People say that you should live now, don’t wait until you lose weight…..well here are some places where fat women have to lose weight first to live.


Maybe there is a fat woman in the back washing grease from plates and hands pruning up due to all the water (side note if you been a dish washer for years your nails turn naturally gothic black and no its not cute). Or maybe she is a customer, or sweeping the parking lot, or cooking the wings herself. One thing’s for sure she is not a hooters girl. Her applying alone would have the staff laughing for days if not months and a story that would be passed along until the end of time. Even black hooter girls are slim, they have no mercy and buying into the thickness some like to reach. Some could be pro ana with padded bras ( a little hooter tip if you lack upstairs), but obese girl with natural large breasts is not happening. Some of the hooter girls are in their 40’s, but have the body of a slim/fit 20 something year old. All the hooter girls on the site either look related to Barbie or her best friend. And all of Barbie’s friends are slim.

If you want to be a hooters girl:


  • Hooter Girl Image (Fit & Glamorous)
  • Prepared, in uniform & Punctual for Shift
  • Charismatic Energy
  • Fun, Upbeat, Entertaining

They are smart to use the word fit……some of those girls just look slim. Meaning like a fat person does if they shake their thigh it will shake too. Some hooter girls are fit, but not all. Just fat is not welcomed. If they use words like thin or skinny the fat acceptance groups would be all over them and women who feel the world pressures them to be thin. The word fit is a safe word.

Other places exist like hooters and all are the same fake breasted women with beautiful slim bodies or padded or the rare heavy top set who are slim as well. And they all have guys ready and willing to be their bf.



Like the real world thin people are more likely to be popular and included.

Men hate when fat women are on dating sites and other sites in general. Trust me I know its a total let down unless he is seeking sex only then its what ever.


The Army

The army is not all about guns and defending. Office jobs exist, and skilled jobs that a fat person can do.

When I went on campus the recruiters didn’t look my way. They noticed the slim girl and some just stood there I guess waiting for a non fat person. After making a call myself I learned that even if its a office job I still have to lose weight and be fit.



Being a fat woman in marriage is not really welcomed. If it is then he is lacking in something that you just put up with.

Heres a site for those who need help and encouragement in leaving their fat husband or wife. I found some places for men who claim they didn’t know their wife or gf were anorexic or if they knew how they stood by her side. Mean while the fat ones are being left for their own good. Both are a form of eating disorder, but one is loved, cherished, and people try to understand them and if your rude by saying just eat understand….that they have many defending them.

Also according to one guy he is putting up with his gf (she doesn’t sound big like me, but average fat person) and even blogged how he wants to leave her and how big she is looking. Even mentioned how he has sex doggy style only so he doesn’t have to see her face! I don’t recall the blog, but seems I have to be skinny for so many reasons.


On the streets

Don’t be poor or homeless and fat. People question and look down at that. The thin ones I seen appear to be on drugs. Watch any youtube video of poor people in America and some happen to be fat. Many of the comments get rude as well about it. I been up since 12pm yesterday….went to work…and now its a new day at 4:55am….wanna know why I can’t sleep?????? Well when on a very strict budget or low income all the cheap foods are unhealthy. Soda ect. and don’t get me wrong I enjoy them too. Frozen section has veggies for a dollar something, but to have a filling meal or something that just tastes good is in the cheap section…pasta this and pasta that so high in calories, but low on cost.

I can’t sleep because I AM HUNGRY. I BEEN UP FOREVERS!

My stomach is talking to me. I won’t cave in with rich pasta with sauce and tons of cheese over it. I just won’t. I’m doing to well yet I want to eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Low calories would be me heating up the veggies I have with maybe one slice of cheese …the end. I just rather not eat at all. The only thing I had today was a light yogurt aka 90 calories and mountain dew I believe 190 calories. I wanted  300 calorie donuts,but I knew I couldn’t just eat one, but two…so I left with my soft drink.

The broke and poor back in the day had fresh veggies and fruits and healthy fats like nuts and oil. The rich could afford all the unhealthy foods. Today times have changed.

I have to stop here. Must go in fetal position and watch the time go by.

Omg I’m hungry!!

But this is bringing me closer to my bf who then can be my husband.

I have to do this for my future unborn 3-5 kids you know :/



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