Three things I don’t want to become as my weight goes down.



1) The former fat person who now hate fat people.

Both men and women do this they lose the weight and then make rude comments such as I got off my lazy ass so why can’t they? Or if they eat less…its like these types of people feel that since they are thin its ok to be rude or be annoyed by larger size frames. Like a so called friend of the past was really huge when I met her, now a size 9/10 (which is average to me) she makes rude fat remarks, or have taken pictures of fat people to cut her desire for food, and she doesn’t understand why can’t they just eat less like she did  and work out? And how she ate junk food because she was always on the go no time to cook , but never used food to ease her worries and such….I was like well you were fat and no matter how you got fat you were once still fat. These same people have been fat for over a year to maybe even 20 or so! Yet once they reach goal expect you to just be able to get to it asap! Being obese and morbidly obese and even very over weight….you never asked to be large and a lot of times food is a legal choice of drugs that you won’t spend 5 years or so in jail for. For example online this guy was asking for advice of his girlfriend of 3 years that he met her when he was obese and so was she. He then goes on about how he decided to get up and do something about it…..I was thinking uh huh…many larger people decide to do something as well and I bet a million he has decided over years of his life, but failed because eating less sounds easy, but its hard for us. He says now that he is in shape and toned and weighs less, his gf is still obese and he has been warning her that if she doesn’t lose weight he will leave! See he got with her because he felt he had no choice due to his size, now he lost the weight she has to get with it or get out! All the guys on the message board were like dude leave the cow, and asking why is he still with that pig, or have her chase her food and he loled on it all!!! I hope to never be a former fat person who feels since I lost the weight so and so should do so asap, or feel fat people are lazy not true. I have met skinny people even size 0 was lazy!! Some just eat less, some workout like crazy and eat whatever when others try to create a balance of eat less workout hard.

2) Not over doing it to the point I miss out in the good moments in life.

I mean yes exericse (me going up and down stairs…still outta breath) is good for you, but I don’t want to be one of those former fat people who spend their life in the gym I mean yes you want to stay slim and fit, but never forget to live. I hear of former fat people and never been fat people who spend hours at the gym grinding away for hours and some even return after!


3) Not enjoying eating out ever again! (The true horror!)

My long distance friend who Im real proud of, but when she told me of her 10 dollar salad she ordered on her date …I was thinking noooo way! A salad! For me if I was on a date I would order like my old self, bring on the steak and mash potatos and side of veggies and yes with a diet coke to balance it out and oh wheres the dessert menu? Something so special I mean who wants to date anyone on a diet? I still want to enjoy my food and I may end up being real thin, but at night exercising by going up and down the stairs for 10 minutes and jump roping for 30 minutes equals a serious calorie burn! I still want to savor my food like I do now…..I just can’t work out like I would like to due to my joints, so for now Im going up the stairs and eating less (like today was two breakfast burritos and lunch/dinner two bowls of watermelon). On a date no guy would guess I was eating less, that could be my one large meal and take the rest to go….so many ways to still enjoy food without living on salad…boring. And yes I will still be a size 4! I mean I believe If I can master water fasting for  a day, but the next enjoy a 2000 calorie meal then repeat the next water fast day…I mean my whole point is to give up sweets forever and tasty foods forever is no way to live!





I woke up 260 pounds this morning….Im inching so close to 250 something its like a tease!

I got a pair of size 18w pants for work tomorrow… 🙂

I just hope I don’t slip up…Im so close.



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13 Responses to “Three things I don’t want to become as my weight goes down.”

  1. Joe Davis Says:

    Keep going! You’ll get there. I can see what you mean about formerly big people being rude to other big people. We are all humans and deserve dignity. However, I would hope that people wouldn’t make excuses about their weight and not expect to be called on it. Sometimes it can serve as a wake up call. Sad, but true.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    True and I had many wake up calls from not being able to ride a horse because the weight limit is 250, was stopped at the cheap ferris wheel because he felt I wouldn’t be able to fit the belt over, worrying if I will be kicked off the plane ect. My ex step dad was wrong enough to see a large woman outside and yelled from her window hey fatty! He called out on it, but all I thought about is she may binge, and it ruined her peprfectly normal day. There is a girl at my job who is clearly anorexic would it be ok for me to call out on it? Or would I make it worse for her disorder? Just curious.

