Her weight loss has him ready to meet his parents!! My license is soon to be a reality



I went to HR three days ago and was curious. I wanted to know what is the cap off for me? When I use to have rides with my former ride back then she showed me her cap off of 11.10 cents! She has been there three years and I couldn’t believe it….now I do. I was told 11:30 cents…I faked it like wow really yay! Thank you so much!!! To be honest in retail that is pretty high,but who wants to be there 7 or so years of your life making that? And as new people come in their cap off is a little higher then you. Currently Im making 10.70 a hour and can’t lie I feel very grateful for that since I started with just ten.




Went to class today. I self talked myself out of bed. I have worked on my day off, been getting up early for work and so much work thanks to the holidays. Im glad for the hours, but I need a break! I thought to myself if I don’t go to class I will be making this wage and in the future my 11.30 for years until my maker comes. I have too many needs and wants for 10 something a hour plus I can save better with a decent wage. I showed up and class went well. I got to practice on three people and a total of 8 sticks! I got stuck 7 times (yes no fun). I have 10 sticks in total and need 25 before I can take the test to get my license!! I have to study of course and I left feeling really good about myself and my future! I have no fear of sticking people now either. I use to be afraid of harming others because you are sticking them for blood! I will stay at my job and get a second one withdrawing blood. My goal is to have 10,000 before going back to Florida. Two jobs one full and the other part-time should do the trick….and my future car… 🙂  The places I can go without waiting for the next hourly bus on Sundays or sitting next to creepy people and so on!

I told my long distance friend Im happy she got to go on a date first…..yes we both laughed I mean I thought secretly I would be the first to have a real date. The first date he liked her a lot,and even said he wants a second date and for her to meet his parents! Her size 14’s are becoming loose now. Her workouts have toned her flab up and she even has a flat tummy!!! And here I am who just binged on 2/3 of a med. pizza…still good since it use to be 3/3. Her good news makes me want to try harder and triggers me to binge! If I didn’t hear it I wouldn’t binge!

Men are also nicer to her too she said, and we both agreed if you been thin all your life its hard to see the benefits of being thin since you feel its perfectly normal for men to ask you out on dates everyday, normal for them to break their necks to help you when they are clueless, as your larger friend Jenny struggles to open the door with her hands full of bags, feels alone and desires a relationship ect.

Me and her both had super thin women in our lives before. She has been used by men to get to her size 0 friend who is boney and thin, she has been ignored by guys and over looked because a size 6 just walked by, I have had guys complain how can they find a decent girl when Im standing right there single!, I have worked at walmart  as a somewhat brain damaged guy with a large scar on his head and a odd walk try to date me as a size 2 girl gets a army boy with goals after her, I have been offered food for sex (always a no), she has been over looked and been treated badly as a thin girl gets treated like gentle glass…..yes she is happy and she is still losing weight and working out a hour a two a day and yogurt and salads are her main stay. We seen a lot and were not stupid! I been out with a girl who looked alive and deathly size 0 had guys checking her out from way upstairs at a sporting goods store as I was just a big brown blob of in the way-ness.

I have to get on my game! At the age of 80 fat or thin Im eating whatever I refuse to be thin just to slip on house clothes and slippers, but now I have to try to better myself in weight. I mean yes I would cry at her future wedding, but more so for myself that Im still fat going nowhere!

For the past five days I have been trying to get this stray grey kitten to be my friend and move in with me…..I saw some of its brothers and sisters one orange and black another brown….I was thinking why don’t you guys move in with me Im so lonely….I been feeding them this 47 cent can of cat food once a day. They sneak and eat it and run back in the bush away from me even when I try to touch their fluffy fur as they eat. It then hit me…omg Im single, alone, wear friendly type clothes, and now stalking kittens to move in for company. A so called friend who really wasn’t a friend for other reasons voice echoed in my head : You will be the cat lady…..

I like dogs way more, but cats are cheaper to keep and just as cute. I can sadly see myself with tons of cats since I love animals (dogs and cats not birds and snakes). I won’t be the cat lady…I won’t!  I will be thin, married with kids and have some form of degree!


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3 Responses to “Her weight loss has him ready to meet his parents!! My license is soon to be a reality”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    Yay for learning how to draw blood! Wow your job caps off at 11.30?These retails stores are really something else, they make millions and even billions and pay their workers so sucky. My store, they said they usually hire in at 8 8.50 depending on their mood. But increases it based on your experience and past pay. They hired me in at 9. Since we’re seasonal/temp hires..we dont get the chance for upgrades and all that. If they decided to keep me. The HR people said they will discuss all the benefits and pay caps and stuff. But we had to read a manual and it briefly talked about that. Everyone else just accepted the terms and conditions for the job but i actually read everything. My store caps too but it didnt say a number. But we get time and half for weekend and overnight hours. So have 10pm it would be time and half and they have us working till midnight more nights if your working closing. BUt they said overtime pay is 14 bucks an hour too. SO it was confusing. If we get time and half it would be more that 14 bucks an hour. So i’m guessing OT would be just working more than 40 hours a week but working weekend or after 10pm is the time and half. But if OT pay is 14 then the base pay they cap has to be 11 something as well. It can’t be that much more or else the OT pay is really pathetic.

    But my store has a really good benefits package. But, like you I’m want something more, something better. THe plan is now to just work this seasonal job for experience and to pay for some immediate needs like doctors for me and the vet for my dog. Maybe a few holidays gifts. But my pay is pathetic so i’m not holding my breath on that i still have to pay commuting expenses and stuff.

    But the plan is if they keep me after seasonal, save to pay for a certification so that way I can atleast work a better job that pays 12-15 dollars and hour and save to pay for a real degree. I want to go back to college for my BA and then Masters and eventually PHD. But, i can’t figure out what it is i want to do with my life. I always circle back to becoming a counselor but I don’t know if I can stomach that job. I’m not objective and i get so attached , I’m so compassionate. Shrug. But that’s the plan.

    I think you can achieve everything you want to do.

    Looking forward to following your journey through this blog!

    Sorry for the novels I’ve been leaving as comments! Just relate alot to what you are going through!

  2. ebonnie Says:

    8.50 and here I am complaining!!! Tom thumb here is worse its 7.50 a hour…why I never showed back up after being told that Im like I have a apt and needs how will I live off 7 something? Its really sad and your right our stores make billions and the lowest is millions yet here we are! Vet bill 😦 forgot about that one. Did you try researching in your state how to get maybe free treatment or very low cost for your pet even food if your low income? It exists. What type of certification are you going for? I agree thats the reason for my license so I can have better and go back to college making a decent wage.
    I think you should be a counselor…its a tough job because you want to help people, but also really sad depending on the case. Just listening to them means the world! I want to be a nurse, but part of me is looking into psychology now since naturally I do like to study people (not on purpose) just like to figure out why they think that way ect.
    What ever you decide to do Im glad to hear you have goals Its heart breaking when you have none or feel stuck. Who wants to be making 9,10,11 a hour for life? And in a job you know you don’t care too much about.
    I think my comment is the longest!

  3. ebonnie Says:

    I see yours is the longest, but Im a speed reader and I really didn’t know we had some things in common! I will cheer you on too

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