Dorothy went to the wizard of Oz, I went to HR instead

There people who don’t like Latinos, whites, blacks, Asians, gays, Jews, Muslims, Christians,snakes, dogs, cats whatever humans have hate or just dislike for something. Some stereotypes are true! Its not a stereotype that many black babies are born in fatherless homes, BUT is is a stereotype to say blacks eat chicken and watermelon everyday and we carry it ect.

No black owned businesses exist called chicken and watermelon corner stores, or chicken and watermelon home style cooking, nor is our fashion geared to wearing chicken and watermelon drawings. Chicken is not a racial thing ALL races use in in their foods, and chicken seems like a southern thing when fried, or a asian cultural food when cooked a certain way, or a Latino thing when placed in a burritos or shells. Its endless.

My ex assistant manager who is latino herself, my first thought was ok you can’t deny the fact  that many of us have joked about other races and thats ok, BUT not when it has no truth to it. And however you feel when its racist like that keep it to yourself and joke with others who like enjoy the old and tired out stereotype that blacks are just home eating chicken and watermelon around the clock. I can’t change who you are, but to my face….

I gave her a chance I did ignore it because I was more in shock and in denial until a couple of days later she went full force with it. I only said hi, and I told her I would share with her a piece of candy …………….thats all. Instead I had very untrue jabs about me as a black person, and as a person in general. Lies.

Its not like two days later I ran up to her with a chicken in one hand saying I love me some chicken and do you have any watermelon? I never even hinted I enjoyed such remarks to me.

Its like for example say all whites live in trailer parks….very untrue! The majority are not living in trailer parks and I know someone who is white who told me when he gets older he will buy one because his uncle growing up had one and he remember how much fun it  was to be in one ect. its not that he is white and feels a unnatural desire to move in one. My aunt lived in a condo and I would visit her when younger and I want to rent one myself one day. If she had a trailer there may been a great chance I would want one to rent. Yes more likely whites are to live in trailers then other races , but to go up to one saying how is it like to live in a trailer park all your life is still racist and untrue for many. Same as saying all blacks live in the projects majority may live in them more then whites, but to go up to a black person and say how is it like to live in the projects all your life is insulting and more so if you didn’t.


Like I always said racists can be blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos,middle eastern its not just one race (whites). Never was just one race.

I have more respect for a white racist who talks bad behind my back then a latino who disrespect me to my face. I won’t judge her people as a whole at all just her, but for her who has just as many stereotypes connected to her culture to do that was plain awful.

I am proud I kept to being myself and never returned ill spoken words about her or her people (also just in case one could be my husband who knows!)

Just think if I threw terrible remarks back at her? HR would look at me just as equal!

Just think if I was like her and came up to her and started jokes about Latinos? She wouldn’t be smiling or laughing at all!

There are some amazing latino workers who I could never speak ill about them as people. I may ask about their holidays, or food to learn not to degrade.


I got some advice from someone I know. She told me she don’t believe in people losing their jobs and would of told her to stop it. (to me its common sense if Im not reminding you of your awful jokes to continue!)

She told me of a friend of hers who is white who joked with her to be careful most blacks can’t swim and I don’t want to have to jump in and save you.

I told her …um I see the humor, but thats a known fact compared to other races :/ That wasn’t racist at all or a stereotype.

Just like my Arab professor looked at my poor english grammar (yes worse then on this blog!)  and said he understands…he said it in a way that was like I don’t expect you to be a pro since as blacks we don’t get the best education….thats true and I told him ok most of us don’t have the same access as maybe Asians and whites (they don’t always either, but compared to us…) Again chicken and watermelon is a terrible stereotype thats very untrue.

She felt I should confront her and if then she doesn’t take me serious then report her.

Problem is I saw her today and my stomach went in knots and I avoided her. I couldn’t handle another possible chicken and watermelon jab.

So I wrote HR a two page letter….more so for my records.

Within minutes I got a response to meet her and that this is serious!

People sue companies for not handling things like this. Its pretty much get sue and pay me a couple of millions or solve the issue right where it is.

I wrote what happened (never mentioning who), I told her I just wanted to put it out there ,so I pretty much wouldn’t be asked why I didn’t tell them sooner.


Dorothy went to Oz to go home….I went to HR for respect.


I went in, I was a little afraid, but said ok I can do this over and over.

In came Hr lady ALONG with security I was confused like ok why is he in here?

Long story short they wanted a name right there, they wrote down a lot and will investigate what happened.

I told them the truth!

No reason for me to be treated like that, Im nice doesn’t mean Im a walking door mat……………and of all people as my EX assistant manager knew I would go to Hr about my former ride, once how she ran things, I mean I complain about myself being fat, my lack of education why in the world wouldn’t I at some point complain about you? I have reported taxis, pizza hut, subway, bus drivers (one even said sorry I never complain for no reason).

One worker (my former crush) he called me lazy and the next day did some of my work and treated me like a lady ….he knows I will report….but calling me lazy is not report worthy ….its pretty much true. I didn’t study for hours for my education I studies for 30 min and wondered why I wasn’t getting it, if I have to wait for a elevator and theres a chair near by I will sit in it lol.

But really if I complained about my former ride, myself, and other companies nice and all why would you risk coming to me randomly with those awful jokes?


I know she will be shocked because this nice still fat as hell black girl reported at the end.

I had respect for her for hiring me a year ago and a month, I had respect for her as a assistant manager and even as a ex assistant manager, I promise all who read this never once did I think oh heres a latino_______________*enter rude remarks to the left.

Tomorrow back to work….its going to be heavy for me. How things will turn out. Since reporting her I didn’t binge today.


I remember years ago at stores, and what not I had rude service, cashier got mad at me because I was returning a game (I was 15 at the time) and didn’t know it wouldn’t work on my computer she told me off pretty much and how I need to learn about computers….if she knew about computers she wouldn’t be ringing up items for 8 a hour as I think of it now.

All of us had bad treatment.

I read a article that changed my life.

A woman would get terrible service when out to eat ect she got fed up and started reporting and since then she feels better and things are done. After one more bad experience I reported and felt like at least I did something.

As the hi and how are you, vanity, pro thinspo, very thin envy, loves true fashion (baby phat is not), black  girl I can only see the shock she had or will have when pulled and question and asked why? She won’t have a answer!

I get one thing solved…it sometimes feel people are lined up awaiting their turn with me.

Once again tomorrow I will try to water fast…just two days. Or maybe I should wait until this is all handled?

Its like 1am something and I need to hurry off to bed to get up at 5am (yes took a good nap before this)

It still plays in the back of my mind of how I rushed out the elevator (more so to lelave her asap) and as it closed I heard her laugh and say hurry and get that watermelon…..

Lets see if she is still laughing now.



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