Dark side of being thin, from a outside view.

Just think your that pretty faced, or butter faced girl, you may dress like a boy or your gender, but it doesn’t matter your thin.

Many….many years ago a plain Jane girl didn’t have a chance even though she was thin, but the top heavy, size 4 classmate with sparkling eyes got all the attention. She was outgoing, knew how to make people like her, funny, and daring. Plain Jane stayed home or hung out with the few outcasts she knew or alone, she was boring. Back then…way back you were judged based on your personality.

Watch popular shows as proof, a guy around many thin women he has to choose from. This would be a skinny girl nightmare. The guy judges the woman based on who is the hottest, who matches the traits he likes in a woman…meaning he sees that she is thin, BUT it takes more then being thin when around many other thin women.

Myself and my friend were talking a few months ago how we need to move to the fatest state of America. Not only would we win every time, but a guy would be so grateful he would be on his best behavior. A place like South beach, or the good areas of LA thin women are everywhere and already been under the knife to look even more perfect. And if your skinny like them…and they are skinny….yea.

Today Plain Jane has a better chance these days, as large people increase the cute, button nosed, hotty maybe a size 16 , but plain Jane is a size 4…………

Me and my friend see it countless times a really good looking guy with the most average looking woman in the room.

I thought I saw a gay couple two months ago holding hands….nope as they came closer it was a woman wearing a trucker looking hat, large pants, and a shirt good enough to chop lumber in holding hands with a decent looking guy.

My friend sent me pics of a guy she liked, but also sent me pics of the women he picked her over……………I am not joking when one skinny girl looked like a thin MAN, not boy, but MAN, the other one had a huge nose, and aged face, but was skinny. I was not shocked, but you can never get over it. My friend dresses nice, nice facial features, and has a lot going for herself and dress to the 9’s most of the time. Yet this guy wanted to marry one of those two. I wish I had the pictures!

But back to the point.

Your thin….and this happens alot. Your a size 2 arm candy.

You get hurt in a accident so you can no longer jog that hamster circle, you have to be on life saving meds that causes you to gain weight even though you changed nothing about your eating habits, or you are carrying his child and gain 5-10 pounds some women gain 100 (no I don’t believe thats from child!) anyway you brought life into this world that is a part of your soul mate, your for ever more, your till death do you part, your a parent and you snack on the kids foods, your stressed ect soon he is bringing up your weight.

In general many former thin women cry or get mad not understanding that it was your weight that attracted him….not your wild clubbing nights, or how you spent his money without him knowing, or how you did charity for kids, or that you gave one of your kidneys to his mom, or how controlling you are…nope.

He may cheat, go online and find people who tell him too I mean he didn’t marry a fat girl right.

Yet turn the tables around and he gets fat its ok he is a man!

You know its ok for a football fan of a guy to be fat and bloated, but the girls better come thin and perky!

The dark side of being thin is thinking that all these favors you gotten, or a guy insisting to help you, or a awesome deal you snag…again, only to gain weight and your whole world falls apart.

I have past memories of being thin, having guys chase me only to get fat and not understand why the guys didn’t put up with my annoying ways, or no longer interesting.

I thought I was just ugly out of no where so no biggie.

Former thin girls see the difference, same girls who would deny this back then.

Like one said after she went from a size 2 to a 10 the same guy who every day ran to open the door for her no longer.

Or how their men are looking elsewhere at smaller women.

If it was all about personality I wouldn’t be blogging here single.\

If you been large all your life you wouldn’t know it is greener on the otherside.

I been told many times how funny I am, how am I single, and if I was younger I would date you (yea right if younger you would go to thinner women too!)

Its the sad truth.

As Im back to getting close to my 240’s I saw a guy glance at me kinda looking, but carried on.

At 130 its game over.

My life should be a movie!

But I know it would be the most hated movie and secretly loved too.


1) Try not to be a thin women in a very thin area if so understand the guy has many choices.

2) Once thin stay thin! Even if a relationship doesn’t work out another guy is waiting even if you don’t know it.

3) Being thin has its perks, but its a huge blow to see how you are less respected once you gain.

4) Being plus size doesn’t mean life is over, but more so on the side lines.

5) All thin women can gain weight through age ect.



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