Thin women need fat women heres why:

1) If all women were thin that means thin women would all have to work on having better personalities like a plus size woman has to. No more sitting there or saying a dull hi and just being thin makes up for all other flaw.

2) Men would judge who you and what your about then just the outside (size wise)

3) Men won’t settle for a thin women with a flat chest when he can have a thin women with a large chest or he really wants a tall thin woman and not a short thin woman ect. all women being thin means men can be more pickier.

4) You are judged by your work experience being thin and lacking skills will no longer get you the job.

5) You won’t stand out as the ideal beauty your just average.

6) Your career as a model is over, it would go only to the few rare chubby women who manage to put on 5-20 pounds as you flip through magazines and books for their secrets.

7) No one will care, or wonder, or ask you how you get to be so thin…since they are too.

8) A size two is simple everyday size nothing special

9) You find yourself buying books how to get a date, how to get a I do ect all books blaming you for the reasons why your single

10) You can no longer rant or feel grossed out by fat women since they would be the ideal since they are now a rare sight and you can no longer go on and on about fat people since really deep down you need them to boost your self esteem.


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