3rd day on Atkins and my friend getting male attention….

On Atkins its been said you can eat as many low carb items as you want until satisfied as so said the book, but based on that alone thats pretty much 10 pounds of cheese, a pound of sour cream….and so on. On the introduction stage your only allowed 20 carbs….well failed that day one with 42 carbs and I even counted calories of 2020! Yet woke up 3 pounds smaller and boy was I excited!!!! Im like 3 pounds a day would be heaven even two or one I would take what I can get! starting atkins I was 276.4 pounds 😦

The next day was 273.6 (Yes highly excited!)

Today 274.2 😦 Im like I didn’t change anything and even though Im not a fan of meat products (mainly the sour cream and cheese) I still ate it and yes may have went over 20 carbs, so why not be another 3 pounds again today? After some research on google.com I read its just water weight I lost and its normal to gain a pound back or two after on atkins. Another creepy thing I noticed online was many lose one pound a week or none the next week some even gained 5 pounds!!!! I was like whooooo…..so Im giving up sweet political debate red and blue donuts and a tall mountin dewS to lose maybe a pound or two a month maybe????? Everyday Im self talking myself out of seven 11, and yes Im shocked Im not craving the sweets as bad like on day one, but still desire the texture and taste and the sugar.


Me and my mom got into it yesterday (through texting) over my sister and to make that very long story short shes the favorite. Yes she is smarter then me, 19 and passing college, can learn faster, but have put the family through alot of hell and sadness as a teen yet the favorite. Great grandma bought her a car…..me nope but least my great gave me 100 dollars for my b-day, she also got her a new computer, clothes. My nana who never would allow me to practice driving her car allowed her to, and the brand new car…wrecked, and she gets tickets more then 4 times….yet I never got a chance. She use to bad mouth my mom when she was a teen yet my mom is more likely to stick up for her first….so yesterday told my mom I had enough Im never texting or talking to her again. We then said some awful things I tried to explain to her I wasn’t talking bad about my sister to my aunt her sister all I did is say they are both outgoing I was trying to talk about family in general and how I wish we were all close including my aunts. She wouldn’t listen or care to, hung up on me and then our text rage began. I do recall saying how I wish she learned how to hang up on men like she can with me and our lives wouldn’t have been so terrible then she brings up something that happen to me as a toddler in day care and called me a dyke yup toddlers have full control over what happens to them just glad I don’t remember any of it! Not all men are evil just appears so when you been done badly by one when so young, then the ex step dads, and just because I have not dated one because of fear of men doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to be with one the whole reason for my weight loss then health purposes.

……anyway I almost called pizza hut and the nearest ice cream place! I was so close until I reminded myself I had spent 80 dollars for atkins plus 15 something for the shakes. Maybe things do happen for a reason, I need to be in Texas to learn more about me and have freedom without stict expections from family who do things they don’t want you to do. Im going to stay on Atkins and give it a chance if by Oct. 31st Im not at least in my 260s Im getting off and back to the drawing board. I will not stay on a diet plan to lose two pounds or nothing a month. I want a decent guy by next year and marriage by 2016 or 2017. My friend I known her for 5 years we were both size 20 something women. I liked her alot because she had standards and not into settling for less due to her size…..well she is a size 16 and those are feeling loose (her jeans) and now guys are talking to her more then they would as a size 24 like I am still. They at least look at her, but we both known when she gets a size 8 its game over and her future husband is around the corner! A size 6 and under we notice thats the ideal size to get your ideal guy.

*Family man who would love his kids *Love you (as long as you don’t gain) *Educated (Im trying to get there myself!) *Romantic! (meaning dinner dates, walks in the park, trying new things no longer seeing my fat self as a quick lay) Oct. 31 its over on atkins I should make it the 27th since at work they are hosting a cookie bake sale for charity…..but I will wait.


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14 Responses to “3rd day on Atkins and my friend getting male attention….”

  1. Lakeisha Says:

    We are in the same boat. I started Atkins at 276 and lost 18 lbs my first week and then got stuck. So I had to try something else. My highest weight was 291 and now Im down to 237. So very hard. I relate to you so much because a lot of what you are going through I am also going through right now. I hope the best for you and let me know if you need a buddy or a friend to talk to. HUGS

  2. ebonnie Says:

    I was impressed the first week 18 pounds!!!! Thats amazing! I kept researching and at some point pro atkin people pretty much blame you if your not losing weight. They then tell you to count calories as well and carbs when Dr. Atkins said count carbs. I think atkins is short term…it can be long term if your willing to be on a couple of years strict. Yes it is hard to lose weight when you have a lot going on before and now, but I will keep you mind and stay in touch 🙂 I will see for updates on you as well.
    People tend to get the false idea larger people are not trying hard enough. I have a disorder and just like we don’t expect a anorexic to heal over night (many end up dead) no one shouldn’t expect us to be perfect either. **HUGS* * back.

