me.

I feel my old self returning, but not going to ruin myself. I am doing too good.

I plan on taking my dvds (feet feel better), and maybe brave a jump rope on my joints?

If I can come back 5-10 pounds smaller after my trip that is expressive on my end.

Sometime in March I want to be 200 pounds….smiles.

Being 200 means I need to lose 70 more pounds to reach my ideal weight.

I can’t believe I may be thin before 2014!!!

I read how people say it took them 2 years sometimes 1, but maybe for me 6-7 months?

Once my weight slows down….already got a plan for that….doctor visit plus pills equal hollywood body if not run way!!!!



Ok tomorrow:

I found some cookies you have to bake which is 70 calories per cookie which is awesome since the average cookie is 150 per cookie (Yikes)


two caramel chocolate cookies=  140

Marie Callender’s beef pepper steak= 290 (I promise its the best frozen section meal ever for the calories!)

So thats 430 calories so far.

One morning star spicy black bean burger=120 calories yes will be added to frozen dish yum.

Were at 550!

One serving of blue bell ice cream milk chocolate=  180…yes to go with the cookies!

730 calories

New habit even if cookie dough touch my hand I raise it off. I know once it hits your lips game over.

When at work I am more active up and down ladders so 730 wont ruin a thing.

When I hit 251 pounds…omg talk about feeling real good!

Oh and plus a bag of broccoli so now thats 880. A lot then what I been having for these couple of days, but these veggies added to my frozen meal will have me feelings full and soon weighing even less. On my days off I really have to eat less since I’m not moving as if Im at work and rushing around.



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