Atkins is over,new diet tomorrow…..and why a loved one should never be in a nursing home.

Atkins…… doesn’t work…but then it works.

On atkins the first two days I had really bad headaches I understood that its due to the lack of sugar. After two days I would get mini headaches that vanished until I had no more.

Odd thing is it worked where I didn’t care about the red and blue voters donuts. I didn’t need Obama or Romney donuts and a tall mountain dew anymore either. Such a strange feeling!

I proved it by buying three donuts and I end up throwing most of it out. I am now free from the donuts thanks to Atkins low carb.  I did feel weak on Atkins on and off maybe sugar gave me energy?

After Atkins was over I tried to find foods that gave me a temp. high and made me feel fulfilled. COULD NOT FIND IT, even in my beloved favorite the pizza. Atkins pretty much shut out a lot of favorites for me its like wow this is what I wasted my money on these donuts? Taste gross with so much cream filling now. The pizza not as exciting to my mouth. It was like I should have stayed on atkins, but the weak feeling and to be honest I couldn’t take another bite of eggs and beef and other animal related food. I kept thinking of how many poor animals Im eating. I may end up a future vegan, but I can’t give up cheese, and sour cream. The only thing that helped me get through another  day was the low carb shakes that were very good!

I also noticed my heart racing only at night and after I googled it others on Atkins complained about the same thing. As long as Im losing weight and still alive I didn’t mind the fast heart rate.

Really I could of stayed on it and just ate jello with whip cream,and shakes are $$$$,so…..well….yes that plan is over.

I did this plan when I was 16 or 17 years old.

I thought about how people who get surgery to make their stomaches smaller so they can’t eat much food=weight loss.

They say they tried everything…which is true, but fail to mention that like me we tried, but fail or get off track with the diet due to the eating disorder.

Another thing many are told to lose x amount of weight before having the surgery…..I never understood that part. You tried every diet and say they don’t work, but somehow lost the 40 pounds for surgery?

I knew people and heard of people having it and they either get back to being huge because its still a disorder that you have to mentally heal as well. Its like adding fat to an anorexic doesn’t mean he/she is cured. Yet some (not many) stay a healthy weight at the end. With that in mind as a teen I said Im going to pretend I had the surgery and a bowl (any med size) will be the size of my new stomach.

I cooked one bowl of oatmeal (really two-three servings of oatmeal), I added raisins as well and maybe a banana. Through out the day I would eat from it here and there…..also I did 6 hours of walk/jog in the back yard… four days I lost 19 pounds. I was morbidly obese as a teen and at the time of the diet I didn’t work, no school, so I had time and my feet didn’t hurt. I was walking and jogging for my size. To a normal person my walk/jog may appear more of a slow walk then normal pace walking thats the best I could do….still at that level if not worst.

So its really just eating once a day….yes its going to be hard and no I won’t be exercising for 6 hours (no it was never 6 hours straight it was a hour here, 30 minutes there…another hour), I got bananas, two large things of oatmeal, frozen berries and raisins and sugar will be added with almond milk the bowl should be 500-at most 650 calories I will find out tomorrow.

I mean February is around the corner I wish to have at least some form of male in my life, even if I can get a flirt by someone sane looking and decent that would make my day! I feel a 100 pound weight loss is possible by then.

So yes eating one bowl of oatmeal a day with fruit is the new thing.

I got what I need and I wish to stay strong on this plan because my monthly food bill would be at most 40 a month! I shouldn’t be looking,but at walmart most customers are in scooters and obese, walking and obese, both men and women. The rare slim ones stand out the most thanks to us 😦


I worked in three and for now Im done unless going part time or private duty.

I worked with many who are older and few young nurse assistants better known as Cna’s.

Many have been in it for years and years.

1) Nursing homes remind me of a death cow farm. You know where cows are lined up until killed and sold for their meat. The elderly are put in these small rooms or have roommates in these nursing homes to cut the cost for their families. Larger rooms exist, but loved ones sometimes feel well why do they need all that space for just to stare at a tv or what not? That large space makes it more like home thats why.

