People are really not fans of larger people…..

Im still large, Im still considered obese even though Im tall Im far from being considered just over weight.

It beats being morbidly obese like before.

People do stereotype each other no matter what really, but to go against the plus size folks is still legal in the media ect. Its looked bad if you are rude against someone’s race, religion choice, but their size you get a few amens in your corner. It was proven in a hidden camera show of a thin waitress aka a actress telling a overweight customer aka another actress she doesn’t need that and she should try a diet…..and get this male customers were on the thin, blonde beauty’s side and some of the men were chubby themselves! They even agreed that by telling a paying customer she doesn’t need to eat that was the right thing to do.

stereotypes do come from truth at the same time. I was the fat girl with sweet snacks never ben and Jerry’s just mc’donalds and Hershey bars. I didn’t like too much exercise and there are thin people who hate it too, but they eat less…I didn’t. I did smell when it gets too hot outside 100 degree weather and had to take 2-3 baths during extreme heats to smell right not musty. Once I discovered sweat pants sometime last year that was my new love made me appear that I was about to exercise yet just a comfortable way to hide any extra growing pounds. I stayed home and still do for years every week end…why go out to watch thin girls get all the action?  My long distance friend stop dating…yes she is now getting men due to weight loss, but she is still considered fat for her ideal type of men, but her weight loss at least got cheap cuties who had her pay for her dinner or movie (they paid for something), or paranoid men who fear she is bigger then she lets on, but she gets decent guys compared to me still who are gay men on the DL (gay voice, and hand on one hip and the slight knee bend us girls do), or guys looking for a fast sex. Since my weight loss these men have increased! I know the lower I go it will get better.

Because of me I and others have created stereotypes for obese,and overweight women and men who were not like me! Sure I enjoyed healthy foods….but candy was a past weakness. Its like the loud black person who creates the stereotype for other blacks who are not loud. The bad no matter what stands out the most then the good. In psychology they say people recall more bad then good.


Since my mini weight loss of near 50 pounds total.

Again today the girls who never said hi, or anything stop me to say hello!!! I been at my job almost a year now and I was like whoo. I saw her, but kept going because part of me remembers that they are not really into me like that, but I was stopped!

A guy who is very serious, never said anything to me, even looked at me in disgusted when I was 300 and laughing over something….two days ago I got me some really nice ,light blue underwear with some ruffles lol. On them it says I do….yes on the panties it says I do! I got them since I plan on saying those words someday Im giving myself two years…where is he? I don’t know and I don’t care I am marrying somebody! Well he saw it and made a flirty joke!!!! My fantasy guy in suit was near by grinning too. I tried to wait until they left, but I was like forget it girls wear these and Im buying. I was so shocked at the joke!

I been told again that they are happy I am trying to lose weight.

I get some respect now too and its so strange. I do understand some people can be jealous of weight loss from others, but so far things are good!

Im boiling eggs now its about 10pm my time and I have to be up at 4am…yes took a nap. Im starting a egg fast lol… it!

Once I become a size 8 then I will start dating as I aim to be a size 4.

Even two older men who ignored me and passed me by now stop me to say HELLO.

Its unreal. I know for a fact if I gain it all back that would be a huge failure in their eyes.

Its like people judge overweight people badly and when they see your losing weight they feel you now care for yourself……yes I care for myself enough to lose weight to improve my walking….I can now run…for 10 seconds straight on and off. And so I can marry my ideal guy. I promise I won’t put it back on after the wedding.

Like a 400 pound man out in public….how do we know he didn’t recently lost 150 pounds?

How do we know that he binge ate because he lost his mother or father?

What about medical reasons?

It doesn’t matter to people which is sad.


Right now my focus is to weigh 230 something pounds from my egg fast or egg fast then go back to just eating less.

I no longer fear eating. I ate badly two days ago went up one pound and lost two the next day. Im 257 pounds now. I see that I don’t need 5-10 pound gaining room. If caught in time I can lose that one pound and still enjoy my food. Im proud of my friend with her salad and yogurt, but a life as a former fat girl I couldn’t live like that. I need flavors and bad stuff now and then…maybe every other day really!

After work when I leave Im just another fat girl walking. No stranger knows I was once 300 pounds limping to work and then coming home unable to walk to the point I had to crawl on the floor to the bathroom, or when I worked at walmart I faked sick because I had been standing on my feet the whole shift and could not walk for 24 hours, or crying because of how large I was with so much fat flesh, or being told by my ideal guy that if I lost x amount of weight we could be bf and gf ,or being the fat joke, or somehow taking up space when really any size did too! I know for a fact I should be married by now if I was thin. Yes I can be plus size and married….but to my

If I can be 200 pounds ….omg. Thats so close to a wedding ring. I know I sound crazy, but everyone has a desire!




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3 Responses to “People are really not fans of larger people…..”

  1. Joe Davis Says:

    Keep up the good work. I agree that there is a stigma against overweight people. People are so quick to judge. In the end, I think the main thought on their minds is, “how could they let themselves get that far.”

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Yes thats everyone’s question in the back of their minds. Like how do you not see yourself getting larger and why not stop. I seen some very hard working overweight men and women yet they have to work so hard to get the same thing a thin co-worker gets for normal labor.

  3. Says:

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