Because I’m fat my life is not where it should be….if I was thin, and online dating, and education is important


1)It’s a fact is thin I would of been in Florida …and married real soon maybe at 19..20 of age.

2)If I was thin I would have a boyfriend or a guy who likes me a lot teach me how to drive in hopes of being with me.

3)If I was thin I could have no education and skills and still land a higher paying job then I do now..I mean hooter girls in neon 80’s p.e coach shorts make more money then three retail workers.

4)If I was thin I would have a guy to comfort me.

5) If I was thin my life may be almost food less, but full of excitment and new things.

6) If I was thin somehow better things would happen.

Going to HR I learned:

1) My former ride will always have her job and never a write up

2) Crazy people can hold down a job…today she was acting like my best friend when I ignored her the whole day and complained about her.

3) My focus needs to be weight loss, education, marriage equals my happiness and this co-worker will be a old nightmare

4) That they do try to make you feel that it’s your fault.

5) Its either deal with it or quit.

6) Even when you say you had witnesses to her behavior all I ended up was talking and the end.

7) I do like the job, but this one co-worker makes it unreal. I will continue to ignore her, I careless if she says sorry again, I know something mentally is off, but since I was the one going through and not so and so it didn’t matter.

8) Sadly even when I’m gone shes the type who will be there slumped over in her late 80’s in a scooter still there many years later….she wins at the end.


Online dating

Yes I was crazy and hurt and stressed out about whats going on for a job, I know Im fat and knew the results I would get.
Lucky for me I was able to set up that no one looking for sex, no one looking for anything that requires a fling. I had to set it up after that was the only guys e-mailing me!!!!! When I clearly said long term doesn’t mean long term sex for fat girls, I mean I had a guy lasy year and a half ago only stayed in touch with me in hopes for sex, when I told him he will not come to my place for sex he said ok just making sure….likely now looking for the next desperate woman he can find!

So I re joined…..the online world yesterday after over a year of not doing so.

1) One guy in his mid 20’s, loves to party, makes 8 a hour and hates his job, but doesn’t have any interest in any form of education……No goals, party guy…those two are not my type, but emailed him anyway.

2) This one sounds too perfect, he just joined the same time as me, middle eastern and looks cute, educated and has dreams of having his own business someday. We only e-mailed back and forth.

3) This guy was heavy set, but I was open to him of course, but party guy and no goals.

On the same site when I had no picture of myself and just had thin as a body type….I had guys ready to take me out on a date!

Putting bbw/tall I got these guys who were….e-mail happy, but I bet anyone 100 dollars would be willing to meet asap if I was in need of such hard to find sex *eye roll*

All I can think of is I need to master the art of sticking and getting blood from people,so that I can move on from where I work if I really just got fed up! I would of course have a job ready would never walk off jobless.

I can’t wait to lose this weight, have my first real date, my first hug, my first everything from a guy, to own a car, to have a education, and then be able to help others.

This dream is sounds so far away, but once I have a degree in something no one can touch me. I won’t grow old like some making small wage, but have growing bills do to the cost of living.

Going to bed, but happy enddings have to be real.


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4 Responses to “Because I’m fat my life is not where it should be….if I was thin, and online dating, and education is important”

  1. porthole11 Says:

    Don,t Feel Shy or bad, lots of guys like the bbw girls. I prefer them instead of a skinny girl,
    Don’t Wait just do what u want to do…..and maybe just try some of the ViSalus milkshakes

  2. ebonnie Says:

    What size do you consider bbw?
    I notice for some bbw really means a size 10 and under. Visalus never heard of…but done with the shake world unless Im craving it.

  3. porthole11 Says:

    Hi ..its all about the persons attitude mostly and being sexy … , but bbw is all sizes above skinny and that is good for my likes, :]

    Body by ViSalus is a good health product I have been on for 6 months now.
    and is a good way to keep my belly full and making it smaller with all the good vitamins involved.

    and the 25 pounds that I lost in 3 months with out working out.

    its worth trying because it tastes like cookies,
    so any type of shake is good with Visalus in it

    so i keep making them shakes so I don’t miss breakfast anymore like I use to which is not good for anybody.

    My pick is…
    I just pay $250 for the “core kit” and it comes to my front door.
    For that price it includes the vitamin packs… 2 a day and 60 meals replaced with shakes and the energy drink packs are also included.

    My site Address is my order some up page

    Freds ViSalus page

    Sparkey ‘s Visalus page

    have a look if your interested Rob

  4. ebonnie Says:

    I wish it was that sample since I been told what a great person I am and in the past that just made me some guys ear to hear how hot girls leave him…

    Anyway thats some pricey stuff! My rent is 385 a month plus 100 for light and what not. And im done with the shakes its all about calories really. Fiber you can eat too.

    But thanks though.

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