2) You can’t expect them to watch your love one so close if you can’t do so yourself with just them alone. Sad part is each nursing assistant have 8-10 people to care for on their own.  Just because your dad or mom or grandma puts their light on doesn’t mean we or any cna will be there instantly because were likely helping someone elses mom or dad, grandpa or grandma to the bathroom, or helping them dress ect. And just because you pop up and see your loved one clean and room tidy the nurses sometimes say so and so will be here at such and such time, so that cna tries to hurry and get them prepared and off to rush to help others.

3)If your love one is complaining no one answers their light its because 1) The cna is very busy and heres another problem everywhere nurses claim they are busy, but we are their assistants yet they never help us many nurses are lazy…so fyi if your curious how your mom and dad really doing the cna knows more then the nurse about their behavior, likes and dislikes, wishes ect. 2) A lot of residents what some call light happy will pull the light because they want company really bad. It breaks my heart because I told one I wish I could sit with her and enjoy her company,but I can’t (because other lights are on too) worse when family doesn’t visit them maybe only on Hoildays….you would be desperate for human contact too not just to get you ready for bed,bathroom,shower, and back to bed 😦

4)Try to be understanding that your love one is not always right. I have heard some residents say they were abused and even with cameras in their rooms many discovered they have lied, I have heard of some lying that someone stole a eye drop…yes a drop of their eye drops from them, or they have been raped when proof that shows that nurse was not near that resident. Yes bad things happen to residents and its a terrible act, but also a terrible act to have someone risk losing their license over a lie. I had a resident lie to me and tell me my ex coworker who was 76 years old watched porn in front of her….when her tv only had three channels and wasn’t working before. And if you have to move your loved one from one nursing home to another and another and so on that means its your love one not the people.

5) I understand being natural is the rage and may feel like the right thing to do, but not for those working with your loved one. Many family members have their love ones on meds, but once they put them in a nursing home its time they feel its best they go natural….meaning go crazy for and add more work to the cna. I had one resident who said he went on a mission for Jesus in Japan, and came back crazy and not sure why. He wouldn’t sit down and was a fall risk! I was trying to save him so many times that I decided I no longer wanted to work with him….he went though many home health aides and comapanies.

6) Many cnas are not innocent either, we are getting paid low to do alot of work from using a hoyer lift, risk being hit at by a resident or spit on. Trying to hurry and do charting, and clean so and so, drama exist between cnas and your love ones know it and can be stressful. Many cnas try to throw their work on another cna and when she doesn’t want to and can’t do their work due to her work they call her lazy. happened to me…happened to another…happened to another ect. Its a cycle and the ones who call you lazy then become called lazy by another by another cna. many of these cnas I notice are taking care of men just to have one, some are single mothers, some are just a hot mess, few are decent. working in a nursing home was hard for me because many residents would say to each other that Im good and ask so and so meaning me…..problem was I then had all 20 something residents seeking me out for help because I listened. The other cnas were ignoring them. Example a huge issue which is annoying. The menu never changes much if you had hamburger then trust me you will be having beef stew tomorrow nursing homes don’t waste food. A resident will order what they want for the day, but see for example Miss Fiona with something that appears better…………the cnas would not go running to get you what miss Fiona has ,but I did. I would do what these residents wanted alone until I was getting close to quit because the other cnas didn’t care. I then got talked to by the lvn of why Im I always going to the kitchen….yup they thought I had a crush on the toothless, drug using (yes he got fired), beer breath,mini me man and thats why I went….no was for the residents.

7) Stop seeing the nurse as the best….again cnas do all the work and I have heard of cnas doing tube feeding which is a huge no no the cna and nurse could lose their license!!! Nurses feel they do a lot, but ask any cna they are really the back bones of the place.

8) each nursing home has a death floor meaning when you hear that they need to move your love one to maybe upstairs…………thats where they get more help and the nurse feels they can no longer be assisted like before. That floor it seems people look half dead 😦  To prevent this encourage your love one to try to do things on their own with help of course. Some residents seem to give up once in a nursing home and won’t even pull the light and just poo on themselves anyway with a smile!

