Its 10:58pm and I just weighed in at 256.6 pounds :) , and my collar bone…feels so hard.


I was one of the few lucky plus size women who had some form of collar bone covered in flesh….but now it is showing even better even though I am still considered huge.

256.6 at 5’10 in height.

I looked in the mirror at work and saw that my face has even slimmed down nicely!

The collar bone means a lot, its your passage to the thin side, the collar bone is considered very sexy on a woman. More so in a flowing dress.

I touched it and it is really a hard bone! It feels strange to me. I felt it always, but never like this!

I am so on my way! I am already telling myself daily once I see family in Florida I am packing a jump rope, dvds, and will have self control so I can come back thinner!!!


I slipped up and had 930 calories today and like I mentioned before coca cola zero cherry flavor is a true blessing!

All my popular fast food places have not seen me in many days..over a week and likely wondering what happen to me?

I will show up for a small item, but not now.

I am on weight loss cloud 9!

My mid section is the first to show signs of progress, my thighs are slightly going down. My upper arms are still at full swing 😦


My goal is 200 pounds then 150, then 130, then the end and maintain it!

My main worry is:

1) Failing again

2) Making it to goal with gross loose skin, but it is better to be thin then where I am now.

I am really excited. If I make it to my 240s……some one help me! Thats me over the moon type feeling!

I ate a almond hershy bar…the reason for the 930 calories, but at least Im under a thousand and eating up to the 900’s in fact gave me a weight loss boost.

I will have a day where I eat 1300 calories to trick my body again.

My body is use to this size for so many years, so any drop a weight it may fight back.




I live alone, so no one will see me as a crazy person when I do this.

I had my two cookies with ice cream early in the morning before work.

Guess what? I wanted more! I said out loud in a normal tone no (name here) no put it back, your fine don’t eat any more you came to far.

I firmly said no again.

I went to work and felt fine.

If I say it in my head its like my mind doesn’t take it serious.

I am hanging in there.

I can’t believe this….just in pure bliss right now.


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