Thin women hot spots, new diet,and being adult we all can be victims.


Work life is better, but sad it had to end this way. No more saying good morning to me or anything. We ignore each other since she can’t handle being normal/decent.

Now that my work issue is solved….at the moment.



*Thin Women Hot Spots*

The places every former fat girl should go.

1) Thin women love to go to the gym in form fitting clothes then get annoyed when guys try to talk to them :/ Just show up in a fat suit problem solved! Or dress like I would at the beach large shirt and pants that went close to the knee….I feel those gym ladies come to the gym like that on purpose. I plan on joining them in sexy wear wearing my pony tail too! I plan on joining a gym for the first time once Im 200 pounds. At 200 I will look average not fat or skinny, but could stand to lose a few more….pretty much like family guy’s daughter Meg. I too want to wear tight fitting gym shorts and be put off by hot guys at the gym and be like omg stop looking at me knowing full well…

2)Besides the gym I plan on going to jog at the park in a long circle, with my mp3 strings in  front and yes that pony tail! That pony tail means you have made it, that no longer your hair blows because its windy…but because you are moving at a good speed! I want to jog in my cute clothes and a long full circle and repeat like a mindless pet hamster in a wheel. Thin girls seem happy going in circles and oddly the men right next to them do too.

3) Yes star bucks have people of all sizes, but when I go in it’s not walmart where sometimes you can be the smallest customer. It’s the hot spot for thin girls to pick up fancy coffee and walk out giving them enough time for people to take notice. Star bucks seem more fulfilling when thin.

All the size 0’s and 2’s,4, and 6’s love them some coffee and star bucks is the grand daddy choice still for the thin or/and wealthy. Plus you look trendy, important, and special when thin holding a star buck cup….notice famous thin women love being caught with it in hand.

4) Near a pool or beach. Yes all sizes like to go, but this is mainly a thin girl hot spot. It gives them the chance to show their bodies to total strangers and gain more attention and envy from near by fat girls like me.  Its like a peacock show and instead of feathers these species are showing off every inch of themselves and they love bright colors more so then black swim suits. Black is slimming, but a hot red, or something flashing to say hey over here! is more ideal. Poke a dots are more cute and showy as well. I have already seen the hot red bathing suit I will get, and bright blinding yellow I want to see any of them try to top that! Also pony tails are not as high here, but loose hair all free and wild.

5) At resturants…yes!  This gives thin women to prove to us all and those at her table that hey she can eat this and that and stay super hot! Could be her only meal….or she eats like crazy, but works out like a race horse, but doesn’t matter she will say it’s her genetics even if daddy is huge and mommy is just as large. restaurants depending where she goes gives her the chance to dress up in heels and cleavage revealing tops or form fitting jeans and a hot sexy cool top and she will say oh I just threw these on…sure.

6) Anywhere a camera is out, thin girls may feel fat, but love the camera still! It gives them memories later in life to show others how amazing and great they look. A picture of them posing next to santa, playing and running in the sand, bending over to pick a ball the camera opens so much joy and fun.

7) Night clubs where they fist pump. The fist pumping clubs tend to have the skinny women heaven and maybe a few plus size tag along friends, but here is where they can all dress up like barbie no matter the shade or hair color just all barbies can be pretty and sexy with heels. Clubs that don’t fist pump tend to have skinny girls, but more so average to larger. I don’t do clubs, but if I was to go now I would go to the non fist pumping club….kinda like I wouldn’t go to south beach or LA so I can keep some form of self esteem.

Those are the main places I notice on my skinny girl watch.

Some skinny women like to be tom boys, but somehow thats even sexy on them 😦

popular skinny women jobs-

1)The bank teller

2) Cheerleader

3) Bone daddies or hooters for example

4) Anywhere in front desk office work, if you see a plus size woman instead take a picture because she will be replaced soon.

5) Host

6) Any high retail job

7) Fitness trainer or yoga teacher

8) Modeling even if she does it for free and your heavy and offer to do it for free they will not take you.

At the end skinny and larger women can get these jobs…well most, but skinny does win.



Right now I am in my 260s…its a sad battle of up and down …up…then down…everyday.

My trip takes off on the 17th of Feb THIS MONTH. I had all of Jan. and before to be 200 pounds, but I blew it! binge eating was more important then fitting in a plane seat right and not having to worry about being kicked off!

My mom is already going to have my favorites of smothered pork chops, chocolate cake, bqq pizza from pizza hut…..Texas’s pizza hut doesn’t have it.

Collard greens, yams, home made mac and cheese, …and who knows what else!!!!!

Last time I went to see family I came back heavier to the point I couldn’t even buckle my seat in the plane! I told myself when I go to visit I will not eat like its my last meal everyday!!I will exercise and eat less, so when I return I am way smaller.