In my opinion people should keep their love ones home they seem to live longer that way and are happier of course! Hire a private duty and please don’t go based on references they are pointless. Just because you go to church, or your boss says you were great doesn’t really prove how great they will be to your love one. Do a background check, see if they have Facebook and what type of pictures do they have there? Middle finger up in the picture? Or anything that hints to their traits? Yes people do curse, but if they post a picture of it thats pretty bold. Pictures out with friends, or doing a hobby or even a model pose in a black or red dress isn’t bad. After that tell the new hired private duty person that you just need 1-3 weeks of their services which is really a trail period and ask your loved one did they feel comfortable with them, ect. if they say yes then ask her/him would they like to continue working for them and you feel its a good idea to keep them home!

Have more then one private duty 2-3 private duty if you need someone around the clock just in case your new hire needs time off.

Please pay decent. Its talked about how even on craigslist we see your ads saying 8 a hour or 10, but you want us to be the chef, the one who dresses them, showers, do hair, dental care, some need hoyer lift help and are very heavy, or worse you have two parents and want to pay the price of one, driver, and many aging people have a alot problems that require special care and we may have to change your love one over 7 times a day if they can no longer use a toilet.  Sounds easy in words, but there is a reason why you almost had them in a nursing home. Min pay is 15 a hour highest I believe it said 20. Same with baby sitters I never been one, but I seen ads from different sites and paper saying for example I saw : 4 kids ones a infant, all very active so need a active high on energy person to take them to school, pick them up, cook for the family break, lunch, and dinner, take them to their doctor apps. and after school fun, help with home work…….no pay, but free board….and yes they reposted and I wish them the best!

I know money maybe a issue, but a lot of times we have seen a 10,000 center piece on the table, but oddly the help gets min wage to okish never decent.

Make sure to tell us about their favorite topics, what they did growing up ect…this helps us get to know them better.

Other then tv and cross words what else can we do for fun with your love one to kill the boredom and let them have a good time?

If you have to put them in a nursing home………….(private duites are cheaper even with 15 a hour, but if you must..)

1) Make sure their room is a decent good size and not shared

2) Make sure that two cnas will be on a hall each, so your love one will have better care then just one cna per hall. Just because the place charges you several thousands a month and promise to wheel your love one to sunday services doesn’t mean its going to be great….trust me.

3) Encourage your love one that life is not over and to try their best here.

4) Take them home for the Holidays its such a sad sight to see the few left to count down the new years with us or alone in their rooms , x-mas just as bad. I mean they live in the nursing home it won’t hurt to spend some time with them even just half the day! Also try to visit more then once a month.

5) Make sure they are not being abused or mistreated in anyway! Some cnas both male and female will take out stress on them or just get fed up!

6) Its ok to talk to the nurse, but the nurse will have a cna do her duties a lot of times…..ask the cna of the floor for honest answers and never say she said such and such! I have seen cnas who wanted to tell the family something, but feared that family member will threat a law suit and say cna emily for example said…….yup you just cost her losing her job. I have heard a cna tell me she told state and the family a cna was beating on their mother……….well state came and guess what she lost her job and so did many other cnas because state kept coming a lot after she told. They laid every cna off so state stop coming once they hired new people. So now if she sees abuse she said she won’t report it because she has two kids to raise alone.

So new diet starts tomorrow, me and my mom still didn’t call each other, and tomorrow Im heading to class to get that darn license!


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7 Responses to “Atkins is over,new diet tomorrow…..and why a loved one should never be in a nursing home.”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    Nursing homes are so dreadful. I hated them. My dad had to spend time in one as a rehabilitation place after he got sick. Then again when he needed iv meds daily. I look at them as a last choice place..when you need medical care that just cant be given at home.

    I hope you get to class to complete your training to get your license! Sorry to hear atkins didnt work. Hopefully you find a diet that works for you.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    True forgot about that! Since he needed that it was best he went to a nursing home. I hate them myself many cnas say this too that its like they try to get as many aging people in there to get as much money as possible, but don’t hire enough staff to handle all the needs of everyone. Yes I can’t give up…I want to, but can’t.

