They want me to apply for a job in person….when I already did online. Not falling for this trick again. Recession hit fat people the hardest.

I applied online before. Resume looks so good, so perfection. I mean I’m giving advice to others on how to improve their resume, I’m also typing it out for people and doing fancy things with their computer to make their resume pop. I tell them their hidden experience they never thought of and guess what?!! I helped a friend and the next week she is hired. Me…unemployed now a month and some days. Does that make any sense?

I fell for it. The woman was in her 70’s and managed to stay very thin at her age. Like I mentioned in another post I applied online LIKE SHE SAID.  I was HONEST on my home made resume that I don’t have any dry cleaning experience. Just customer service, former caregiver, inventory, and what not. I made my resume reflect all my experience in a professional way.

I even know not to use words like team player and fast worker because those terms are so over used and played out. I use different words.

Long story short out of many applications she picked me. I thought ok a dry cleaner. How can I not get a job at the cleaners? My name means black, popular in a old school song and sadly many like to sing it to me. So she knows I’m black ahead of time, so no my name is not Augusta Marylynne from the deep South; and by showing up a black girl caused me to miss out. Nope.

I came in friendly, make up…check, decent clothes made for interviewing and she even said don’t worry about finishing it I got your application online….never heard from her again.


So once again I applied for over 30 something jobs. One e-mailed me back today. They SAID to apply online. I did. The e-mail to be a dispatcher meaning no customers would see me anyway. They want me to apply IN PERSON. Not a interview, but to apply in person when I already applied online.

I emailed them back saying I will be there tomorrow…NOT.

As I was combing through more countless job ads I saw a job ad saying no experience and will train. BUT PLEASE SUBMIT A PHOTO OF YOU SMILING. Ok so this dental office for front desk position….they don’t want to waste time hiring those who don’t look like societies ideal. In order to cover up and not be so blunt and risk of being aired on the news about their hiring practices. They ask for a photo of you smiling. God forbid you got in a car accident and lost most your teeth, or came from a abusive relationship where he punched you in the face and you lost some teeth (both true stories) guess they don’t deserve jobs due to the expensive price to fix or by fake teeth?

As if they can’t find anyone who can smile. Even the most unhappy person can force a smile.


True story.

When I lived in florida (my state, will never claim the yee haw state)

I was 18 or 19, fat then. Real  fat. I saw a craig list ad online for busser you know clean the tables.

I didn’t look like the ideal host to walk you to your seats, or the front desk of a hotel. Bus boy (as it was titled) seemed for me. As a fat girl it seems I’m not womanly or to be treated with respect. Guys would tell me of their dreams of their ideal girl as if I was one of the guys never a possible love interest.

I came in and was interviewed. I was kinda shy, but made sure to hide that (even to this day). She looked at me with my natural very short hair, obese smiling self. I was thinking to myself I hope I do well cleaning these tables. Then I didn’t have a lot of work experience just bagging and stock.

She said you know what how about you work as a cashier in the gift shop?

I was shocked and said SURE. I was then introduced to the gift shop manager a heavy set woman herself, but not as big and tall as me. I remember her looking at me………….and who else knows what she said on the side. My co-workers was a girl whose mom was from France who married a white American man. She was super slim with a hump back. My other coworker had a Jamaican dad and a black American mother and was fat himself (guys are treated different when fat, not as bad vs women).

I was then nicked named on the side as big girl by the black guy (I didn’t like it) and behind my back the white girl would say I didn’t clean the counters as well as her and the black guy….whatever.


As time went on I had customers say I’m funny, witty, interesting. It was crazy it was as if I knew what to say. Even the most hard to please customers left with a smile on my shift. I was myself. I was free to be me. I felt proud serving ice cream to thin joggers (they came in with hats with pony tail out at the ends). Customers told me they only came back was because of me! They never had excellent service that I had offered. I was great with both kids and adults. I had to deal with lines of people all by myself!!!

My other co-workers had their own shift to come in on. The gift shop manager was so impressed she demanded me to take her to my mom (who pick me up after work) I told her its ok. She said NO. She met my mother bragging how I’m the best worker she has ever had and how I’m the best ect.

I even increased SALES. People bought more thanks to me offering such and such items. I was the only worker to do this naturally.

We all were making 8 a hour plus tips. I made 8 a hour and made more tips then my co-workers. I leave with a hundred something. They at most 50 on a good day. I became popular with the kitchen staff and waiting staff (of course).

I then found out months later….

That the obvious that the same gift shop manager who sing me praises…..didn’t want me at first. And went to ask the lady who hired me and changed me from bus boy to gift shop girl and asked what was she thinking?!

The lady saw something in me, she over looked my weight/size and I became so good that the owners of the hotel had to meet me.

The gift shop manager I over heard her telling the lady who hired me…thank you. This was the best move you ever made.Not knowing I was around the corner leaving the bathroom. I waited until they departed to go back to my work station.

I forgot to mention there was another co-worker who was 16 or 17 at the time. Average size, but close to model weight. She was white, but was only two shades lighter then me, but I still considered her brown skin self white. You can be white and born brown thanks to pass genes coming back from other races with the gene pool (Native American, black,India ect).

I even out tipped her and the other slim co-worker. People over looked my size and lack of model body and loved my personality.

Because I was the best I was told that they are holding a award party just for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so good that they wanted to celebrate it. I was then told that in new ads that my face would be in the booklet and whatever ad they had I would be front and center. I didn’t know what to say. I was in disbelief. I got my hair done.

Well guess what?

They took it all back (except for giving me a award party) I worked so hard, best…yet due to my size they didn’t want me on their ads even though customers would see me! I was heart broken. The owner was over 6 feet, balding, and fat as hell, with secrets of a gay past even though married to a woman. Yet this giant blob who was bigger then me in height and size decides to take it back. I was hurt. Telling my family this amazing news only to get it stolen away given to the brown skinned white girl who laughed at the idea of great customer service, who didn’t make as much sales. Her work was average compared to mines yet was getting the best prize of being the face for the company.

Not long after that I quit. The award…who knows what it was. Likely a small check, or a piece of paper with my name on it saying great work. Something to hang on the wall.  I found out the friendly plus size,30 something rosy cheek long hair blonde didn’t understand why she was never picked to fly first class across America even though she had the best sales (getting people to consider coming to the hotel).

I never told her I over heard two of her co-workers talking in whispers (as if I couldn’t hear) that shes too fat to be considered. I was afraid that if I told her I would be in trouble and lose my job at the time. After those two co-workers left a woman who was spunky, smiley,short brown haired (Halle berry short hair style) and tanned with green eyes in her 40’s and slim figure came to buy lunch ( a salad and water) told me that she is going again first class by plane …blah blah blah. I said congratulations even though in the back of my mind I knew the truth. Guess I shouldn’t have been as shocked months later when I was removed from being a model choice and face of the company. To fat for customers to look at.

To me it seems plus size women work real hard beyond average to prove ourselves. If thin would I been as great? Over the years I met thin co-workers hide or go into the break room for hours when on the clock as I was being watch like a hawk, waiting to see me slow down to judge me.


Again I will not waste my time reapplying for no job when I already did just for them to SEE me. I will waste my time for a interview and never get a call back, but not reapplying again. Too insulting.



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