Tired, still up…..and having to cope with desires to eat….and eat again and again

I liked the above because the food is considered healthy (rice of any color calorie wise is risky…the serving is too small and calories too great) I been watching people eat taco bell, burger king and the likes above such as homemade. It makes zero sense to watch others eat, but sometimes it helps because deep down I wish it was me. Cooking shows makes me feel real hungry, but seeing someone eat helps oddly. I watched maybe 6…7…videos of people eating.


Then watched videos like these to prove why I have to be skinny. Life has been hard, but its harder being bigger due to society. Self love can only get you so far vs the depressed skinny girl who has it better, but doesn’t see it.

Through humor I had a resident ask where is his….whats the word? I can’t recall the correct term, but its what men pee in and we pour out. I said today I don’t know. He said maybe you ate it! Yup something you pee in daily and thats plastic somehow I ate. When I ate only two servings of watermelon late tonight and didn’t eat or drink any soda when he had said that. 

This was interesting to watch (The above)

The Debate


Considered fat humor:



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