Todays my day off: Time is 8:36am and woke up to 253.6!

Right now I am on my 4th fiber one bar aka 90 calories each. This will be my form of cheat day for now. Once in Florida the real cheat day begins along with serious exercise!

Next up fiber one cereal two servings ine one bowl 180 plus 180 then milk 150 (really less since I hate to use a full serving of milk)

I thought how about a small personalĀ pan pizza? mmmmm no. Its amazing how I had to have that darn pizza daily! seven days a week! My money went down the drain.

Based on the speed of my weight loss I can forget about being 230 heading to Florida on the 17th.

I mean maybe and I hope 240ish? Would be so sad to be exactly 250 on my trip, but I should be glad that I came this far.


Today I will take down my profile. It was ok, but I rather and that site you have to be on your slim game!

Going to clean up and enjoy my day off….was suppose to see a guy today, but didn’t hear back from him yet as in where are we going to meet this sunday. I asked two days ago, but no biggie.

Just need to focus on my weight loss and it gets better.


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