  3. tfaswift Says:

    ebonnie, I agree Atkins is really heavy on meat. But there’s a huge kingdom of vegetables out there and me and my husband eat them, and we are thin. We just don’t eat much white potato, but we eat loads of other veggies. Even eating veggies with some cheese or sour cream is ok, and you will still lose weight.

    The really high carb things are basically wheat (including pasta and pizza), white potato, sugar. Lentils and beans are FINE. You will lose weight. Rice is FINE. We eat lots of rice. Look at all those Chinese and Japanese people – they’re all skinny (until they move to the States and start eating hamburgers and pizza). But back in their home country where they eat lots of rice with some vegetables, prawns, fish and a bit of meat, they are all skinny. I had an electric rice cooker my whole life because I grew up in Hong Kong. Most important thing in my kitchen! More important than microwave!! LOL.

    There’s a great cookbook called River Cottage Veg which is full of recipes which do include cheese and sour cream etc., and you are guaranteed to lose weight with that book. The author was a serious carnivore before he wrote it, and then he went vegetarian for about a year so he could experience it and write the book for real, like a real vegetarian, and many of the recipes have dairy but he lost a bunch of weight while he was inventing all those recipes and eating them.

    Some of them are really fast and easy, and oh my goodness, I never knew vegetarian food could be so delicious. I use that book all the time to cook for my husband. He loves it so much that he nags me if I don’t cook those recipes.

  4. ebonnie Says:

    Yes obese asians exist!!! I recall men would say a lot of times asian women were ideal due to their size,but now I seen some who are obese people sadly mistaken them for Mexicans because somehow asians can never be fat :/ I don’t understand though so rice is ok, but not the wonderful potatoes? So you and your husband are vegans?

  5. tfaswift Says:

    Hi ebonnie, it’s like I said about the Asians, they get fat mostly after they move to America or England and start eating all the junk food. But back in their home countries (I grew up in Hong Kong/Taiwan), they are slim.

    No, we’re not vegans. What we do is eat meat twice a week and fish once a week, and all other meals are plant based. So out of 21 main meals in a week, 18 have no meat (flesh) of any kind. Sometimes we have egg, or a little bit of cheese in a salad, or sprinkle some Parmesan, or some yogurt with fruit.

    We drink only plain water, or tea with a little milk and no sugar. We don’t ever drink sodas or sweetened drinks. We don’t drink milk-drinks. We both stopped drinking alcohol one year ago. We don’t eat junk food. We mostly eat at home due to food outside being expensive and usually unhealthy.

    I’ve always had a strict rule – no junk food allowed in the house ever. Never ever. So even before, when I used to eat chocolate sometimes or some cookies or cake, I would never buy those things in the supermarket and bring them home. Because if they were in the house, I would eat them too much. So I could only eat those things if I went out, never sitting in front of the TV for example. That makes a big difference and I think it’s why I was always slim even when I did still eat some junk food. Bringing that stuff home is too tempting.

    So that’s how we eat. I kept a photo-food journal for about a week and I keep thinking I should upload it to my blog. I worry though that people will think I’m showing off “Oh look at my super-healthy diet” but I’m not showing off, it’s just for sharing some ideas about eating. I don’t expect many people to be as extreme about their health as we are. I wasn’t always like this. It’s been one year now, but I like the improvements so I will keep it like this. 🙂

    Yes, I know the potato is like the queen of western food and meat is the king. And bread is the mistress! LOL. Something like that. The fact is, potatoes are a type of carb that gets rapidly converted to fat. Rice is a mix of carb and protein and is more slow to turn into fat so you have a better chance to burn it off during the day, just by walking around or doing housework or anything.

    But the proof is in the countries – wherever rice is the main starch, those people are mostly thin. Wherever potatoes and bread are the main starch, those people are mostly overweight.

    Sometimes if you want something bad enough, you just gotta make a change. A very simple change. An electric rice cooker. Best and most important appliance in my kitchen! 🙂

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