  3. dietriotgirl Says:

    Plus everyone is different. What works for one’s person body wont work for another person. But one thing is true… EVERYONE plateaus. What that means is your body gets used to the diet/calories/exercise level. THe same way the first week of a new diet is usually the best cause its a drastic change in food( usually healthier and lesser calories) and rise in activity level( working out). The opposite happens with a plateau. The new healthy diet and work out routine is your body’s new plan. You’ll have to change/adjust the diet and work out to loose weight again. Loosing water weight is a good thing so don’t get discouraged about that. You’ll notice your feet wont hurt as much! And your joints wont be so achy. It’s natural for your body to regulate up and down a few pounds. I read once its normal to be in a 10 pound radius. But, try it out and then at the end of the month try something new or something different. Good luck!

  4. onmywaytohealth Says:

    I am doing my own variation of Atkins and what works for me is eating mostly proteins and veggies and saving the dairy for one meal a day or having a cheese stick (or 2) for a snack(s). In the beginning stages of Atkins, you are only supposed to have no more than 3oz of cheese per day.

    Example sample menu:
    Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with onions and peppers and 3 strips of bacon or sausage
    Snack: Cheese stick or 1 serving of almonds
    Lunch: Summer sausage slices with raw green beans or some other veggies of choice
    Snack: Cheese stick or veggies
    Dinner: Grilled chicken (or meat of choice) and cooked or raw veggies or salad

    Drink lots of water and try to stay away from soda or diet drinks. Even though they are “low carb, sugar free” they still made my weight loss slow. When I cut those out, I lost weight a lot faster!

  5. tfaswift Says:

    ebonnie, you’re doing great. That cookie thing at work is nothing and you are stronger than that. Especially if you stay off the sugar now, it becomes less attractive. I used to have sugar in my tea (like 5 or 6 cups a day) PLUS chocolate almost every day. I just quit cold turkey because I was worried about diabetes. For about a week, I was missing it like crazy, and then nothing. It just stopped.

    Now I stand at the checkout counter in the supermarkets where they always have the chocolates lined up to tempt you, and I stare at them and it’s like I’m staring at eggs or lettuce or mustard. I feel nothing and they are powerless. Your body will adjust.

    That cookie thing is a great proof of your strength, as long as you eat a filling Atkins meal before you go so that you are not hungry. The cookie is just a stupid little thing that is powerless over you. You are strong and doing great.

    Plus, weight loss is always a bit bumpy with the numbers jumping up and down slightly. Three months is more realistic than one. It’s the *overall* result which is important, not so much a couple of pounds this day or that day. If you weigh yourself after you just eat a meal, you will be weighing yourself *plus* the food you just ate. If you weigh yourself after going to the bathroom, you will weigh slightly less than you did 10 minutes ago. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true. A big drink of water (zero calories) can add weight on the scales. If you give it three months, and you defy the cookie temptation, and prove your POWER, you WILL lose weight. Well done!!! 🙂

  6. ebonnie Says:

    Nice new pic!!!! I like your atkins way better then eating so much meat its good to add more veggies and oddly yes some say the diet coke slowed them down….thats odd, but could be the problem since I drink alot to cope with no carbs

  7. ebonnie Says:

    True I don’t crave the red or blue donuts anymore even though I wouldn’t mind one. I agree with you sugar is not my life so extreme even after atkins it wouldn’t. Diabetes is no fun it seems I know some who have it both over weight and normal weight. Eating just a apple raised ones sugar up too high! Im like how can you live in fear of a simple apple? Water oddly adds on the pounds quickly! And your right its just a cookie such a small treat I shoudn’t give it so much power.

  8. tfaswift Says:

    It’s interesting that you say “I shouldn’t give it [cookie] so much power.” By saying that, you acknowledge your own power. You have the ULTIMATE power: to give or remove power from foods. So you are in control.

    You can use your own Power to give power to the foods you choose, and remove it from the foods which are your enemy. Just like you said, it’s your choice where you give the power. You’ve got your unconscious mind on board with you now. It is a mighty powerful ally.

