Midol….Hospital….crazy ward……prozac.

Three days ago my monthly was ending (aka period) bad cramps were over and once a month anyway just for one day…..just one day. I use to take midol the blue box called midol complete, but later on upgraded to midol extended because they are the best!!!!  I take them when my cramps are at its worse! Well midol extended is the greatest as always I thought. I always know when it has gotten into my system, my feet and ankles would feel pain free, I would get this sudden wave of energy where I would work longer! Four days ago I went to Walmart (passing that subway) and went to buy midol extended. Only two boxes left thats how well it works! My inner me was like one box will hold you over….I bought the last two because I felt at the time I didn’t want to return to walmart for more…..now walmart is like my second home, but wasn’t thinking that at the time.

So three days ago 5am something in the morning, I popped two midol pills (which is fine I done so many times before and the box gives the ok). The pills are so tiny, but such wonderful results. I had already ate some of my oatmeal before taking and then after. I felt fine as I headed outdoors in the dark of the night. Half way to work my stomach felt odd…..my silly self thought wow me nor my stomach cares for oatmeal!

Long story short….between 8am-9am I had the serious runs! I didn’t understand why the sudden runs? It was gross and just plain eww!

At 10am as I then felt so weak I wanted to faint. Had three different managers asking me could I help them in their department I did my best to fake it and was like um sure if I can ….yea Im there!!! I knew I was feeling bad when out of nowhere broke out in a sweat, I sat in the break room and curled up in a fetus position in one of the plush chairs, alll that was on my mind was I wanna go home….home…bed….use of my toilet…then I felt strange desires to throw up. Two of my co-workers were in there and they thought I was joking or felt sick because of the extreme work load were getting soon that day. I told them why would I joke like this? And if anyone notice I don’t like my breaks in the break room I like to sit out in the mall, I done two truck loads worth of work in the past and my body never done this, and I don’t call out!!!!! One co-worker said that if I leave it would be unfair for the rest of us to have to do our large work load and somehow do yours too. I said well thats team work our managers said we have to pull together. He then says thats bull and he wanted to tell them that because he hardly gets help himself! I said if they call you up to do my work you know what happened.

Break is 10 minutes,but I stayed for 20 I was just too weak to move. I walked slowly back to my work area holding my stomach and thought to myself look at all this work I do and all the people I help here….being sick it seemed impossible, but at the same time had to be impressed with myself that Im able to handle three departments at times even though one is not mines. I tried to pick up a light shirt and it was heavy!!!!!!!  I never felt that weak in my life…..midol extended 12 hours had ruined me for the first time.

Lunch break I threw up three times….women rushed out of there quick not wanting to hear me. I got advice from HR and she told me to try to eat……I knew I was sick it was 11:30ish-am and I didn’t eat yet. I tried and spit it out. My body was rejecting things and I felt I was forcing more in it. I really tried to eat and I did sip some water, but made me feel so nauseated. At 12pm it was pointless for me to stay at work. I told HR and manager I have to leave. I couldn’t even make it to clock out. I told customer service to please help me I can’t walk all the way over there to clock out just please. Against the rules, they allowed me to clock out there.

I sat down, walked out, sat back down, walked…..I then got to the bus shuttle just in time and got home and got into bed quickly.

In one day I lost 8 pounds.  Was it worth it? Deep down yes, but NO!!!! I would never want to go through that again!

All night I thought I was going to die. I thought how I never exp any guy saying he loved me, never had A child, always saw the glass half empty, how some people shouldn’t be in my life,my family.

The next day it took me four hours to get ready to go to the hospital because I was still very weak, but felt a slight improvement.

It took by train and bus a hour and a half to get to the hospital.

I then went to check in and told her Im here for midol side effects and I been waiting in line and feel Im going to fall over the more I stand.

I also told her since Im here I want pills for depression. She said Im suppose to be here for one thing, but she will allow the two.

I went to the back with a RN (talk about fast service  which is not known for this hospital) she took my vitals and everything was great.

Told her how I vomit, felt weak, and I took midol…..

She looks at me and said we need to deal with your depression first, I said but….but…my stomach would be more ideal.

She said well lets deal with your depression first. She makes a quick phone call and she said to follow her….

I then follow and I started feeling real nervous because Im not crazy! I saw too many white walls, white floors….

She then shows me to someone who looks like my fathers mother, neck length natural hair, dark skin, and sounded educated, and a friendly look to her.

She then talks to the RN and I break their convo saying wait a minute!!! Is this the crazy place?????

Are you guys trying to put me in a straight jacket?! Im not off I just know whats going on with me :/

The doctor looks at the RN and says wow she speaks so well! She knows where she is, this is rare….blah..blah.

The lady at the window asks for my name I said my name is ___________she ignores me…doctor repeats what I said and then the lady at the window says ok thank you. I said huh?

