So yesterday I got called into the office….

Work yesterday was fine even though I avoided my former ride half the day, going the other way, and my department thanks to the holidays was full of things to unpack and put away….100’s of items words can not express how many I mean! I had help sent up (yes that much work) and I like her A LOT, we had somethings in common I didn’t think anyone would share with me. Such as we both oddly love to learn the culture of Germans and their language and also want to travel there someday…..why? We both don’t know why. We both like no no foods too. We worked together how I felt me and my former ride should have worked. Like I told her I think this goes here and there (after I asked for tips from a sales person on what needs to be done) she then says wouldn’t it be best if I did it that way? I said sure try it and it worked! We took each others advice. There was no army like crazy woman getting angry, making me feel terrible, and trying to be the boss when she is like everyone else. It was calm and I hope to work with her again lots of laughter and who would of guessed we had some things in common? 


Later as the day went by yesterday, I got a call to the office as I was about to head out for lunch. I had a feeling what it was about, but carried on…

Yup my former ride was in the office with assis. manager.

I entered…long story short she wanted to hear from me why I was upset.

I was like thinking sitting there like really?!

She was angry, mad I didn’t let her have control, got upset because she felt I was treating one department better then the other, her favorite department she use to be in was being placed in the cold by me in her own words saying Im not leaving them in the cold her face red, eyebrows dipped down with rage, fist clutched…..the same christian person who talked about Jesus and how he cares ect is now showing anger now has me in the office asking me whats my problem?

That day she acted that way she stormed out…and came back all cheerful. My former roommate who heard voices I discovered once I moved in was that way too crazy, get mad easy, but in a few hours or the next day all smiley and cheerful like everything is all Mr. Rogers and sunny.

I took a deep breath and said you showed anger,you act like I have to do this and that.

Make a longer story short she then says that she never does well with sensitive people aka me. Yes I cried because I have been dealing with her ways for over 8 months I think 9 to be exact! I couldn’t take it anymore and broke down in tears and I told her she had me in tears!! She then tells me in the office that many people say she looks mad when its just her frown lines…I just said wow. I was thinking no way!!! She showed anger and people with frown lines look happy, or sad, or angry in a nutshell you can still tell!

She said she went home after that day and thought about the whole thing and when she came to work (as I was ignoring her) she wanted to say sorry and she did in the office…I said thank you. Next minute she was in tears saying how she knows she needs help and has been in therapy. As she was crying I was thinking why did you just say sorry if its your frown lines? Why are you crying now if your not the sensitive type such as myself?

It reminded me when I first got to know her and was pretty much still new how she told me she will use me as a practice to talk to people and how she is not so outgoing…LIE she talks to many no matter what. I think she really means to talk to people and be more kinder and less controlling. She did admit she had a perfection problem….but what you feel is perfect maybe not perfect to others. Everything must not be your way to be the right way and again Im not going to ignore my manager and lose my job with you.

The assist manager had us make up and if I feel she is acting wrongly then I am to go to her, she faced my former ride and said If I was doing something that she felt wasn’t right to come to her. Make her the bad guy. I made up and honestly no longer mad and sad about her ….just sad that things turned out this way. My former ride looked at me in the office and said I feel (me) is not really forgiving me right now. My assist manager said give (me) more time. Things will never be the same between us ever. She was a decent person, but crazy.  I had someone much worse then her aka former roommate….thats another story.

Later on my assist. manager told me that when she first came in to work she felt really bad about how things went. She really felt my former ride meant it and I agree It was believable, but if it happens again to let her know immediately. I said ok.

So now my former ride has to be careful with everyone no more moving peoples stuff around because its the wrong way, no more going back and forth with others, no more acting like your every ones boss and giving orders that go against our real boss. Also no more of that showing anger and storming off and no more pressuring me to do this and that where im sneaking around to do what Im really suppose to do.


With my weight I don’t know what Im going to do….Im pretty much lost. I know it requires me eating way less, but the addiction is really strong.




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5 Responses to “So yesterday I got called into the office….”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    Must feel good to have a peaceful day at work.

  2. tfaswift Says:

    Gosh, well maybe it’s good you both got it out of your systems and had a good cry. Most people who are bossy, mean and controlling are just hiding the fact that they feel vulnerable. It’s like a defense mechanism – they always act tough so nobody can see how they really feel. I hope things get better now.

  3. tfaswift Says:

    Hi there, ebonnie, you know I like your blog. 🙂 I was wondering if you would be be so kind as to spare me a moment of your time over on my blog? I’m trying to do a poll on my blog asking people (anonymously) to vote as to whether or not they believe in past lives/reincarnation. I don’t have that many followers and most of them are proving very reluctant to click a button and make a choice (except for dietriotgirl up there who’s always so great at participating!). Would you be so kind as to visit my blog and see if you’d like to give your input? I don’t mind which way you vote, it makes no difference, and I won’t no what you voted anyway since I can’t see who does it, I can only see the number of votes. Here’s the link just in case you’d be willing: I’d really appreciate it. My name is Tilda by the way. 🙂

  4. ebonnie Says:

    Your right about that!

  5. ebonnie Says:

    very good…

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