Past work day,Atkins and glad to be off today!

I was thinking what my mom told me years ago that when she was in nursing school all the thin students got the small residents or the easy to handle residents. The fat ones got the huge residents, the giants in height residents who would need two men to help. Or the obese residents they feel hey your fat too so this should be a breeze!

A woman is a woman both fat and skinny. Yet people don’t get that.

Men treat me like one of the guys by sharing their lame fears to me about how this woman is so hot aka thin and alot of times hot from the neck down. And how they wish they could have her…ect. As Im sitting here fat and alone.

Found a new site its mainly pro fat and people who love fat men/women. What stuck out was one made a thread how depressed she was and she never been kissed, never had a boyfriend…many other fat women joinned in and agreed they too! One said she doesn’t just want anyone she has standards. These women were in their 20’s, 30.s all the way to 60’s!!!! none wanted to admit hey its our weight keeping our weight away. The fat men had nothing to say….it kinda goes like this…

Morbidly obese women: 1) Have to settle for any guy who is really into fat fetish sex, or wants a woman he doesn’t have to compete for. Better she kinda is buying his love in using her car, buying the food(or use of her food stamps) and paying bills ect.

Thin woman: They can get bad guys or losers too,BUTthey meet a decent guy more then once in their life time, a overweight woman is never to maybe at most twice in her life time. Thin women tend to get guys who care for them or the relationship is equal.

Morbidly obese men: women are different and will fall for the fat guy if he is sweet and kind whats not to love? If he can’t luck out like his fat buddies his wallet of income will rail in every anorexic to normal looking thin woman from left to right all over the world!

A swimmers build, average or slim guy, or a slight weight aka 5-10 pounds over: can meet women based on his build and size of body weight alone pretty much.


Came from walmart…..peeped over and yes saw one of the guys who wanted to point me out. He was reading a magazine awaiting for a customer.

I was suppose to start atkins today, but didn’t have atkin friendly at home so…..went to the store ate from walmarts hot food area(never subway again) fries and some type of asian boneless chicken.

spent 80$ on atkin friendly meats and cheese and sauces…going back later for their filling shakes and salad…alot of money, but Im tired of being fat and this will cut the costs of fast foods, and pointless snacks and such. I tend to spend a easy 200 and something a month from fast foods, and buying foods at home. If I can stick to this diet I can spend a easy 150 a month and thats saving alot. Its sad I spend on food like a woman would spend money on name brand heels.

Plus I don’t go out even though I been invited on walks with a coworker, or out to some poem place….just not in the mood to see possible couples together and the worse month for me is Feburary its like everyone must come out holding hands.


Back on topic…im not a man. Men tend to be very strong then women from the underweight ones to the obese ones to the healthy appearing ones they can lift heavy objects and such.

At my job three days ago I was called in the office by both my assistant manager and manager…yes here we go again.

Our bailer been broke for two weeks. A bailer is used to crush boxes down and form them to be shipped to whatever. We cut boxes early in the morning we then bring them to the bailer us the stock team. Since then we been told every day that tomorrow it will be fixed the real issue is money. Its sad a million dollar company is too cheap to maybe pay 500 or 1000 dollars to get a part to fix the bailer.

Since the bailer broke its been hell for me. I saw all the stock team drop their boxes by the bailer down stairs and leave. I did the same too! But the other team lets call them LT for short a team of only men been taking the booxes outside …yes a lot of work. We have nowhere else to take our boxes. I do take the boxes out if I have crate on wheels.

Last week one of the former stock team turned LT team said for me to leave the boxes by the bailer and that my assistant manager (yes the female one) wouldn’t have the ladies try to hual this heavy stuff out (correct I saw no again NO female doing this) ,but boy was he wrong…..

One day my lovely manager guy who I rather deal with still over the female assistant one saw me and said head on over to the bailer and take the boxes out. I said ok even though I was backed up on work….all of us was!!!! I had no problem because Im thinking ok the rest of the stock team down there too and he wants me to help them out….I WISH I TOOK PHOTOS the boxes were stacked so high that it could of almost touched the ceiling no lie! Some where very heavy, and it was a ton everywhere!!!And guess what? ONLY ME was sent down there. I had not taken any boxes back here I took my few outside that day yet here I am about to do this monster task alone.

Long story short I asked one of my stock team people could he help me? He in another way somehow said no and how busy he is….uh huh…sure were all busy yet my manager found time for me to do it ignoring all my work.

I asked the LT team three 40 something of age STRONG men wouldn’t stop their work which is located close to the bailer to help me. I said I need help and one said were busy. I said I can’t do this alone and one in annoyed voice said well call your manager that you won’t be able to. I was only able to struggle as they ignored me doing so passing by only seven boxes when tons existed. I then called and my manager said to stay there and work until the assistant manager answers your call so she can round up everyone! I thought no way and left. He didn’t get I CAN’T do the work of men!!

At the end later in the day it took two men and me and my former rides help,…..the men really did the work we were only able to carry so much at a time. I know I tried. Even one guy dripping with sweat played with the boxes before tossing them in over his head!!!

So the next day I was called in the office….all blame on me and how I need to be focus and how I should of got my team…my voice cracked kinda wanted to cry how I was treated here im a FEMALE. I told them I tried to get help no one wanted to help me and then they say don’t go to the LP team for help (they come to us for it!) and I said I did ask two stock team members and still they won’t come unless I say you or some other manager told them to come! I would have to lie and say manager so and so said for you to help me toss out boxes that are likely YOURS.

