Reasons to slim (Its not always about health)- 320 pounds as of today.

Today is 6/21/14  2:50am *A saturday

Several hours from now at 12pm. I will be getting ready for work. Only to be there at 2pm. I had the best rest these past days…feet wise. So for a couple of days I should be ok before counting down my days off again. I’m trying to take it a day at a time due to my size/weight. Each day I complete my shift is almost a reason to celebrate. I won’t read past posts from last year and some ago….too depressing to know I was…smaller, but still fat….but compared to now..shame.




1) Being slim/thin opens possible doors to advancements on the job

2) The smaller you are in a safe way (not death in hospital way) the less fat on your body

3) Thin people tend to (not all) have less acne (to to not eating a lot…of chemical filled foods, so less food sensitivities

4) Thin people tend to get more help when down

5) Abused thin women tend to if not all the time have a guy ready to rescue her vs. fat women just have to have the courage to leave on their own.

6) Thin women and fit men can do more sexual positions without weight in the way. (Just because I don’t do it doesn’t mean I don’t read and think about it sometimes lol)

7) If you are slim and sit down on something people won’t blame your weight, but blame the product being weak to began with

8) When people describe you…they won’t say the fat guy/girl with the (mention hair style or clothing color),1326755024,3/stock-photo-miami-july-model-walking-runway-at-the-luli-fama-collection-for-spring-summer-during-92903491.jpg

9) Any fashion you wear is cute or somehow unique. A larger person has to really look, and find that right outfit that pulls you all together. I seen some outfits if I wore it…..I wouldn’t get the same reactions as a thinner woman.

10) Guys tend to feel they have to prove there worthy of your attention when slim. If your slim and clueless he wins in having a thin girl who he can treat like a fat girl.

11) Guys hate taking thin girls on dates only for her to order the 20$ dollar salad and a diet coke. When your fat doing the same thing is highly welcomed…only you will be paying for that dinner and coke or slipping. Being slim guys WANT you to eat.

12) Being fat people expect you to be fat, happy/jolly. Being thin you can have any personality. 

13) Short hairstyles look amazing on thin women. On fat women the wrong short hair style can make some think your a butch to some woman out there.

14) Online dating is perfect for slim women to be worshiped, desired and woe is them. Like the size 2 modal who confessed her pains of breaking up with her boyfriend who likely feared never finding a thin woman such as herself and lost it and went into stalking mode. 

15) Being slim your allowed to be insane, have some form of addiction, and other risky behavior and most of the time a guy will try to deal with you and even join online support groups asking how can he make it work. 

16) Clothes are made for thin women first.

17) Being slim even if not fit or healthy you have a higher chance of out running someone who wants to do harm.,1318750613,1/stock-photo-a-man-lifting-his-woman-in-his-arms-looking-into-each-others-faces-86805406.jpg

18) If your traditional being carried after the wedding by your husband is romantic. Yes there are some guys who can lift heavy women too. I had a guy insist  on lifting me during my 260 pound days. I said no…no :/ He said yea. When he lift me and my feet were no longer touching the ground I was like whooo. Just think thin women can be lifted up daily if they ask. Well the next day this 20 something year old, fit guy said he would never lift me again…his back was in pain for many days…many.

19) I seen a fat girl and guy on a date at pop eyes….enough said there. Thin girls if you see them at pop eyes its not inside as a romantic date. Kinda like me being offered a mc donald meal of my choice for sex.

20) Most fat guys want a thin woman and even though more open about larger men. A fat girl wouldn’t mind a fit guy themselves. On fat dating sites a thin/fit girl or guy would have tons of date requests for long term.

21) If your thin and tall that means your legs/knees will hit the person next to you on a plane….but people will have more compassion and deal. Fat and tall/short you need two seats or get ready for the person next to you hinting about diets along the way or appearing like they are suffering.

22) Even though anorexic wise they get loving boyfriends by their bed sides vs fat women get ex convicts or guys who need shelter or your their fetish and must gain more dangerous weight to keep them aka feeders, or a easy sex access without the gifts and dinner dates and movies.

23) Fat pet owners…people may pass by and say what a cute dog. Thin women get that as a way to get to know her in hopes of dating her, or a summer fling….but thin flings are better then fat flings. Fat women are shown his bed room asap vs thin women are eased into it after shes ready. Pets are judged by their owners and that includes size.

24) People see you as the picture of health….they never know how you got there. All they see is the now, not the purging, the exercise, ignoring food cravings. Being slim means your the ideal picture of health.

25) Being thin….you notice different types of people want to be your friend.  Even on friendship sites people’s ideal friend sometimes are slim people. Unless they want a weight loss buddy.

26)Popular attractive parts of thin women:,1323806956,2/stock-photo-woman-sexy-body-90734560.jpg

Popular attractive parts of large women:,1262004351,7/stock-photo--two-eyes-43487749.jpg

27) Status unless other wise the average plus size person is stereotyped as low class vs thin women upper class

28) Study mentioned that thin women tend to have better success in marriage….only because if she stays thin the guy stays. Some will leave with weight gain.

29) All pictures look great even the stupid ones

30) Unless a global famine hits. Generations from now thin will still be in.










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