Be careful where you eat…hidden oil? Still trying for 250 something….













Im trying so hard and like my friend were on a stand still. Stuck, but like her I won’t give in.

I been brain storming and thinking can I handle eating one breakfast burrito tomorrow and two diet lemonades? Wouldn’t that cause me to be 250 asap the next day and give my body a boost?

Its like you have to mentally say ok were done eating today now stop…..I stop and so has the scale!

I won’t allow me being 260-261 to just throw in the towel and eat whatever…..then my hard work was done for nothing and bye bye size 18 that could of been a future 16 next month. ‘

In jan or Feb I want to see my family and don’t feel like stressing over the plane seat size and asking will I be kicked off the plane making news for all to see.






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2 Responses to “Be careful where you eat…hidden oil? Still trying for 250 something….”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    Be careful with those breakfast burritos. They are packed with calories and fat and carbs. And it’s not even worth it more of the time. You can eat real eggs and toast for less the calories and fat. But i still say eat your breakfast and then maybe try smoothies for lunch and dinner. And cut of the sodas and juices they have so much calories and sugar, it’ll help your metabolism to loose weight.

    You got this. You will have days where the scale stays the same. Don’t get upset or loose faith. You wont always loose a pound a day. Sometimes you will loose a pound or two a week. But it’s steady and its a long term weight loss that way.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Those breakfast burritos are so good,but your right and true making eggs and toast at home is ideal to pack up too. I thought of smoothies, but like to chew as well 😦 chew over drinking….strange yes. Steady is so slow, I love fast, but guess I have no choice.

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