Craig List is a beauty contest. *Scale reads 314.8 pounds*

Before quitting Wal-Mart. I tried to do the right thing by looking for work before I’d quit.

After a eight hour shift, I would wait for the bus, my interview clothes packed. Would be up for hours right after a terrible day at wal-mart. I was so tired I almost fell on a lady waiting for the train (yes she moved). I fell asleep on the bus many of times and woken up by the drivers or seeing a nosy bus rider alerting the girl back there is sleep. Bus drivers don’t like when you stay on the bus sleep or just riding with nowhere to go. I would change in gas station bathrooms, or ask a near by business could I use their rest room to change for a interview. I was really trying. There were times working from 10pm to 7am the next day, I would ride the bus somewhere for a interview a long slow trip and tired like crazy. Get there by 10am go to the interview both parties all smiles and me faking hey I’m not tired. Only to walk out and find out the next bus doesn’t come until 3pm which made no sense! To make matters worse I never hear about the position. They love my resume,but not the person behind it. The work abuse at walmart was so great I threw up out of stress. It came with no food needed.


I can go into great detail, but I tried.

I bring up Craig List because thats where I applied for jobs at. Its fast, easy, just copy resume and paste in e-mail and click send.

Regular job sites are enter name, last name, the day you were born, now upload resume, now enter ALL of your work history here,now take a long test of questions asking you are you a team player, do you hate people and other pointless questions, then are you a veteran, disable, ever been on food stamps? Then you click submit. After all that do you really want to do it all over again with another company?


Sadly many think just like me. We want a job and we want to apply quickly to be able to apply for ten more jobs if possible if not way more! To be employed and feel secure that you can afford your rent and what not is the aim.

On Craig list companies post there. Bad part about this is they then began acting like a dating site. They become picky who they hire, they ask for many to come in for maybe that one position. Everyone has the experience, everyone is smiling, shake your hand and dress to impress. What happens? They then pick based on LOOKs aka size. My heart felt broken after seeing so many people for a job in the waiting area. Gone are the days where its just you waiting to be called in.

Let me give a example.

A dry cleaner was hiring, she is a older woman who posted on CL for FULL TIME. I e-mailed her my resume and she e-mailed me back the same day! I didn’t know until the following day. I sent her a sad face saying I’m use to phone calls, so I didn’t think to check back in e-mail. I then pushed it out of my mind thinking ok she already hired someone else by now. The next day just because I checked my e-mail she wrote me back asking me to go ahead and come in today (a yesterday’s e-mail!). I was shocked and thought ok I have a chance I mean she is e-mailing me back two days so far!!!!

I emailed her back and she e-mailed me back can I come today?

It was morning and she said I have to come before noon. The time was like 9am something and remember I ride the bus. I put on my make up, put on my best clothes and dress shoes and hurried off out the door. Deep down I was almost praying please let me get there on time. Lucky for me I did. She wanted me to come in to apply for the job…………I thought that was odd since I e-mailed my resume.



She wanted me to come only to SEE who could own such a wonderful resume?

As I was filling out her resume of the same info I sent online. She said you know this is 6 days a week? I told her that is surely welcomed! I wouldn’t mind working 6 days a week. Next min. she said its ok I have your resume already. So I stopped filling out my resume. I told her thank you (for what right?). She told me she has others to interview…..the same woman who e-mailed me two days straight wanting me to come in. As time went on, I pretty much figured I didn’t get the job.

Some Craig list jobs say please apply in person (so they can see you, forget your work exp.), some request you apply with a attached photo…hmmm wonder why. These are real actual companies. Online people are more honest. Like I saw ads of managers saying looking to hire a hot girl must be thin/skinny/ and I will make sure to pay you the best and give you the HOURS if you become my fling.

My friend I mentioned in my old posts who started out obese like me years ago. Now a size 6/8 and notice a whole new world vs. the fat one. She is still trying to lose, but get this she got offered a job she never applied to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was only going out! Not looking for a job.

A fat person has to jump through hoops, dance with fire, mingle with sharks, and balance ten balls on their noses just to be CONSIDERED. When thin people are only the ring leaders announcing the greatest show on Earth.

Some former fat people like to say problems still exist when thin and don’t think being thin will solve everything. I call that BS!

They forget and want to pretend that nothing much changed.

Yes life sucks. I get laid off if thin I would of been re-employed by now. I feel lonely if thin a decent guy would be right around the corner. If short on money I can work for short gigs modeling or waitressing where all the women are low on weight and high at the chest. Being thin almost saves you.

A homeless thin woman is taken in for free of rent, then sleeps with another guy who wants to take her in too and talks of marriage!!!(Yes true story)

A fat homeless girl…I’m out of luck.

Back on topic CL is a beauty contest where employers can pick and choose who they want not based on exp since everyone has it, but based on size. I need to find a job quick or the worst is yet to come.

I think back of how I even put on my resume how I need a job and have pretty much no income coming in. I get called in, but my well dressed obese self is not worthy of having a job. Its like they say fat people are lazy, but don’t want us working?

Its 1:37pm and I woke up at 10am something. Didn’t eat anything yet and hungry as well.

I have no choice in trying to get thin and trying to find a job. I stress eat 3000-4000  calories a day.


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