  3. Joe Davis Says:

    Would she ever seek help if no one ever called her on it? There are tactful ways to have that discussion. If I care about someone and saw them taking actions that were killing him/herself, yes I would say something. For me there is a difference between saying you are working on it and saying you are working on it on the way to get another cookie from your fully stocked cookie jar.

  4. ebonnie Says:

    I see, but how can you say it with out hurting the other person?

  5. Joe Davis Says:

    Pretty easily. Pull them to the side and ask their permission to address something sensitive out of concern and respect for them. Lay down what you’ve observed and why you are concerned.

  6. ebonnie Says:

    Interesting, and have you done that before? If so how did it go?

  7. Joe Davis Says:

    Not with eating disorders, but other aspects of life, yes. It is uncomfortable for both parties, but appreciated in the end. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few of those talks. It was needed

  8. ebonnie Says:

    Sounds like you took it well, and have those talks you believe changed who you are today?

  9. Joe Davis Says:

    Absolutely. 140 pounds down and a renewed focus on self care due to those talks and support.

  10. ebonnie Says:

    wow and congrats! 140 down is a lot. How did you lose yours?

  11. Joe Davis Says:

    Mainly using a modified SlimFast plan with Lean Cuisine for dinner. Added running and exercise throughout. But the big part is determination. Sometimes, we need to be angry to start and continue to make a change.

  12. ebonnie Says:

    True when I get upset over a fat related issue I had no desire to eat tempt.!

  13. dietriotgirl Says:

    I agree with you so much on this post! I wish we lived in a world where people would leave health at health and appearance as appearance and not equate appearance to health. I’m in better shape than when I was thin! I still have ALONG way to go but just making a point. People judge, judge, judge. Some people ( like myself) faithfully dieted and worked out for months at a time and never lost a pound. I told you before my summer health thing my biggest problem with weight loss was not eating all day and then eating whatever at night when i came home. Everyone is different. Sometimes diet and exercise isn’t enough. Sometimes that big person can be in the gym 5am every morning and eat normal sized and healthy meals a day and no junk food and still be big but have a clean bill of health and more stamina than the skinny person sitting on a couch pointing fingers and judging.

    It’s all about being healthy. One of the reasons I haven’t started phase two of my diet is because I was tired of the restriction. It was my bestie’s b-day so we baked a cake. We didn’t sit there and eat the whole cake in one sitting. But we did both eat a big slice. I don’t want to be the type of person to take a fork of cake on someone’s birthday and then worry all night about the sugar and calories. That’s no way to live. And since i got this seasonal job, on my days off I’m having so much fun spending time with the fiance watching movies and having snack food. I’m not sitting here eating 10 bags of chips, boxes of cookies or anything. But nibbling on chocolate throughout a show or I have been cooking meals for him on my days off so sitting here with a plate of hot home cooked food. I enjoy that.

    It’s about balance. I’m working now to cut out the junk food again and actually eat cause I wasn’t eating when i started working. So I’m in a better place again , having coffee and small meal or cereal or oatmeal or even a scrambled egg on toast some days before i leave for work and at work i make sure to drink extra water. When i come home i eat dinner. Next week when i do food shopping I”m going to buy smoothies and bring it to work to drink at work.

    And i think its different to call someone out on their unhealthy habits and having a discussion about it. It’s uncomfortable for everyone and awkward but sometimes its needed. I have a friend who’s big and has all those insecurity issues but she genuinely doesn’t put in the work. She’ll diet for 5 days and only loose a pound or two and quit. Everyone thinks its the biggest looser loosing 10-20 pounds a week. I mean it can be done. But it’s not realistic. Long term results take real time and dedication. There is no quick fix. ANd what works for one person doesnt work another.

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