Still day ONE of water fast- Progress update same day 325 pounds


1) The first thought I had when I woke up was what can I eat? I had to push that thought away.

2) Woke up limping like I do some days now. It sucks. So thats what help me stay on it so far.

3) At 6:40 something am in the morning. I threw up some of the Alfredo sauce (just a small amount), I’m giving my body full permission to do what ever it wants to lose weight.

4) At 7:01am had to comfort myself by rubbing my stomach…my stomach feels so empty like it needs to be filled.

5) For exercise I’m going to walk to walmart, then back home (not going inside for candy and all things chewable). If anyone is trying to do the same as me a locale store thats walkable from where you live is good.

6)  Brushed my teeth twice so far.

7) When on a water fast it seems you have a lot of time to do things…besides going to get food, buy food, cook food, ect.

8) If I watch a video or a show the trigger to want to eat increases. By habit I read, or enjoy a show through snacking.

9) Eating is a form of keeping my mind off negative things.Gives me something to do. Almost like a hobby.

Like I said no matter what I am staying on this water fast no matter what…how long…who knows maybe it ends tomorrow (lol) or next week (impressive)

Its 7:01pm now and I’m doing good…so far. The closer to night time the stronger the cravings I get.

So going to take a shower RIGHT NOW, and later I will be in a ball aka fetal position for bed time for sure.

If I had ribs right in front of me right now…..I know I would of failed asap by now. After this fast and I land me a job…I’m going to get some ribs. The best ribs in town!,1330620838,6/stock-photo-delicious-bbq-ribs-96474584.jpg


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