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16 Responses to “About”

  1. tfaswift Says:

    Hello ebonnie, I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. You can choose to participate or not. It’s up to you. To read more about it, you can go to my post: http://tfaswift.wordpress.com/2012/10/13/beautiful-blogger-award/ and find directions, as well as a list of other bloggers I’ve nominated.

  2. tfaswift Says:

    Hi ebonnie, you just right click over the award image on my blog and save it. Then you can put it onto your blog wherever you like. To nominate 15 other bloggers, just write a post like I did and make a list. If you know how to link to their blog, that’s nice, but not required. Then you go to each of their blogs (their About page is probably best) and leave them a comment/feedback telling them that you nominated them for this award and basically the same things that I posted to you up above. If you need anymore help, just let me know! šŸ™‚

  3. Corner of Confessions Says:

    Hey chica!
    I nominated you for one of these wordpress awards, Very inspiring blogger.


    Here is the link to my blog post about it. Btw i accidentally blogged it on my other blog profile so i reblogged the post on this profile so don’t get confused if the post takes you to a different page.

  4. Cassandra Says:

    I absoultely love your blog. I’m Black and I’ve been through similar things as you. Thanks so much for sharing your story and if you ever need tips or support, let me know!

  5. ebonnie Says:

    Thank you! And if you have any feel free to share.

  6. Cassandra Says:

    Is there any way to contact you? We could really help one another.

  7. ebonnie Says:

    Do you have email?

  8. Cassandra Says:

    Yeah. Should I give it to you on here?

  9. ebonnie Says:

    I had already e-mailed you on your yahoo account.

  10. Cassandra Says:

    I didn’t get it. Try again?

  11. ebonnie Says:

    Did you check your spam folder?

  12. Cassandra Says:


  13. Nicole Says:

    Hey there Ebonnie, do you email? I’ve gone through food/acceptance issues of my own. Would love to chat. : )

  14. ebonnie Says:

    Yes. Whats yours?

  15. Lisa Says:

    Reading your life is literally my highlight and better than any novel I have ever read, we can all relate to you!!

    Edit: Thank you šŸ™‚

  16. Pretty little expectations Says:

    Hello! I too a starting from a High Weight. I’ve found your blog very inspiration, and the fact that you’ve remained on track for so many years. Its quite inspiration. I was wondering if maybe we could talk?

    I understand.
    I emailed you.

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