Today I woke up at 262.4 pounds- The millionaire Resident and others.

Today I was thinking back when I worked in the nursing home. You come across the wealthy who can take care of you in over 200 lives off their money alone! One resident stuck out.  She wore her hair short, red lip stick, light blue eyes, a thin figure in her late 80’s. Many thought she was funny based on her behavior. She was blunt too! They use to have this obese resident……………..yes I use to believe that you couldn’t be obese and live to elder-hood HUGE LIE. You can be morbidly obese or obese and still be alive I learned big time! Well this sweet and very heavy resident we will call Miss Flowers. She was sweet, but due to her weight and size she could hardly walk too long, other nurse assistants I found out when giving her a shower would hose the poor woman down meaning barely touching her. She told this to another nurse assistant that some treated her like she couldn’t be touched.

She liked me a lot because I would allow her to have cookies or a thin slice of cake like the other residents. I feel when your super old you should eat as you wish and enjoy the few days or years left on this Earth. Anyway the wealthy resident had a elegant way of talking. She made you understand she was not poor. She married a rich man who did everything for her, bought her anything she wanted ect.

The wealthy resident I will call Miss Jenny. Miss Jenny sat with the other ladies for lunch a nice bunch full of laughter and life. Also Miss flowers too…….long story short Miss Jenny let Miss Flowers know how fat she was and how she needs to be on a diet. I found out they moved Miss Flowers to another table and allowed Miss Jenny to stay there 😦

No matter how old you are old behavior dies hard. I mean I already know when I hit 70 something Im eating as I please and not looking thin for my grandma gown and slippers no way! Pound cakes, bacon and grits, and waffles, everything I want!!!

I was just thinking about Miss Jenny and how three bites of food she would complain how full she is and push her plate away. You couldn’t get her to take another bite!! Somehow she managed to fit in a slice of pie with a serving of ice cream…uh huh…

She even called a nurse assistant fat too!!!

One day she looked at me from her posh sofa just looked at my 300 pound self up and down and looked away as if I ruined her sight. I left quickly I didn’t want to hear from her how large I am….I already know.

Then there was a another resident whose husband owned a very well known company back in the day. She is such a kid at heart and I really liked her a lot! Just plain goofy and told me jokes and shared how she got a inheritance from her uncle when she was in her 20’s he left her 50 grand she said. I said did you save it? She laughed so hard and said NO I spent it really quickly!  She was young and married a older millionaire back in the day. The women residents tend to have married into wealth, the men from education and climbing very high up. Some just had rich kids who were able to afford them to live there….example all three kids are lawyers…yes that helps lol.

When I go into walmart I see people way bigger then me, or same or chubby and the few rare thin. When I use to visit whole foods I saw more thin people. Something to think about. Whole foods is pricey, but if you don’t eat as much you can afford to throw some money there in my opinion.

Today I had a candy bar…230 calories

A can of pepsi….160 calories

One slice of cheese pizza….450ish?

A bowl of cereal….350ish

And a boat load of diet pepsi and cola zero for comfort

A stick of gum 5 calories

Time now is 7:47pm and I weigh at this time 263.2 meaning I should be back at 262 pounds by tomorrow…..come on 250 something!

X-mas is coming soon and at work even us the stock people will have to dress in nice non uniform clothes meaning a dress or causal look!

I have to trim down for that. Not into looking like the great brown bear at work 😦


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7 Responses to “Today I woke up at 262.4 pounds- The millionaire Resident and others.”

  1. tfaswift Says:

    Hi ebonnie. Keeping a food diary like you’re doing is a good idea and one of the number one recommendations by most weight-loss consultants. If you can take photos with your cell phone, you can use that too in order to take a visual record of your food/drinks every day. It helps to look at it, write down all the calories, add things up.

    But, my friend, looking at your food list there, there’s something really obvious. You’re eating food but it has no *nutrients*. Your body will never stop craving food and feeling hungry really fast after you’ve eaten unless you give it nutrients (vitamins and minerals). You can eat a mountain of junk food and feel hungry in an hour because your body doesn’t actually use the food that you gave it. It filled a hole in your stomach for a while, but that’s all. Your body needs vitamins and minerals, and you will be hungry all the time until you give it what it needs.

    If you include the basic healthy stuff into your diet in a good amount, your hunger cravings should subside, e.g. vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, brown rice, eggs, lentils and beans, nuts and seeds.

    Filling up on white flour, cheese, and sugar will just leave you feeling more hungry again quite quickly because it’s kind of like eating cardboard. Your body can’t *use* it. Have you tried making a vegetable soup? It’s really easy.

  2. dietriotgirl Says:

    Girlie, pizza is WAY more calories than that. That was one of my forbidden diet foods. Between the cheese and the grease and the carbs its almost 1,000 calories.

