The funny things men do to clearly say no fat women when it comes to dating online.

I have read in the past many ads looking for that ideal guy years ago.

I have ran tests like my long distance friend as well and just in general read ads for fun.

My size zero pal hates exercise a lot and won’t do it….yet a fitness buff who says must enjoy exercise will still date her….hmmmm.

Later on guys have gone blunt and say NO FAT GIRLS…even if they are fat themselves just no no no fat girls.

Some men are ……gentle and use words to say in other words no fat girls.

1) Must be active (This is another way of saying that plus size women are not active so I will only lure in thin women)

2) No bbw’s…yes men have gotten smart enough to understand that this does not mean big breasted women (many thought thats what it met)

3) They now ask for you to weigh 150 or under or such and such size. Some men are starting to learn about women sizes to prevent from getting a larger woman or to make it clear they like model digits.

4) Men would go for average size women, but too many larger women abused that word under how would you describe your body? Curvy is abused by large women who do think rolls are curves and by men who consider the Jessica’s Alba’s of the world to be curvy…I guess if you look at her joints they are curvy.

Real Curvy women is a genetic body shape (never due to being overweight, or ultra skinny. I have seen pear shapes that are a size 4! Hour glass aka body shape is genetic. When I typed in curvy I got chubby pear shaped women, just plain fat women, very tiny in weight women with a tight belt :/ Curvy is larger breast top and hips and a small middle not apple or pears, and rulers. You can get the hour glass shape (breast implants I have notice make a person appear curvy)

5) Attractive women only! Now to men they really mean thin woman. I seen some women who look like they should be thinking the heavens he over looked their butter face and just focused on her from the neck down!

6) Some men go into saying on their profile I prefer thin women because I don’t want someone I love to die on me. So  out of deep fear of a dying mate its best to to be bothered? Based on that a person should stay single since we all die at some point! Thin women (both genders) die of cancer from smoking and some related to non-smoking, thin women I have met have high blood pressure even though they jog and are vegan! Thin women get diabetes and sometimes born with it, thin women can get diseases, thin women can get hit by a car and since she can no longer jog and what not gain weight wheel chair bound (happened before) due to that love do you leave her since she now gotten fat? I understand being overweight can bring on health related things, but being underweight too and in general healthy weight as well.

Other things are used to say no fat women. Some are friendly about it and others are very blunt.

Some even make youtube videos of what to look out for to not risk getting a fat girl.

Men are not innocent either. Thin women have complained they see a cute guy only to see a very large one come, or he is not 45, but 65.

Both genders tend to lie, but not all. You can meet con artists and liars, and any others without the internet.


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4 Responses to “The funny things men do to clearly say no fat women when it comes to dating online.”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    this is the point i was trying to make with my diet blog. it’s about being healthy and fit, the size shouldnt matter. we shouldnt be judged by numbers.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    so true I have seen size 12-14 women who can jog, lift weights, have healthy readings yet there are guys who think other wise. Just wish they be honest and say I want a thin woman even if she has high blood pressure.

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