I was asked do I feel like killing myself or others? I said no….didn’t mention with food it is pretty much killing myself slowly, but I knew where I was.

I was then checked, had my stuff taken away and my shoes and was given hospital socks I felt ripped away of everything even my keys and money!

No cell phone and I said what will I have in there? Tv and a couple of magazines.

I was asked by five different people who brought me here? I said I came here to the hospital for help well for my stomach first. They were all shocked since one said people are forced here.

I was like ok I have to go! I then stopped. I have no insurance if I leave then no help. I feel terrible all the time and yes due to where Im living, my weight, never having a boyfriend, and not making the right amount of money…yes im sad or a worser term depressed about it. I told them all of that and how its hard to cope. I even mentioned my binge eating how I have eaten so much in the past that even when full I was upset I couldn’t fit more (yes really) There were only me and four others (four other real crazy people) One felt the government was out to drug him, a talkive skinny lady  talked to others and herself…I made sure she got the cold shoulder not to talk to me (sorry).

A big overweight black dude two hours of sitting and reading on the 3rd magazine comes up to me and ask do I wanna play checkers with him? His slangish accent, and serious tattoos, told me yes he is being paid to ask me do I wanna play checkers with him. Kinda like a rapper asking oprah to play checkers with her type moment. I had to laugh and went right back to reading.

Then the three guys tried to bother me and get me to be their joke like they done with the other four. Got them to look stupid (not their fault really) they said whats your name? I said ______, and went right back to reading. Over time my stomach was feeling like it was running its course. I saw flaws since I did study psychology, and mental health ect. they were not suppose to tease these people anything could of happened to them or others. They were Nurse assistants the guys and girls should know better.

Once the other doctor came a guy with glasses, spiked blonde hair, and grey scrubs came out he looked at me and told me to come in the private room. Asked me why Im I here? I shouldn’t be in here. Him and the others have declared me normal. I told him Im fine I just came for stomach problems, but since Im here wanted to see if I could get something like prozac? I told him Im having some hard times, and I just want to be myself again who Im suppose to be, and I can’t return to college unless I feel more positive and feel better. I told him all my plans of business and nursing and maybe psychology.

How I type is horrible, but when I spoke of passion of my goals and how I am in need of some help. One was shocked how I pretty much diagnosed myself.

I came in with them thinking I was crazy and was brought here by family or some kind stranger. I left with them feeling comfortable enough for them to be alone with me knowing I wouldn’t randomly attack them and relate to them on a normal level.

I was there for 5 hours….after 5 hours I did demand to speak to who was in charge. They said Im in lock down and after the nurse finnish up my papers…

well after I said im here against my will? I rather leave with no help then to stay here any longer which is making any depressed feelings I do have increased!

Yup they got me out of there asap after. I was in no danger to the people on the outside world, so why not?

I may even get free mental health insurance…..which is sad because if I had a stroke or something free is nowhere. If Im depressed, or anything related, or hearing voices saying to harm others its free? I don’t know I feel all Americans should have at least free health care at least 5 times a year? Anything!

I didn’t want to stay at the hospital another five hours for my stomach problems. I left and went to Kroger to get my pills and anti-runs pills and hoped for the best. Next day went to work had stomach shooting pains and had the runs, but still carried on. Today I can say Im 95% cured with slight stomach pains here and there.

I hope prozac helps aide me in my emotions because if Im not happy….then its time for food.

I won’t need it once…

1) I have a boyfriend for the first time in my life

2) Better pay

3) Back in college and passing

4) Safer area to live

5) Driving

6) At least a size 6 and under…under….

I missed a day of work….will see it in my paycheck, but I had to take off for the hospital.

Went to a ward and was told I was suppose to go there(A different area of the hospital far from the ward) for my problem since its so light (no kidding) and I told him Im never coming in a ward again!

My co-worker (another one) was glad to see me back she had to do my ton load of work and hers and …well least she saw my average day is like!


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2 Responses to “Midol….Hospital….crazy ward……prozac.”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    Oh my. Well I am glad you are okay. So was it an overdose of midol, your body going into shock?

    When i was reading this I thought you it sounded like a really bad stomach bug. Either way, glad you are feeling better.

    Be very careful with the Prozac love. Alot of anti-depressants have the side affects to worsen your depression. The put my hubby on it that stuff when he first was diagnosed with cancer and he was having a hard time coping with being sick. His doctor tried several different ones but we always ended up flushing the pills down the toilet. I don’t mean to discourage you or devalue these pills. Just want you to be aware of signs and symptoms so you will be okay.

    I actually highly recommend prescription medication to alot of people. Sometimes we need a chemical …push… to help us get control of our emotions and mind. Medicine is there for a reason, we can use it … it is there to help us. Just be real aware of yourself and your emotions. Be safe!

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Not a over dose thank goodness I think that would kill me! I agree with you pills are not for everyone…..and really Im against them….just got desperate.

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