Random reads/with random pics And another truth why I want to be skinny..like a little underweight skinny…just a little.

Supermodel who walks for a living on stages, married to actor claims 5 simple GENTLE moves for lean body. No mention of diet..  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2801556/lara-stone-reveals-five-simple-steps-getting-supermodel-body-work-real-women.html

Life after weight loss when it comes to dating


Morbidly obese woman obese due to not getting enough welfare money to afford better food.


Besides landing a better job, better choices when it comes to men, better clothes, and a more interesting life. I want people to care and worry over me. Growing up I felt I lacked attention and saw so much negative…I want all focus on me in a concerned way. Being thin gets me or anyone attention, people want you to eat, ect.

Second post in a day.



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