*Subway corporate update*

I was suppose to call yesterday, but didn’t was tired after work….like now. I had to call. The later you report then they may feel its not important if you had waited this long. I googled and found their corporate number…didn’t want to e-mail anyone. I wanted to hear a human voice! It was a woman who sounded to be in her 60’s or early 70’s, very sweet and seemed concerned. I told her in detail what happened. Hours later around 3pm-ish I get a call from the owner of subway. (Yes you can buy your own subway, hire your own managers who then hire the employees)

I was honest I told her I do like subway and now feel uncomfortable to go inside her subway. Told her in detail how her employees two latino guys (wanted to make sure she knew who I spoke of) had a black customer who wasn’t even a customer just talking and not paying. Here I am a paying customer get pointed out and to feel horrible after!

I was honest with her I told her Im big and lets be real honest they pointed me out  as a joke. She called me to hear my side…she heard his. Funny it was two of them guess the one who didn’t pointed,but was there part of the convo and laugh didn’t want to go down with the one who pointed and put me on spotlight!

She said she will look at the video since she heard both of us. She will see me walking in, she will see me being pointed out, she will see me walking away empty handed.

Im glad she will handle this no woman or man should be judged! Yes we all judge each other in our heads and maybe behind each others backs…..but never in their faces is it right to do so!

I know the guys thought that was old news and that I moved on…nope!

I did it for me and so they understand they are the faces of subway.

On the internet I have some reviews that say I was the best customer service they have ever had, I always get high marks, even rude customers who brought me down I never show to the next customer, I even got a reward for it. My current job as a stock …they don’t know that and I know I can blow many of our kind customer service sales, ect out of the water. Im even good with sales….if its food I have made fitness buffs, and joggers come in for a diet coke and salad leave with 500 calorie ice creams and drinks! I go all the way, if your a customer who is short of 2 dollars I will help…since I got tips of 70 and slightly up day just for ringing up your stuff, managers were always pulled to the side about me, my manager demanded to see my mother to tell her how great I am and how I brought them sales people from other countries came back to our hotel just because I gave great service (they told me) and when I went to walmart many would come to my lane because they felt the other walmart employees were slow (yes on purpose some do feel like why rush were here for such and such hours all day anyway) , some are about them selves.

So for someone like me who has the highest rank of customer service and take pride in my past in it to be treated with such poor service I won’t have it! If I can have a bad day and not bring it to work so should you…just fake it. If I never judged any customers or employees then why should I?

What got me high marks in customer service:

1) Say positive things only…if your shoes look horrible…I won’t say so I only mention good such as I love your hat, or your tan, or the outfit…I say good things daily to my coworkers in sales if it looks nice then I tend to say so. On my blog I am sad….but I hide it my best at work.

2) Mention deals and never complain about returns.

3) Show a interest in your customer…not in a creepy way like Tom Thumb employees though :/

4) Yes some customers are rude, but don’t treat the others bad because of that one

I do want to get back in sales or customer service maybe where I work.

After I get my life together and for now its best I stay in the stock team working in the backround.

Just glad I had reported. I feel they needed a wake up call that this is not your home or your off the clock. Your at work and the face of subway and should show pride in it! Not make people like me feel more awful then we already feel.


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5 Responses to “*Subway corporate update*”

  1. Corner of Confessions Says:

    Wow, glad you were able to report it and actually get a response. Lately i’ve been calling agencies and can barely get a person on the phone everything is automated now. I still think they should of at-least given you some freebies for your trouble…

  2. dietriotgirl Says:

    BTW, that comment above was my other personal blog. Word press keeps switching profiles on me lol.

  3. tfaswift Says:

    I’m glad that the people you reported it to were sympathetic and are taking action. That kind of behaviour which those men showed you is unacceptable.

  4. ebonnie Says:

    Me too, its bad to feel awful and judged right in your face in that type of way.

  5. ebonnie Says:

    I hate auto voices! I recall many years ago calling and you get a human on the phone to handle things. Now its press this number and that number and you still may get your answer from a robot. I wouldn’t quit until I found a number that got me to a human. No freebies some do, but most don’t I heard. wow I see two of you!

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