Why subway and walmart corporate will be hearing from me Tuesday

Anyway yesterday I was happy a small rare. my check walmart owed me two years ago had came which was 600 and 40 something dollars.

At this walmart there is a subway not your regular mc donalds.

I went to cash my money in since its free if its a walmart check.

After got a few items such as frozen fruits, two bananas, and Alli diet pills I have yet to take.

On my way out happy about the sudden cash decide to get a 6 inch tuna sub. Its been months since I been to subway.

Behind the counter were two Mexican guys laughing loudly and talking about whatever to this un-paying customer who happen to drop by to be just as loud and talking with them. Deep down I did feel uncomfortable. Me and men kinda don’t mix since I never been with one,never had a real male role model, never had a father, nothing male if you count my former pet cody who hated me and attacked the family…..anyway I wanted to back out. Even at work in general Im shy and not so sure about people and more so males. Rude women, nice women, happy women, whatever women I have them in my life, raised by one, see them, Im one.

Deep down men to me are those who judge based on how I look, can either ignore me, or ask for sex favors (which I never do), or have me be their friend who they can talk to about their child, girlfriend, and show me wonderfrul photos of his ideal woman. Its sad Im not a lesbian I wish I was.

I said to myself your here as a customer, you want a sub and your out the end.

I walk in one of the guys behind the counter tells the black guy what about her man?

He looked at me with his pants slightly hanging down, two fake diamond ear rings in his ears…..everything I wouldn’t want in a guy…had the nerve to look at me  up and down quickly and laugh and say naw man and both brown dudes laughed …I said everything ok??? One guy says yea….I turn around and walk out they looked at me like huh?

Through the window I was passing by outside one of the guys turned and saw me and seem to try to figure out why I didn’t order and was I upset? Well he and his Latin homeboy will learn that if you want to rate total strangers who only want to order and leave in peace then you do so in your MIND or when im out of ear shot.

The subway is located in walmart thats why Im calling both walmart and subway corporate.

I don’t know you and don’t use me as a joke.

My culture of men do lean greatly to fat girls, but when they get rich somehow none want a fat girl. So I feel they settle since I do know and heard of fat girls will let them live off them for free and so do the thin ones in my culture, but fat ones get the title.

I was angry how can a low life guy with fake studs and wearing ear rings like a girl with his nasty undies out and slang have the nerve to even be picky? I was at Walmart not no fashion show for the hood!

I have my my little white paper in black words of my order of Alli, bananas, frozen fruits and oh three cans of soup I see here…..date and time so when I report we can go back on that day and find out who they are.

17:47:32 was the time whatever that is.

Went ate pizza (two slices), large sugar filled drink, binged on the three cans of beef stew and dumpling soup and calmed down, but not enough not to report.


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8 Responses to “Why subway and walmart corporate will be hearing from me Tuesday”

  1. dietriotgirl Says:

    They are just low lives, going no where. At least you handled it with class, cause i would of went off on them.

  2. ebonnie Says:

    Once this holiday is up both places will be getting a call and I decided to write two letters as well.

  3. tfaswift Says:

    Men can be total jerks to all women. I’m thin and I’ve had men say horrid things about me/to me as well. One man offered to “buy” me from my husband for £20. That’s like $30 USD or something. I just laughed. My husband was more angry than I was. And especially when they’re in a group, then they start to behave like pack animals and they bring out the worst in each other. And I have short hair and I lost count how many men told me I should grow my hair. It’s like, mind your own business! Grow your *own* hair if you like long hair. But when you have low self-esteem, every nasty little comment they say hurts like a knife being stuck into your heart. The strength to look at these men and actually think that they are so dumb it’s actually funny can only come from inside of yourself and your own belief in yourself. It’s a process, but it can be done.

  4. ebonnie Says:

    Your worth more then 30! And short hair styles can look nice just like long hair styles can. I heard in Italy the women love to wear their hair short and the men love it too!

  5. tfaswift Says:

    Thank you ebonnie, you are so kind. 🙂

  6. Brittany Says:

    Walmart and subway are different companies. Subway in Walmart isn’t run by Walmart corporate its ram by subway corporate. Js subway employee right here

  7. ebonnie Says:

    I agree just wanted walmart the one who allowed the subway in and is serving their customers to know.

  8. Manuel Says:

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