My knees hurt so bad (due to my weight and cold out)

Since my boss got fired last week (reason unknown, but reasons are out there), our assistant manager has been more kind to us. In fear of losing her’s maybe? At work its been stressful once with former ride, and trying to meet deadlines by this work has to be done at this time and every one must hurry fast and these long hours!

Right now I feel like buying a cane and use it only for when I need to stand up from a seat, the toilet, the bed, just anywhere that requires me to use serious motion of my knees. It hurts so badly. I do recall my knees hurting before, but to the point I have to clutch my teeth tight as I slowly get up in pain….no.

I read sometime last week a man in his 40’s lost over 200 pounds, he is happy of course….problem is his knees are no good. Will I be the former fat girl with ruined knees from carrying all this weight for years and with sagging loose skin all over me? Its like part of me says you should just stay fat.

By lying to myself in the past sometimes saying I’m losing weight for my health…I got bigger.
When a guy took interest me (really I discovered to lay with the fat chick as they like to call us) I would eat less, exercise was hard, but I did it. Honestly yes weight loss means I can move a little faster and jog. When really my reasosn is to fit in this nice clothing piece, or get that cute guy.

It’s terrible though to have to hold on to something to lift yourself up to try to reduce some knee pain, my feet feel fine right now, but my knees are killing me. I used the instant pain spray, it works for a few minutes. Pills I’m not too much of a fan of after my Midol sickness, and I been off prozac for almost three weeks. Its a good pill, but I feel I can make it without…..really the low dose is pointless! I won’t allow my former ride to stress me out and make me unhappy. I had many good work days since she is away from me most of the time. Prozac is a false happy feeling which I don’t mind at all!
I will just learn to find ways to cheer me up….mmmm former ride acts like a crazy person….(in cave person tone)me go to HR lol. If I did that to her…she would feel destoryed! She is in her 60’s making her cap off of 11.30 a hour. Again in her 60’s with zero education just issues and bitter feelings and quick to anger. Based off that me wishing that she retire and just leave…won’t happen. People like that are there forever….and ever….and ever….until they can’t barely move any more.

For now I will continue my weight loss, I had some slip up’s and then Im back on track.
I now can jog a minute and 30 seconds straight 🙂

I can see my wedding…my future wedding and Texas behind me and its odd people.
Dreams on…


2 Responses to “My knees hurt so bad (due to my weight and cold out)”

  1. Corner of Confessions Says:

    My work just called me and asked me if i could come in tomorrow. I had the last two days off but i planned tomorrow, my third and last day off till after Christmas, to be my stay in bed day. My muscles are sore. my feet hurt.

    They have me scheduled , weird hours, 5 days in a row. then off for Christmas then right back to work. Honestly, i’m part time idont know why im getting so many hours! I want the money and i dont mind work but working 6 days in a row? I said no. I just worked 4 days in a row and i want my days off.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    I know the feeling! You need two days off to really relax…three would be more ideal. Your part-time, but really full time. Reminds me of my wal-mart days they hired us all as part-time, but we worked full time aka to not give us benefits. And the person who asked for benefits got real part time hours at the end and no benefits still. My muscles are sore Im still waiting to get a day off where the guy can massage me again, but my one day offs really are the days he is closed or he has a opening thats too late for me to be out. I have been working six days in a row and everyday I want to call out and others are complaining to themselves or coming in late on purpose. I went to class today a rare tuesday off and I feel closer to my goal of better income and then returning back to college because I now can afford it!

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