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What happened to me….

November 17, 2015

I have gotten worse. I look in the mirror and see that everything I have become…is everything I didn’t want to be. I’m going to be real honest here. Very honest. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone, but I speak in terms of me.

I been looking in the mirror a ugly sight. The only thing I’m missing is some church clothes and several middle aged church going women all ranging from average size, fat, fatter, and fattest. My face more rounder, my eyes, nose, and lips sit on my face. Some days I want to cry other days just scream. Trapped in this fat black girls body. Growing up being a kid there were fat people of all races and gender, but being black…

I paid close attention at family members fat friends. The average sized to thin ones were not on my radar. Just the large ones and how deep they seem with religion, lack a decent guy, struggled, and all this I’m becoming and it makes me feel sick to my stomach. I been on youtube ¬†and slowly uploading my process on water fasting.


Life is not worth living if I’m not thin.