Time is 9:40pm and I weighed just now at 252.ZERO meaning 251 is tomrrow!!!

Sometimes I weigh night and day. It gives you a hint if you will weigh less tomorrow or not.

Today I believe I had 870 calories, so much for the eat what ever, but I felt I had to stop. Just fear of gaining.

When I went to Target today I wanted to eat really badly…hungry? No. Craving yes, but what? Yes my favorite pizza hut place was inside.

And yes Im shocked too, but wasn’t really wanting that. I just desired something in my mouth, so I sipped on diet 7up as I went through the soda…10 points for me there!

My friend believes diet soda leads to weight gain and some people feel that way too, but this whole time I been drinking diet sodas and diet lemonades. I think the gaining part comes in when I would order two whoopers, with mayo, ketup, cut in half, med or large fries with a diet coke.

The only true bad thing about soda is that it is a chemical.

In seven days my trip to Florida comes and now I believe I will be 240ish.

When I first started all this not long ago, I lost five pounds or three pounds the following day and now Im crossing my fingers to just give me A pound at least!

Right now I see 50, I just need to lose the 50’s and I can be 200 and then it will get harder, but so worth it!

Right now I feel like chewing again and it only comes when my body remembers (my mind really) the times I would munch. No craving just feel like eating something.

Playing my game, talking to my friend, cleaning up some what, listening as I walked to Target and back to my mp3 player and when I walk its a slow pace. The idea is to relax and think or do other things then focus on food.

I saw some really large people today and I really get them. Some may in fact may be on the same weight loss path as me or just going with the flow eating whatever like I did because its hard….its not easy!


Another thing is I eat all my food before 10am or 10:30am the latest. It gives my body time to burn it.

For example I noticed this…

Im going to be fair and say you eat so called healthy….because I am never giving up chocolate even if it comes in the form of fiber bars and fiber one brownies!


Lets say you wake up and have this healthy breakfast:







Your feeling awesome, really good about yourself and this is it!!! Even though in the back of your mind pancakes with syrup and your style of eggs linger.


Then comes lunch:











If your at work the power of the donut is killing you! At this point you either cave in to what you call a REAL lunch (don’t blame you),or snack on the goodies around you, and if your a stay at home parent its just as worse as your child/kids smile with red ..I mean real red pasta sauce on their faces. Lunch in my opinion is the hardest. Breakfast you wake up trying, lunch is the true test….lets say you passed and made it to dinner.


Dinner’s here!









You skipped your nightly chips and dip with soda (full calories baby!)

You feel kinda hungry or are you just craving?

You follow the advice of sipping water to ignore hunger….lets just say you made it.

The calories you had today lets say 1500.

You will lose weight depending on your weight the higher the higher the chance in weight loss.

You ate breakfast and your body is already deciding to either store it or burn it up.

Then comes lunch, now your body has to focus on the next mean…then here comes dinner and not counting the possible light snacks.

I believe the body needs a break to focus on what it already has inside of it.

Like really I feel I should eat twice a day, but I want weight loss like now, not the healthy way of 1-2 pounds a week!

I believe if I continue this in 6 months I should be either almost at goal or at it! My goal is 130-135 pounds.


People say you should eat at least 2000 calories some say the min of 1200, but really when you think about it…if they say eat less aka 1300 and move more aka burns maybe 300-400 calories in the day….that means anyone on a diet is eating less anyway!

I recall reading online years ago a guy said he rather just eat less and watch tv then eat less in higher calories then he would and have to get up and exercise.

The size zero girl I know doesn’t exercise she just hardly eats!

Theres many ways to be slim, but at the end you have to make sure those calories are less and of course a real cheat day to trick your body as well. Tip never have cheat days 7 days in a row after…made that mistake before.


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