Its true having larger people in your life has a influence :(

Every since that day I was on the phone almost going into the next day talking about cheese cake and getting all excited with my former co-worker who is also obese……….I had stand stills. I no longer enjoyed the freedom of eating whatever I wanted since A) Holidays are over so shipment is still a lot, but its at a normal so my free fitness workout has been cut down from work. Since she talked about cheesecake since I think a month or two ago I been eating cheese cake and chocolate cake daily TIMES two. Before one large slice do the trick now its two plus candy, plus four baked pototoes…..ect. all in ONE day.  I struggled to fight the urge to eat beyond needed, but mentally I can”t stop. Im chewing gum as I speak even though Im full from a large taco bowl, two baked pototoes with cheese and sour cream, candy barS, and a chuck of bread with cheese! I still can’t control myself and the sad part was a week ago and some days I was 255 pounds and still felt fat!!! I was fat now fatter at 262 and likely 263 tomorrow. I was doing so good. I have to keep people like that in text mode only. In text I can quickly read it and move on and even reply, but heariing her voice mention food and the long topic of it over and over for hours just messed up my mind.


I have been thinking of water fasting *Its healthy if your not anorexic*

I tried to cut down, but it teases me and I want more.

I don’t know what to do.

Back to the drawing board and getting back on track.


I need to fit in my plane seat without going into someone elses seat a little and not feel snugged.

Plus I got a few (three) clothes items that I want to fit in for my trip.

I really messed up and here it is 2013!!!


I can’t go on like this I rather just die if year after year Im huge and single.


5 Responses to “Its true having larger people in your life has a influence :(”

  1. Corner of Confessions Says:

    We all have slip ups. It’s okay. Just try again! Don’t give up.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    I decided to aim for no to very little sugar. I have sent pics of my weight loss to family and then to go back up and soon have to see them in Feb…. I won’t and your right we all do have slip ups.

  3. Mittie Says:

    What’s up, after reading this remarkable article i am as well happy to share my familiarity here with mates.

  4. ebonnie Says:

    Thanks 🙂

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