My sister’s boyfriend thinks my sister is fine being morbidly obese, and I’m losing weight and forcing myself to do mini work outs.

I grew up thinking me and my sisters would be different. That we wouldn’t fall for the same ol trap black women fall for time after time. Other races fall for this trap, but I think we win being the most. Black men don’t uplift black women as a majority, we grew up having no father or a father none us wanted around due to abusive behavior, plus in music I watched videos by white, latin and even Asian artists and they all promote their women vs ours not only promote other races of men’s women, but also biracials everything except your average black black girl/woman no matter how good she looks. My mom cooked, worked, clean, and raised us and was married. All the good she did do, he cheated and abused her. Over the years I hear from other abuse other black women been through and how it seems to be a unnatural worship for black men, but the favor was never returned. No matter how many blows, how much they struggled alone with kids, or how much prayer they did. They (mostly very very obese or over weight, a few slim) would not want a light skin black man oh no and the horror of a non black guy willing to adopt us. He had to be the darkest of the dark, they never gave up hope that I’m guessing the black knight in a purple robe would come rushing on a dark horse to come whisk them away into the sunset into a ideal family life.

These women got with black American men, Haitian men as long as he was black. When I look back I recall the eating…so much food. They ate and at times married and not single, but coped with food and was always in the church. And I won’t go into their backgrounds from rape, abandonment with their fathers….food…cope…cope…cope…church….food.  Then they grow up hoping for love and instead get the total opposite. And these same eating behaviors were passed down to the next generation who coped. Some were lucky to be active to combat any weight gain.

So I thought me and my sisters would be different.

The guy my sister’s dating is 27 years old and shes 22 years old yet…

1) Told her she was fine and why does she want to lose weight? When she suffers bone problems related to weight.

2) She pays his family money just to spend time at his mothers place.

3) Wash his clothes

4) When mad at her threatens to call the police

5) Tried to steal the family’s food to feed him (to impress him)

I can go on and on and it has been really hurting me. Here in this era we don’t have to take this. Getting with a black guy is ok as long as he treats you s a human with respect

One thing clearly sticks out is her weight. I remember during her smaller years well kinda small. She liked all races of men. Weight gain (which other races of men are not huge fans of) and now she is pro black guys no matter how shes treated. He has no goals , not even trying to express love, just nothing only that he exists and has a child on the side. Other terrible things too, but won’t mention here it tore me inside. My sister won’t listen to me.

Any guy no matter the race who is anti weight loss, anti you looking your best is someone you should run from!!!!

I don’t want to, but forced myself today. I did 100 sit ups and 100 squats. Its a small start, but since I’m losing weight..again I can do these. I can’t wait to live life to the fullest. To be thin, wear what I want, do anything without being out of breath, and be embraced in a society that shunned me due to my size.


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