My long distance friend getting more male attention, Im back on track 269 pounds,former ride, and new favorite apps to lose inches

Im back and feeling 100 percent better! Tired yes, but looking at the glass half full most of the time.

My friend who recently turned 30 and now losing weight so well that she is noticing more positive male attention.

Not the men who have zero goals, super old with zero goals, just plain ultra ugly, or slang talking men you know would not make a great father figure for any kids you may wish to have!  Even though she is a size 14 now and yes for years struggled like me with her weight and after all these years from a size 20 I believe to now a 14 she is noticing guys checking her out even in check out lines! She even has learned to flirt back with her eyes ( a skill no obese woman should ever do in fear of being laughed at or have the other party feeling greatly insulted), she says wearing color helps and how she always wore black…..I was like here we go.

Its like whats better black clothes or color? The little black dress many women get thumbs up if they happen to be little in it.

I seen gothic girls in all black get great guys and they wear mainly black with a dash of purple. *Again thin gothic girls*

Its kinda like saying blondes are hotter then brunettes and now were hearing that brunettes are hotter. The secret in my opinion and from I notice when a woman loses weight she tends to go blonde( not all women)! So yes thin blondes are hotter then being a obese brunette. Jet black haired women are considered hotter when thin.  Whats annoying kinda is as she loses weight she feels maybe it was this or that. Kinda like the Christian woman who lost over a 100 pounds and now says God is sending her men because she has been so faithful to him (yes true story). Like my long distance friend feels that by going blonde men will pay more attention to her. I feel this way….go blonde as a size 20 or 30 and see if hair color alone will improve the men you get!

As a 14 they notice her and she is no longer invisible. No date offers just they now see her. As a size 10 she may get a date offer. As a 8…she surely will, a 6…SOLD.

She now has the door opened for her, before she could struggle with a lot of things in her arms and try to get the door open and people still kept going! I don’t want to be left behind……..



Before I got sick I was up to 279 in pounds at some point, but felt pretty fast! I got sick drop 8 pounds because I couldn’t eat, plus the throw up and such pretty much caused the rapid weight lose. Since on prozac I can think better because Im no longer eating out of stress and feeling terrible due to where I live. Im able to cope with it and know that someday soon I will be out of here as long as I stick to my budget I will be ok just don’t get comfortable. Today Im 269 in weight. Sadly Im happy to see 260 something again! My golden weight would be to weigh 250 something since I haven’t seen that weight since I was a teen! It would suck to be the obese one still many years later as she shares her dating adventures with me. We both agreed that when thin yes there will be few guys who won’t be interested in us, but the majority will and thats all that matters is we will have better choices. Last we will get better treatment and such compared to now. I mean there are women who admit that yes because I lost x amount of weight I got this favor or that raise last month ect.  At my job we have tons of managers and some who started only two months ago now have higher pay and promotion….when a larger, sweet, manager has been in the same position for years wants to be promoted as well. And men are not the ones who are judging alone its the women too. Like my friend we just want to be respected as humans and treated just like any other person it shouldn’t be based on your size.


Its amazing with my former ride we went from ride buddies and talking and me putting up with her off ways to not even seeing each other maybe 2-5 percent of the day at most mainly to pass by each other…..and its best that it stay this way. Last week I heard her talking to a coworker at work. He was angry that our assistant manager made him do tons of work alone and feel we all should be over here to help. Our assis. manager likes to split us up so when one finishes they can join another person to help. Back then before I got hired and before the old managers departed they would all do one area together then move on together. Anyway he started ranting to my former ride as she was passing by, she then goes on to tell him to go to HR about it thats your best bet (she never gets that sometimes people just want a listening ear) he was like yea, but (he continued to complain about how they are changing everything and she kept saying report on our assist. manager to HR. Me I was working and listening as they went back and forth. Well guess what? Our assist. manager was standing near by listening!!!!!! Me, my former ride and the guy all looked shocked I was shocked from a distance none of us saw her!!! Just think of being caught by your assist. boss that you are trying to report her! The next day we had a meeting by the main boss of what she is doing is right!

