I want my former ride to be fired and I no longer care!

Last night working with her was hell again HELL.

Over the months I have been talking to a co-worker and sometimes she mentions her.

I have learned the only reason my former ride has her job was due out of pure luck!

We don’t keep managers long, so there is not built history because we get new ones who have no clue about her…and its like she gets to start all over.

There was a manager who didn’t play games, write you up asap….but she got promoted, THEN my former ride got hired on as part time. The new manager comfort her ect. because she was going through a second divorce for once I do feel sorry for these men. So her behavior was based on her going through a lot someone quit because they thought she was a manager she was always over them ect., then my managers who hired me on the new ones so my former ride gets to start all over again!!!! No one likes to report the other to the manager really, no one likes to go to HR against the other…another bonus for her. I am the first really to ever complain about her because 1) I need this job at the moment to take care of myself, 2) My family doesn’t live here so I can’t quit and be ok.


I was in great denial about her I would make excuses saying well she had a bad day, and some other lame bull I made up for her!!!

Even people who come to the company to drop off packages who don’t work there told me when she went away that she is BOSSY! TOTAL STRANGERS.


Last night:

1) I gave a guy a compliant on his work, she butts in and tells me to stop commenting!

2) tells me to shhhh, but next min I hear her loud annoying laughter across the store.

3) Watched me highlight saying I HIGH LIGHT WRONG, I go to the manager and she said its fine!!

4) People are getting free candy stuffing them in their pockets ect, I come to get some free candy (I know right?) she tells me to stop it! I expose her telling her why is she always judging me why does she feel its ok to tell me what to do, but not others, she got mad and yelled at me to STOP IT STOP IT in front of OTHER workers!!!


I have witnesses I will be bringing up.


After each epoide she smiled at me and joked like nothing ever happened! Even smiled after number 4 and acting like long term friends. Is she bi polar and controling…maybe but I don’t care!!!


I made a three page letter of what happened and sent it to my assistant manager….our other one was um..removed? we have another new one who knows zero about her!!!


I just downloaded a free recording app.so when in HR I can record the convo for my personnal records, I printed me out a copy of my letter….if this someday ends up as a lawsuit against the company for not doing anything such as write ups ect or if they ever just rid of both of us to solve everything my company or former will be hearing of a court hearing. Thats why Im getting my records straight ect that I did try to stop this, and nothing was done but cute talks between each other!


Goes take a shower….calling HR, and were setting up a meeting because this has to stop.


I don’t want to quit a job over no one I rather be fired then I hope I have a good case.

I would shut up with a settlement though….being honest here.


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