Its possible to lose 20 pounds in 4 days at my size…..but I have to be strict.

Tomorrow is the second…so lets see…thinking.

I have 16 days before take off to be smaller.

If I can lose 2 pounds a day min…I can be 230 or 230ish.

My thigh won’t spread into the person next to me a little.

I bought a sweat suit, bought a dvd player so I can work out with my tv not my small laptop, I have veggies worth 30 calories a serving and brown rice and seasonings with no salt…..thats right I am going on only rice and veggies to reduce salt intake to the max!!! No soda….just water, boiled rice and water to create a filling soup with added veggies. Very low in salt and calories, and after work even though I walk to work and walk home I am popping in a Jillian work out video from the biggest loser.

I will reach goal just have to be strong and stay focused.

Once I reach Florida I will eat normal and will gain back at most 3 pounds of water weight….but packing my exercise video two or three of them so when I return I shall be 210 at least, but would be open minded with 220 lol.

I ate cheese cake as a farewell….somehow my farewell extended …..anyway!


I don’t get why people tell kids that school is not forever and when you become a adult no more bullying exist.

Sure it doesn’t look at what I went through at work!!!

Anyway on my lunch break a heavy set woman who appeared 350-370 pounds, with her man who had long red hair in a pony tail, and they had their toddler with them who reminded me of baby Tarzan with the wavy long brown hair and tan. I went to order pasta and they were in front of me. They were still deciding and we joked at how pricey food can be. I got a small pasta fare well dish with my third large diet coke of the day.

I saw how crowded it was, but empty tables were around, but instead I sat outside which was in the building at the same time just no roof.

It was so cold outdoors my phone read 35 degrees. I was somewhat shaking as I ate my warm pasta. It was glass windows all around me so people who were inside could view me as a fish tank. I saw the country family (they had that real Texan country accent) look around and then decided to eat out doors in the small patio. I saw them and told them to come join me and that it was too many people out their for my taste!

The guy who I felt was her husband said its cold out here, she then went on to say well lets just eat here.

I then discovered from a small chat between I and them that a random woman came up to her face telling her she has too much food!!! And to give her some and she has enough to share! I was so upset….really upset and speechless how people can be so cruel and more so in front of her family. I told her next time tell that person you will call 911 and they will shut up and leave real quick!

After I left and told them to enjoy their day…it was sad people were staring at her from outside the window from their tables she even pointed another person out.


I hated how I am …in real life Im too nice…too nice…I been told daily by co-workers and strangers that Im nice 😦

But two co-workers were like you shouldn’t change who you are be you.

Another person told me don’t be a black girl sterotype….since I admitted my secret role models such as from that awful show flavor flav I liked New York because no one could say anything to her, no one bothered her and if they did be prepared! Thats not me and could never be me if I tried, I smile too much, its easy to make me laugh, and when Im serious a lot of times people can’t tell….but they did when I went to HR!

A guy told me that my traits are perfect and any guy would love to have me I said yea when thin with these traits.

I told a co-worker Im trying not to be nice, but should of never said that. She can be her and I can be me.

At 25 Im slowly learning to embrace who I am. The women on my fathers side are just like me….not the men they cheat, heard one on drugs and ones with jail records. The women tend to speak proper, nice, giving…its like why didn’t they get guys that match them :/

Nice-ness can get you harmed too. Road raging guy told a woman to pull over and to calm him down and talk about it (I like to talk things out too…genetics are real here) she did….well she rolled her window down and she got punched in the face. I am nice, but not going that far like that family member 😦  I would be calling 911 that some guy is following and shouting at me and happens to be speeding.

Its hard and have cried about it that I want to be tough, but really its a ugly look…so I better be happy the way I am and if others don’t like it oh well.



So much to improve of myself…..I missed out on a lot.

I know I need to improve my grammar and what not!

It use to be so bad that I can’t understand what I was saying at 16! And it was all horrible!

My flaws are proof here even though I can’t see them.

Was I suppose to put that comma there? Is it they’re or there?

All I have to say is never allow your child to go to public schools in the hood or ghetto they will learn about rep, name brand shoes,and being cool and if you fail you will be bullied like me and others. I was running from others and getting threats in class not learning and here is the proof in my blog.

*Takes deep breath*

Going to bed.

Wish me luck on this diet!



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2 Responses to “Thin women hot spots, new diet,and being adult we all can be victims.”

  1. Troy Says:

    A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I believe that you should publish more about this subject matter, it might not be a taboo subject but typically
    people do not talk about these topics. To the next!

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Aww thanks, but its true! I just notice where they tend to flock to and how they like to appear. It works for them.

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