Size 24 woman refuses to date again until weight loss, men see a thin woman online who shows up fat and ditches her.

Only feeders and seedy fetishists want to go out with me: Size 24 woman scared off dating websites by X-rated requests

  • Verity Brown, 38, stopped dating after regularly being told she’s too fat
  • The single mother from Birmingham attracted men with odd sexual habits 
  • Refuses to date again until she loses weight because it is so disheartening

 Feeders and fetishes – the perils of online dating as a plus size lady

Taking the plunge and signing up to a dating website can be one of the most daunting acts in a single person’s life.

But for single mother Verity Brown, the experience has almost put her off completely – because as a size 24, her figure has either deterred the right type of man, or attracted the wrong kind.

The 38-year-old from Birmingham has been approached by feeders, dominatrix-lovers and even men who are turned on by toilet habits.   

‘I was very honest about my size as I always have been, I have also lost a bit of weight in the last year, going from a size 30 to a size 24.

‘So I thought, ok, I know big ladies aren’t a lot of people’s cup of tea but I feel very comfortable with myself and let’s give it a go.’

Within the first 24 hours, Verity realised that online dating as a larger woman meant she attracted some very odd characters.

She said: ‘I got quite a lot of interest, but once you start messaging, I realised that the majority of men just wanted a hook-up – they just wanted sex.

‘Literally, within an hour of messaging they start asking what your favourite sexual position is, which is a bit disheartening.

‘Also there were a huge amount of married men on there.

‘I had a guy who asked me if I wanted a cuckold relationship, which is when a man likes to watch his partner with other men.

‘I also had someone ask me if I was interested in being his dominatrix.

‘Nobody took it seriously, I even had one man who was a lorry driver who messaging me at 9pm at night, saying, “I’m in Birmingham.”

‘So I called his bluff and said, “Oh yeah, shall I come and meet you now ?” and he was like, “yeah,” I said, “Get lost, it’s not a hook up site.”

‘You start to think, ‘Ok, I’ve had enough of this, I’ve had enough of the sex requests,’ because you feel like no one is taking you seriously.’

After becoming frustrated with her lack of success, Verity left Plenty Of Fish and signed up to

But even more disappointing than the men with odd tastes and behaviour, were those who refused a second date because she was too big – even though she had made her size very clear.

She said: ‘It was at when it started that I was told, I think you’re very beautiful and funny, you’re very witty and intelligent but you’re just a bit too big, you’re not a size 12.

‘But then I moved to and it just got worse.

‘I think it was because I made a point of saying, ‘You do know I’m a size 24?’ but people say, “Well you don’t look that big in your pictures,” so that’s a bit disheartening.

‘I have had a few nice dates, but it never gets past the first one.

‘I genuinely feel it’s because of my weight – men do not like fat women.

‘He’ll say, ‘You’re really lovely but you’re too big,’ I’m not hiding my size before the date at all though, so it is really frustrating.’

As a last resort, she signed up to a plus size dating website, but that brought with it a whole new range of strange men who were specifically attracted to larger women and a size 24, Verity found she was almost too small for many. 

Many of the comments said she should of took normal pictures aka average pictures. Not showing that she embraces who she is and not hiding. Other comments said she should stay off line and may find the one at the store, church, ect. as if she doesn’t go out already…many excuses when the truth is being a single plus size woman who desires a sane normal minded man is not easy to come by. I had my share of online dating with freaks who see a fat woman who must be easy or don’t have any values. They come messed up with either gross or degrading desires. Not just some, but many.

At work my fat self was offered by a co-worker to join a threesome and tonight offered me free sex. I said what about dinner dates, a ring, I mean…normal things to win the girl, hell how about  balloon and a party hat something besides free sex??!?

So I understand this woman. Once my 30 something year old former obese friend now among the skinny women….

1)Got offered a job on the spot….when she doesn’t need a job nor did she apply.

2) Online dating is better. Dinner dates, and many dates, and good looking men to boot!

3) She looks good in….everything. No more playing it safe or does stripes make me look wider ect.


Men walk out on date after seeing shes fat, one even made up he had to go to the bathroom….and never returned.

I made up a fake profile years ago. I said I was a lazy, size zero black girl. In school, but never will complete. I hate working….I had so many e-mails for men begging to take care of me, said I could work for their company, one very cute with a house and car and said he is not sure if I was joking or not, but I sound like his type (he was a engineer). I made a real profile of myself…and got tons of sex offers….no one wanting to care for me, but use me. I had to take my fake profile down….I got e-mails non stop.



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