    Water retention is a common problem associated with being overweight. The reason is because certain foods make your body hang onto that water. Let those foods go, and you’ll find yourself running to the bathroom a lot as the water comes out of your cells and passes out of your body. Rapid weight loss.

    Drinking water is good. It’s the wrong foods which make your body *store* it. With the right foods, the water will keep you hydrated, has zero calories, and will pass straight through instead of being stored as extra weight.

    So what are the foods which make you hold onto water? There’s a book called the Waterfall Diet. That explains everything. You can wee off a bunch of pounds by following that diet. My husband did it. He was running to the bathroom every half an hour. It was a bit inconvenient at work, but worth it. The pounds just fell off him. And he never stopped drinking water; he just stopped his body from hoarding it.

    I know you’re on Atkins already. Another diet book might be too much right now. I’m just mentioning it in case you’re interested at some point to shed the extra water.

    You’re doing great. 🙂

  9. ebonnie Says:

    Came from walmart not long ago and a cookie I didn’t touch. The brownies look dull, but fun to look at…not to eat. I went to amazon.com and I read bad reviews first lol and some said the food in the book doesn’t exist in America. I did more google research and we can get something like it food wise. After reading it….I don’t know how your husband was able to stay on that diet that seemed like strong will power!!!!! I believe I do have water retention my ankles are always kinda swallon looking….or is that fat?

  10. tfaswift Says:

    Dear Ebonnie, WELL DONE for resisting the cookies and other crap! LOL. REALLY WELL DONE!!!! 🙂

    So the book got bad reviews, huh? Oh well, I don’t know. I just know that my husband did it, and yes, it was hard, but he lost a lot of weight. And we know it was from water retention because he kept going to the bathroom all the time, way more than normal.

    It wasn’t really what he was supposed to eat, from what I recall, it was to *stop* eating certain things. Wheat was a big one if I recall correctly. He quit bread and he still doesn’t eat any wheat (bread, pasta, pizza etc), but that fits in with Atkins too because it’s all carbs.

    And I think he also cut way back on dairy products too. He still keeps the dairy low with just some natural yogurt sometimes and milk in his tea. But he doesn’t have lots of cheese or sour cream etc. But maybe if you are already low on wheat, that will help you to shed some water. I seem to recall that was one of the big things on the list that makes you hold water.

    The test to know if you are retaining water is to poke your lower leg with one finger and then see if it leaves an indentation for a couple of seconds before it puffs up again. If it does, then that’s water trapped in there.

    That will come out naturally in the bathroom as your eating habits become more healthy, so you can trust water. I drink 2 litres a day and I’m skinny. It’s certain kinds of food that make you hold the water, not the water itself. It’ll start to release from your cells soon. You’ll know it when you start going to the bathroom more often.

    Anyway, BRILLIANT for your power today!! Yay! You are on the path now, ebonnie. You are on your way now to your dreams come true! 🙂

  11. ebonnie Says:

    wow he gave up a large amount of dairy? Thats amazing….I read that part too my first thought wow thats hard! And thank you your so encourging!

  12. tfaswift Says:

    Yes, he just made the decision to do it. He had to be tough and he was. And after about a week, his body decided to give up the battle and the water started flooding out – just like a waterfall! And the pounds fell off on the scale. If more people knew they can lose weight without dieting or exercise, just swap some foods for a different kind, I think they would do it.

    Oh it is my pleasure to be encouraging! I learned something in one of my therapy classes – everybody has a choice to either “ride the bus or drive the bus”. So now YOU are DRIVING the bus. That’s the best place to be. 🙂 I’m here for you every step of the way.

  13. ebonnie Says:

    I considered the waterfall diet until I saw no dairy and even one review said taking dairy out pretty much solved her problems. Dairy is a weakness. I won’t have it in my oatmeal for a moment just almond milk, but good for him that must of took a lot of will power! We do have choices…your right. A lot of times it doesn’t feel like we have a choice and life seems to do what it wants, but really we can ride it or drive it I like that.

  14. tfaswift Says:

    Swapping to almond milk is an excellent choice. That will definitely make a big difference. And yes, we can choose to drive the bus ourselves, and when we do, anything becomes possible. 🙂 I think you’re starting to feel your own strength. I knew you have it. I have a good sense about these things. 🙂 I’ll have to say goodnight now because it’s 3 am for me in England! LOL. But I look forward to talking to you more soon! Take care my friend, ebonnie!

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