So yesterday our assist. manager was to come in later that day, but we still came in at 6am. Make a long story short my former ride came and took my departments buggy ,hid it behind some large stuff, I needed it, a co-worker showed it to me and began to help me get, my former ride was on the computer wasting time told me that when she is done with it she will return it! I told her its almost time for us to go home and I need my buggy now to be able to do my work, she said no!! I stood my ground …the co-worker who was helping me left because she saw how things were getting heated. I then began to move the stuff alone. My former ride got up and said I will do! I said ok. I was going to help her and go upstairs with the buggy she says I will bring it to you in a nasty tone I said Im here and I can take it! I then said you know what Im reporting you to our manager! She said fine report it to him. I stop and thought of last week and other times she upset the assist. manager anjd thought ok I will. SInce she said it like that …..true the guy will talk to us…the end. The female manager she won’t. Today at work my former ride looks at me and says see you got your buggy back with this large smile I wanted to just go away! I said uh huh…in a weak smile. She thought I went to the male manager….

Well our shift was over and she was no longer smiling at me and hurried off. I don’t mind sharing the buggy, but I really had to use it right then. And get this theres a cart near her area, but she won’t touch it because that other co-worker won’t let us near it!! And her tone of voice was uncalled for. It has been since day one working for this company that its her way or no way. She made a guy quit because he thought she was the manager. If I quit she has to go first Im not leaving because of her. I am proud for the first time I stood up to her and didn’t cry later on because I felt power less instead I felt ticked off greatly at her behavior.

Long post right!?

Ok I decided that every little thing counts.

I walk to work and back, I go up and down ladders and stairs sometimes thought out the day. The only thing I noticed is a smaller butt (its still huge) I hope my butt gets way more smaller with time. Having a large butt tends to attract the same attention as if you were obese. Not many men with class and education are racing for large bottom girls maybe rappers, and guys who wanna hit that as they say. A nice shape is ideal for any woman……I just don’t get the ones who get these fake butts to get guys who only see the rear. I get the boob jobs though since some end up married to wealthy men, or just really cute guy who played football in high school and now the locale cop. A natural so called large rear is decent though, to the smaller sporty types.

Anyway I saw no change. My body is now use to walking 30-40 minutes to work (yes found a short cut) and back. Its use to the stairs even though I can hardly breath after three flights. So I turned to these apps and feel and see a difference in my stomach area!!!


1) Burn your fat with me!!!     This app is really for men its a Japanese girl with large eyes and super cute voice tells you (the guy) that you use to be so cool and had energy because well you were trim. So you do sit ups to make her happy. Each sit up I do I press the button and the screen moves closer to her as if the guy in the game did a sit up.She is holding the legs and counts down for you and encourages you to keep going! I love it, but wish they made one for girls. She is well dressed and covered, but lumps in her top reveals she is not flat chested for sure. And when she is ready to do sit ups with you out of no where she is wearing a white t-shirt and it appears to have on panties? After the sit ups she dresses as a youthful nun again. I love this app though and to hear encouraging words makes you push yourself though the pain.

2) Steel Abs A6W

This one is HARD!!! I struggle with it! No joke this could be the one to give me rapid results. I choose this app and the one before because I can do it laying in bed=no excuses.

3) Squats

I just started this one today I need my thighs to be smaller its gross. Each squat I did I could kinda see pretty much why a decent normal guy wouldn’t be after me. Between my legs big large lumps of fat it was a horror. I kept going in hopes of no loose skin….

I have other apps such as a piggy bank, spanish learning and memory helper.

I better prepare for bed now. Tomorrow I hope to be another pound smaller and closer to my goal.

Feb. is around the corner and if I can just lose 20-30 …50? I can at least snag a V-day flirt right?

My favorite site is:

You can enter your weight and height and get girls of that size and height and see yourself though them.

I love to put my height of 5’10 in and go lower and lower and see how with each lower weight the girls just look way more ideal.


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2 Responses to “My long distance friend getting more male attention, Im back on track 269 pounds,former ride, and new favorite apps to lose inches”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    I’m happy and proud to read you stood up for yourself. I think once you gain a little more confidence it will make your life much better and happier.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Me too and recently stood up against my assist. manager….you know how the favorites don’t do as much work, but the others do…well I got that solved and had a normal work day like the favorites aka doing your work only!

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