The less you eat the bigger the results.

Today I had…


Two bottles of mountain dew

Two servings of watermelon

All equals 672 calories

I work as a nurse aide, been on my feet all day even a long walk home after bus and train tonight. By the time I get home its only a hour away before 12am. Feet throbbing and tired, highly stressed out. I been taking caffeine pills I recently found and the soda is full of caffeine. *Caffeine kinda cuts cravings.

The job alone helps with weight loss….never get 15 min breaks you deserve, and lunch breaks are a miracle. Lots  of work few uncaring residents who feel you should serve them vs having any break at all. Once your body gets use to any exercise or demanding job such as mines. You have to either push yourself harder (not a smart idea due to my ankle spur) or eat less (what I’m doing now). 

I have so much to worry about, but I’m trying my hardest. Gaining weight  and getting bigger is self punishment (at least for me) then trying to deal with the problem head on.

My mind was filled of wendys for the past two days, but not ready to trust the calories yet aka I know I can’t have one Jr. burger (more like two). I was thinking of their soft buns, beef, and cheese and french fries all drowned with Hi-C punch. 


At work they had rich chocolate cup cakes with high piled on frosting. My mind went crazy like I must have one I must have one! I was so busy with a resident as those beauties sat there ready to be picked up by others….having a job helps. 


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