How to eat less and move more and talk like a skinny girl sizes 0-6.

Alot of skinny women who never been fat a day in their lives ( ignoring them and their last 5 pounds dilemma), are so use to eating the way they do they say its genetics or what not. They really don’t know that how they are is keeping them thin…until they have a baby the weight reveals itself! Or even age, but some skinny women even after baby and the round about hot flashes they are still skinny! They never changed!!

Example a young lady at my moms church a size 2 she appeared ate a second salad for us and said see I had two servings…..yea.




1) Any friend or stranger who says they wish they had your body, remind them it is your genetics no matter if you have proof or not or morbidly obese family members hidden away with a cousin who just got bypass surgery.

2) If a friend comes to you sad and say Im so fat…stop them and throw every Oprah vibe and word at them. Let them know of how curvy they are and how you try so hard to gain weight (at this point pretend that zumba class is only for fun), or better relate to them about how your fat too, but learned to love yourself make sure to pinch some skin up thats really just fatless skin and say see!

3) When people ask you what do you eat either look insulted to stop them there, or say what ever you want and how you always since you were little could eat what you wanted when ever.

4) Only when you think no fat women are around discuss diet tips, and exercises that gave you that flat tummy. Never ever talk like this around anyone bigger then you unless you happen to be a size 4 and the other a 6! Size 8…maybe.

5) When you see other thin women its best to befriend them. I mean what could be more fun then hanging out with new gal pals at the gym for a couple of hours?

6) If your friend returns and says almost in tears that a guy she liked told her he likes her too, but shes too big, remind her that he was a loser and that he missed out and you don’t want that type of guy anyway…ignore the fact he is a honor student, talented, and a gentleman to the skinny bartender who is in dept and rumored to be crazy.











1) Train yourself when hunger comes take a bite of it and toss it away!
2) Eat half your food when out and make sure to talk most of the time to get the other person or people from having too much time to see your hardly eating. Great topics to get people off your eating habit back: Sex life, a tragic (can come from news), and rumors of so and so (make sure so and so is not there), after a while when you feel everyone is ready to go ask for a doggy bag.

3)Before going to a party make sure to have a light snack,so you won’t be tempted to go over board.

4)On dates make sure to order anything baked, with veggies, sauce or dressing on the side, and a diet drink or if you dare some wine. If the date insist on something sweet after , pretend to be romantic and ask to share the dish with him/her. Whatever damage you ate you can burn off at the locale 24/7 gym thats open down the street after…again after he drops you off home. Or reduce greatly the next day.

5) Carrots, candy bar, fruit chewies, a banana…so many choices. Pick a snack that requires you to chew longer. It will last longer then saw some grapes that are soft and juicy. Your friend picks a banana and is done in less then 3 minutes. You picked some gummie bears because it requires chewing and last longer for the amount of calories it has. The longer you have to chew the better, as your friend seeks something else sooner then you.

6)Try to eat in public around co-workers, friends and family. No one can say your not eating! Even if they saw you ate two slices of cake…you know you won’t be eating again and if you do its a 100 calorie salad.

7) Tried and true you can say your not hungry right now or I just ate.

8) When you do feel hungry always reach for coffee first!













1) Tell people who say oh so thats why your so skinny: That you have runners high and they wouldn’t understand the urge to run and that before running its really your genetics (smash their hopes that if they ran they too could be skinny)

2) You don’t consider yourself active because honestly you do what you consider fun. Such as laps in the pool, volley ball on week ends with friends, hiking with a loved one. Your innocent here because you think its fun when its really burning any good or bad foods up the instant it touches your throat!

3) Keep it a secret that your a jogger, (yes some do lie..have tons of skinny women stories)

4) Your job! All that moving, then you say you just can’t find time to eat…yet somehow others are…

5) For charity! Join something with a cause that at the end gives you these great legs! No one will ever question or ask about your fitness routin if its for a cause. A lot of skinny women do this with the right heart, but still the training for the run ect is giving them that wonderful body I seek for myself!



I remember reading how this over weight woman had a very…very…skinny friend. The friend told her its her genetics, and this is how her body worked. The friend believed this and felt her friend to be lucky. On a outing with her friend and her friends husband. The three of them enjoyed their food. Her skinny friend ordered mash potatoes, steak with veggies and wine. Even had a large hunk of cake too! On this night the friends husband got kinda drunk, the skinny friend went to the bathroom. The over weight friend then said wow I wish I could eat like her! She told this to the husband as a joke about his wife and how lucky he is. He said please the woman eats a lot, but she works out for HOURS. She always does that! The skinny friend returned and the topic changed….

Something to think about, but I believe anyone can be skinny …its just not the funnest thing in the world to do, but its possible.


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