My life wouldn’t be this way if I wasn’t fat…sad fact.

I was just thinking how all those thin girls at my job have either a loser boyfriend who got lucky to have them (or risk breaking up and having to find another thin woman to take them as they are…hard to do if you suck as a person) or the thin girls who knew their worth in  size and have guys that if fired or lost their jobs they would be ok.

My mom agreed after much thinking that yes its true when thin you have CHOICES of who you want to be with. The loser guy, the awesome guy, in between guy, the guy you learn to accept his flaws type of guy so many choices. As a thin woman and I seen it where she is abused, but some family type of guy is willing to save her…when there is large women who are abused and the only guys after them are hidden abusers themselves to no one.

I have no one to comfort me after work, no one to go out with (its only so much girl power time a person can take), I would of been married and likely still in my state and maybe even a teen model. My weight has altered my WHOLE life!


Many famous people wouldn’t be where they are today if they were fat likely in school trying to earn a degree, or still flipping burgers into old age, anything.

That lady who ruined my week about my hair….no one to comfort me. Yes girl pals I guess, but lets be honest….

That watermelon and chicken jab at me…..had to embrace myself in a self hug along with a huge binge.

Its just me,myself and I.

On the 20th theres a great chance of a pet kitten or two.

Its just not fair sometimes…

Its better to be five pounds under weight then to be 100 pounds over weight.

I do blame myself at times even though I can’t control my binges at times.  Its like things could be so much better, happier, different.



2 Responses to “My life wouldn’t be this way if I wasn’t fat…sad fact.”

  1. Feel Your Pain Says:

    Even though I’m on the opposite side of the scale, I’m going through the same lonely struggle…please keep writing; your entries are a comfort.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Im the owner of this blog and just wanted to say thank you for your kind words. I will be back very soon within 6 days a lot happened. Im glad this blog managed to provide someone with comfort 🙂

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