    Reading your blog for the past few weeks has got me thinking about public judgement on appearance. WHile I lost weight I’m still plus size. Now that i got a job in retail, I’ve been thinking alot of the type of judgement I will receive. My management is AMAZING. They look at you in the eye and smile with genuine care and concern. We look around at the employees there and it’s every type of person under the rainbow, skinny, fat, black, white, english speaking, non-english speaking, gay , straight. So i was able to ease the anxiety a little knowing my management doesnt judge and they hired me for me and my qualities. THey gave us a whole presentation how they are remodeling their whole company and are now hiring only the best of the best and people who are happy and friendly and we would of never made it to the first interview if we didnt have all these qualities. But still, management can praise us but when working on floor we arent dealing with management. And my store is located in a popular mall. With lots of schools kids. We are required to dress business casual all the time. I’m still in training in the HR offices and stuff so havent been out on the floor yet but this thinking of public judgement has been on my mind. Usually, I could care less what people think of me. But just being in the mall for the past couple of days I’m seeing how … vocal… the kids can be. Not to me directly but what i see and overhear while on break. Now, our store policy is to be happy and engaged with every single person that walks through the door… how do you maintain that when say a young teen is spitting obscenities in your face? I understand where your coming from about judgement ALOT more now that i have been placed in retail. Luckily, I was placed in the men’s department so men shoppers are little less caddy. The new store policy, everyone is being training in every position, so I will be doing stock, fitting room, floor presentation but i also will be doing customer service and cash register. There new way of running things they want the customer to have their own personal shopper which is why we have to be so attached to a person coming in to shop. I haven’t been placed on a the floor for training yet, but i’m so nervous about it! WHile i don’t care what others think of me i realized it still isn’t a nice feeling to have actually be judged by appearance..

    I understand, how all this thought and energy may never even pass by a person who has been slim. I understand alot of your thought process now. But thinking it all through. Yes it sucks to be judged. But i really and truly don’t care about their opinion. If they dont want to take the time to get to know me, then their opinion has no value. I will not be judging them as soon as they walk through the door. I’m not going to say oh this is a bitch or he is a thief. No. I’m going to approach every person with open eyes and an open heart. We can’t control how people think and feel and act towards us. But we can choose how we act towards them. Maybe, they start off in judging us, and because we choose to act nice back, we can stop them in their tracks just long enough for them to realize them judging is wrong. Well, i can hope right?

  3. ebonnie Says:

    I agree my eating could be better….
    How do you make this veggie soup? Home made would be nice!

  4. tfaswift Says:

    Dear ebonnie, a nice home-made veggie soup is a great meal, and you can make enough to have leftovers. To save time, you can probably buy pre-chopped frozen mixed veggies in the supermarket just for this purpose. It will usually have things like carrot and celery and some other things.

    Lots of people don’t like peeling and chopping onion, and you don’t need to. If you can get leeks, they taste almost the same and way easier and faster to prepare. So just get the following (fresh or frozen):

    1. a leek
    2. a carrot
    3. a stick or two of celery
    4. a small cabbage
    5. frozen peas
    6. tinned tomatoes (pre-chopped if you like)
    7. tinned white beans
    8. dried rosemary
    9. stock cubes – chicken is nice

    So then you just chop anything that’s fresh instead of frozen. Fry the first three things for a few minutes over a gentle heat until it smells good.

    Meanwhile remove 3 or 4 outer leaves from the cabbage and just give them a rough chop. Toss them into the pot.

    Now add your tinned tomatoes, one or two stock cubes, and about half cup of peas. Add some water to make it soupy, however you like it. Bring to the boil and then simmer.

    Add half teaspoon of dried rosemary and then smell it. If it smells good, that’s enough. If it doesn’t smell good, add another half teaspoon.

    Let everything simmer. Get your tin of beans, drain it. Add them to the pot. When the carrot is tender, it’s ready. Add salt and pepper if you need it.

    Sometimes to make it more filling, you can fry or hard-boil a couple of eggs and just add them to your bowl of soup when you serve yourself.

    Let me know if you try it!! 🙂 It’s actually really easy.

    And if you need a really easy recipe for the leftover cabbage, I can give you one. Just let me know. 🙂 All you need is the cabbage, a tin of tomatoes and some peppercorns (whole black pepper).

  5. ebonnie Says:

    I will make that! And will take a photo of it after this mini fast. Its worth a try and sounds like it could be good. Thanks 🙂

  6. tfaswift Says:

    You’re welcome!! I’d love to see your photo! 🙂

  7. ebonnie Says:

    Yes I want to return to posting pictures too and I think that would make a great start.

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