Goals for 2013

Were still not talking and I have embrace that we don’t ever have to talk again over the ten dollars. It was wrong to me to be able to show up and wait outside my job, but then hard to find you or get to you when you got what you needed. I sent her a friendly text that same day and she never responded so yes shes upset. Im a cheap person I wouldn’t have some new clothes if it wasn’t for my mom sending some a few months ago, I only own one pair of flip flops and walmart brand sneakers I was forced to buy since my old sneakers wore out in the rubber and had a hole in the two. My work pants always look new since I have to get a new pair ever 2-3 months since my thighs rub a large hole in between (no joke). The only thing that I may waste my money on is food. Now I have randomly given a homeless man sleeping on the streets 5 dollars, if your begging for food I will buy it, and yes if your house caught on fire and you lost everything I would have to ignore my cheap side and I would give at least 50 dollars! I saw a mom, dad, and two kids all were homeless and it touched me they still had their dad. I was a teen at the time and if I had a house and was older I would give them shelter and have them save up until they can make their way (wrong because they are strangers, but…) Now if you have one orr two jobs and allowing wrong behavior such as adding more humans to a struggling house hold my cheap side over rules (not on purpose). Im not saying that you must be rich or even middle class to have a family, but keep it to one child if you must not….2…3…4…5.. and the worse in the welfare office is 10 :O

I tried my yogurt fast…after going through my packed 5 yogurts I ate regular food since I was out of yogurt! Im feeling desperate. I know what being thin brings not just decent guys, but a body I can do more with in fashion,being able to jump and run super fast, to try new things I was limited to, ect. I maybe making that veggie soup sooner then I think with low cal meals I don’t know!! I know its eat less….really eat less.



1) Visit a womans shelter of abused women and help out there sometimes

2) Get my license and I will!!!

3) Learn to drive

4) (takes deep breath) Go back to college part time for something…I want to go back to Florida 2014 sometime, but refuse to struggle or depend on family like that unless I really….really had to.

5) Baby sit for a few hours for free (I been reading the news and I felt so sad and hurt hearing kids abused (Im anti spanking too) or raped by so called baby sitters its sad that evil, nasty people exist like that! I just want to baby sit for a few hours just once to give a parent or parents a break OR help a elderly person free for a few hours and be company.

6) Try new foods and more so food of India! I will go alone. Everytime i have brought up going someone tells me rude things how they are nasty people or they would never try their food :/ well I will go alone because spices and something new is exciting and kinda cultured.

7) Live in a safe area before heading back to the sunshine state

8) Mastering my fear of math

9) Start going out more when invited no more always saying no.

10) Be a size 4!!!!! Yes I will



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2 Responses to “Goals for 2013”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    Very great goals! Some of them had me smiling and laughing you are silly.

    The best one to me was the fear of math. I suck so much at math. And now I”m working retail and at a register. A customer asked me 30% off something that was 20 something dollars I forget the price. In my head I was like fat chance in hell i’m figuring that out top of my head. I was just like” I’ll price check on the register” …lol.

    I admire your goals to volunteer and help others. I’ve been feeling upset with people cause at work we have a charity program, we ask the customer if they would like to round their purchase up to the nearest dollar to donate the change to charity. This month the charity is going to help end childhood hunger in america. I haven’t had one person say yes yet. We’re not even asking for a whole dollar most of the time its like 20 cents or something. Especially when someone is spending 200 hundred dollars and they dont want to give 20 cents to charity. So reading about your goals to help others refreshed my spirit that has been down cause of these people. I’m glad your so compassionate! I too want to volunteer in cancer treatment centers or children hospitals.

    I think it will be hard, but you can accomplish everything on this list if you stay dedicated and follow a plan that you have been plotting out. Looking forward to following your journey through your blog. Best of luck! 🙂

  2. ebonnie Says:

    To help America you get that many no’s!!! That hurts me a lot because you should try to help home the most yet money is thrown over seas fast and tons of it. I fear math and it is holding me back on any future degree and I could never tutor in it if Im struggling in it. lol smart move price check!!! Customers can be funny that way as if you know right off the bat! Hope things work out well for you there. Its tough, but it pays! Last yes I do want to help others very much so. I feel you can better your world when you do. Just picture it America doing fine then we can help others beyond us without having others right here in need of help.

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