No matter what I said it was I need to pick up the pace, be a leader, and he knows I can do it. He said so in a positive way in a you can do it type voice.


I have a learned habit I have had for years…..I fake smile alot….alot I mean alot. Once I pulled a fake smile in the office and said your right I should pick up the pace (when I already do), I should of asked all stock team members and your right…uh…huh…thats right….yes..yes…still with my I love lucy type smile I was then released out the office.

I was fuming mad, I know due to my size I should in others mind be able to lift the world!

Thats why me and my former ride held out so long too I would pretend everything was ok again, pretend her lame jokes were funny when really I wanted her out of my life.

She knew I was upset with her, but the next day she acted like evrything all great and Mr. Rogers and I did the same,but go hiding from her.

So from then on since people see me as the great green Hulk. I get to work at 6am like everyone else at 6:30am-7am I take all my boxes down before LT comes in at 8am so they don’t see me and try to pull that move on me again (I was so shocked because they were nice guys not anymore to me) If I have any boxes from later on I keep them neat and tucked in my work area. The next day I take them down 6:30am-7am. Since then I have not even helped with the boxes anymore like I use to in fear of having thrown man labor alone when not one female stock woman has had to do what I did alone ever.

And Im still glad I had walked away because when I was in the office and told them how even a man from LT won’t do the boxes like that alone yet want me to….my manager then says that day is gone we need to move on.

I though sure because he didn’t want to answer that himself!

Three men on average do what they wanted me to do alone.

I learned from someones blog that even lesbians view fat girls as the butch when she maybe far from that!

Atkins tomorrow for 30 days and if Im strong willed 60 at most.

I can do this…on atkins you can eat more then a more low calorie only diet.



10 Responses to “Past work day,Atkins and glad to be off today!”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    Ugh, i agree! One of my sayings about myself ” I’m big for nothing”… I’m not strong. But people assume I am. I cant believe they tried to make you do all the labor work. Is that even under your job tittle to do that? Do you have an HR department. I would file a complaint.

    Atkins might be a good choice of a diet for you! It’s high protein which keeps you full and no carbs. good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Im so glad you see my point because I know Im not crazy and its been comfirmed by others of larger size online. My assistant manager goes on how she is 4’9 in height and how she could of done it….another lie and she was told on by another stock person she never helps us like she is suppose to! I seen how she helps its more of watch you and touch a item here and there and walks away :/
    But yes the right thing to do is go to HR…..but I see how this picture will all end up to be. I report them…HR has a meeting about it…..and from then on until I quit I will catch hell from both for reporting.

  3. ebonnie Says:

    The extreme body builder women who appear like men maybe could of done it, but the average woman no…..I mean its so much a large person has to go through and sometimes you don’t know until a smaller size coworker comes in and you see how she/he is treated.

  4. ebonnie Says:

    The extreme body builder women who appear like men maybe could of done it, but the average woman no…..I mean its so much a large person has to go through and sometimes you don’t know until a smaller size coworker comes in and you see how she/he is treated.

  5. dietriotgirl Says:

    Yeah, reporting them might make your work days hell . Don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your job. Such a sucky situation. I’m been applying to retail jobs since it’s seasonal/temp hiring season for the holidays. ANd i just know I will not last long cause I have a mouth and half. I would not put up with that brass treatment. But, in the end standing up for myself would only get me fired. So it’s a lose lose situation. No matter what you do they win.

  6. ebonnie Says:

    The right thing to do is to go to HR, but managers know how to legally get rid of someone they no longer like. There are things such as safety issues we do on the job anyway everyone knows it even the managers know it, but as soon as you cross them they cross you! Retail is a job of sucking up big time the winner is the one who is best at it lol. Have you went to the malls in your area they are always hiring.

  7. dietriotgirl Says:

    Yes, i went to a job fair in my local mall. I got a call back for a pre-intereview interview for JcPenny that i’m going to tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind being the stalker in the store ( you know the annoying person who asks you every five mins if you need help) or the clothes folder. But i dont want to be a cashier but it’s what they are looking for. I’ll take anything. Actually, i had a job lead for a bank teller. I SO didn’t want to do that even though they pay good. It’s too much pressure i feel, with money. I dont like it But i just need a job so i was willing. They never called me back but i have a number to call. Been putting it off but i will call later.

  8. tfaswift Says:

    ebonnie, congratulations on being pro-active and starting Atkins!!
    🙂 You’re right you know; this stuff seems expensive, but if you add up how much all the fast food/pizza/junk food costs, it’s actually expensive too! Maybe more so! You’d doing it my friend, this is it! 🙂

  9. ebonnie Says:

    Good for you!!!!! Bank teller does pay more, but my sister and a stranger both told me if money is missing and its not your fault they still fire you even though no proof of you stealing, but at least they say sorry I guess. I would be nervous with bank teller too, but I still would give it a go I talked to some who go up the ladder in it. My cousin is very wealthy in the UK well step cousin, but she is doing very well in it! JC Penny is good too. I understand that too when you need a job you will take it may regret it, but pays the bills. How did the pre interview go?

  10. ebonnie Says:

    Thank you!

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