267.4 pounds- And skinny woman watching….kinda like whale watching or bird sight seeing

Since doing my sit ups daily…over 150 today ….and yes Im getting sick of it, but it has made me appear trimmer and Im noticing my stomach kinda forming and it still hangs, but not as before it slightly went up. Had two co-workers say wow your losing weight! Once I hit my 250’s then Im in the zone! Today I ate med. size bread roll with butter for breakfast, lunch yogurt with fruit, and snack two cups of orange juice,dinner a large slice of chocolate cake with coke zero. And its such a strange feeling to have a hard time trying to figure out what do I really want to eat? I understand the effects of prozac will wear off and even self magazine said so many years ago to get on prozac, but understand it won’t last forever!  Im still me, just some what better with food. Im a emotional eater and stress at work would equal a cherry pie eaten all by myself! I still feel the urge to binge, but its like Im stopped and even think do I really want that? And able to walk away….such a strange feeling that I love.

My breakfasts were huge, but mainly small, lunch would always be HUGE, and dinner….its a kings feast! I have not binge for days.


Saw my fantasy guy in his suit he still lives with family, has no education just the high school, but sadly his looks in that suit would win me over. I feel his shy vibes when around him even though he is greatly out going…..when you know you had a large woman like me staring at you for too long from across the store and then realized you noticed and hurried off with a weak hi you too would be shy and appear kinda nervous like too. More so if you always got and went for the thin girl types. Its amazing when your fat you make a party goer, outgoing type a guy shy.

Talk to my former crush and he feels super comfortable around me since Im silly like and talkive with him,today  we talked about our dead beat dads a co-worker pass me by with a sly smile……Im thinking what ever! I learned that my crushes on anyone is just that a feeling that will just vanish because it was not given a chance to grow into something more due to the other party. Just feelings you never take serious.




A natural habit of mines anyway. I like to guess the size, and watch eating habits of strangers who are thin. Like the thin woman seems to order things that are not even that great (I read in the skinny hand book so she won’t over eat on it) or be very into a topic with a group of friends and take a few bites and throw the rest away and no one notices because they were too busy eating and talking themselves. I also like to see the fashion and clothes they pick and think would I wear that? Or thats a little too much or thats flaw less. Even at work I look at clothes and swim suits I would love to fit someday. I notice some skinny women have this strut some walk like they are stomping the ground real hard, others normal, and others like real models. Im working on my sexy walk as well lol. Its very educational to watch skinny woman. Skinny men ….no good plus they burn fat at a faster rate then women so I can’t relate to that. When I see a girl or woman who is pass the 300 pound mark I notice she is alone, the thin ones never and if they happen to be alone guys are checking them out!


My goal sounds decent to me by January first 2013 I want to weigh below 230 pounds.

I have apps for my thighs and stomach, but my back has these serious rolls on them and I need something that will reduce it asap!


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4 Responses to “267.4 pounds- And skinny woman watching….kinda like whale watching or bird sight seeing”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    i think cardio is the best for weight loss all over. When i lost 25 pounds the first thing to go was the back rolls. I didn’t even know i had them. My cousin looked at me and said ” you have one back now!” i was like um how many did i have before? He said three. lol.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    omg would love to have a nice back like that! What cardio you think is best?

  3. dietriotgirl Says:

    When I was in highschool and lost weight the first time ( i’ve always been big but the first time i got skinny was in highschool) my YMCA trainer told me any type of cardio will make you loose weight. Weather its walking, running, using the bike or elliptical machine. I used solely the bike in high school but i did walk alot,… like ALOT being young and never home I walked everywhere and then stood hanging out all night walking around traveling. I was down to 146lbs in high school. Thats without much of a diet too. I was kind of a vegetarian. I only ate seafood and sometimes chicken, no fast fast food though. He told me just getting your heart rate up and staying that way during the work out is how you loose fat. He said it’s useless to try to target weight loss areas specifically when your big. He said once you get the weight down then you can spot train and do exercises tailored to hit specific muscles in the area you want to work on. ANd throughout the years i read online this is great advice. So this summer when i lost weight all i did was alternate between walk/jog and using my exercising bike at home. On my off days of working out I would use a resistant band and dumbbells for upperbody(arms) strengthened. ( everything was at home, being broke and all lol). One thing i did to try to target my back fat area was a squat while holding a dumbbell with both hands in front of me by my chest and turning from side to side.I felt burn in my back fat from doing that!

  4. ebonnie Says:

    146 pounds is a fantasy for me I would take that right now with a huge smile! Thanks for the tips and I will do that squat with weights for my back! I didn’t know you were that active!!

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