Coffee’s a blessing, non black women and black men,my wish for black women.

I been drinking coffee daily which has been helping me walk normal. After doing a lot of google searching found out coffee is a pain reliever, so no more limping (if so I go to the break room for another cup of coffee). Also it cuts the food binges in half.

I want to bluntly say if it wasn’t for a high obesity rate or wealth I don’t believe non black women and black men would be at a all time high. Like the thin blue eyed and blonde haired girl in grade school. She had a crush on the blue eyed ,blonde hair guy who loved football. A couple of years later and extra weight and plenty of it. The cheerleader size body type was now plus size (to my pleasure since I gotten fat too) was now hugged up to a black guy with unkempt hair (not in a fro or anything), sagging pants ect. Or the white girl who only wants her race (and slim) said if he is black and rich she would date him, or the type that looks for black men who play sports $$$$ since its a joke that black men are easy to get. And almost daily in my area from Mexican women or white women in scooters/or barely walking and happen to be very large with black men. I have seen twice actual slim white women with black men. Like one of my favorite past co-workers she was looking sad, she was slim like a modal, a slight butter face, but a great personality, confessed shes the bread winner, has to pay for her husband’s and childs insurance. She couldn’t afford to buy cheap candy, had to be careful with spending, she loaned him her car…long story short she hinted to getting divorce. According to studies out of same race and mix race relationships ww and bm relationships have the highest divorce rate. My guess (not all, but a great amount compared to blacks) that white women tend to come from two parent homes, both parents are a success or father, the woman as the bread winner as the guy sits home is not the norm. White men even when they date out value their women (even if a few throw insults, its not the majority and wm will never degrade their women in music) If a white woman comes from a broken home she see’s other positive examples of a normal home setting within her own race. When they get in a relationship with black men (based on the ones who dated the men in my family and others outside my family) they find themselves doing it all. Now there are some black men because they love non black woman they will do more then they would have for a black woman.

Family friend is white, very sweet, heavy, but she only likes black men. So far she’s middle aged, stressed out and trying to kick out a black guy out her home, but afraid to hurt his feelings. He said all the right things how beautiful she is, ivory queen blah blah blah next min moved in and won’t do anything. The women in my family struggled with black men, taking them in with jail records or no record, cooked,clean,worked full time, kids, and at the end single and used with kids on the side. And no all the men were not thugs, many smart, business, sales, and so on. When other races took interest in them they shunned them since it as black men or nothing. Now some regret. Not saying all other races are perfect (there not), but the majority of them are not having kids and don’t want them or see them or support them.

With all the above I don’t understand some black women. Why many of us are loyal (like men of other races are towards women). My wish for black women is that more of us know that were not ugly, to reclaim our femininity (In certain unsafe areas I understand…), know that a man is a man and black men are not the only men to exist, to not support artists who may make a great hit, but their next song is uplifting all other women besides you.

Right now a white woman has been trying to befriend me. Invite me over….but I’m staying far faaaar away. I have white friends, but I don’t want to befriend this one who speaks only slang, trying to marry a black guy who won’t even buy his woman a cheap drink under a dollar from the vending machine. I’m not against these unions, just trying to remove everything negative out my life. I don’t want to be around that type environment. Black friend wise there either single with kids or no kids chasing down a man they know is cheating on them.

On a final note on such a topic there is positive black men.

One would be my great grandfather. When he died his daughter tried to jump in the grave as they lowered him. He was greatly loved, loved animals, hard worker, great provider in awful times in the South, built there home from ground up and in great shape decades later, and left his wife well off so she wouldn’t have to worry if anything happened to him. When he passed my great grandmother gave love another chance later in life to my step grandpa who gave my ex dead beat step dad with record a job (beg them to give him a chance), and also a wonderful husband. When he died it was a very sad day. Both were great black men, the first I never got to meet. Both didn’t have a skin tone complex with women, both worked hard to support their families, both enjoyed being involved with family.

Black guy wise I been offered to have their babies or free invitations to their cribs or their place. Which makes me feel terrible. I’m hoping with weight loss this decrease such events. So called friend who is pro black slipped up yesterday saying : Fuck this I need to date other races of men because (a friend of her’s who dates out) doesn’t go through what I do! She’s now with two black men because one doesn’t want marriage, the other she use to be with had a baby randomly who he refuse to support, and her brother has a baby with a white woman, but won’t help support his new born. So since one is cheating she’s in the I may as well cheat too mode. When in my opinion drop both and stay single until better comes. This was the same one who tried to pressure me to have sex with any black guy, who tried to get me on a date with a black drug dealer, or the black gay guy so he can say he slept with a woman…I told her if someone did that to you how would you feel?? She was silenced.

My wish is that more black women just find love, not skin a shared skin tone that you over look your happiness.

I bring this up because my sister is going through the same thing. Refuse to listen to family, and took out student loans to support a black guy and his child (yes side mama drama), is 6 years older, but said he won’t try to do better in life and can take him as is or leave, told her shes fine at her size….shes morbidly obese….he knows if she becomes thin…..

She cleans his clothes, about to buy a apartment for them both and can’t afford to feed herself, works full time and in school full time. He lives with his mother and now ready to move at her expense. After college his gift to her is three kids …how kind (shakes head)

I hope life gets better……………….


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3 Responses to “Coffee’s a blessing, non black women and black men,my wish for black women.”

  1. Kushite Prince Says:

    A very interesting post. I’ve had my share of good/bad relationships with black women. But more good than bad. And I’m just more attracted to black women that other races. To each his own. I’ll stick with sistas.:)

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Thank you and hopefully someday you will marry one..??? I’m pro marriage.

  3. Kushite Prince Says:

    I hope so

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