At work now….ate 1600 calories and woke up being 268 pounds

I was laying in bed yesterday almost in tears its like I’m far from perfect. I’m sitting here seeing couples hold hands, talking,enjoying each others company,buying things together YET I’m 25 never had a boyfriend and so lonely I’m so close in buying a pet for comfort. Its even worse hearing of other large women who refused to be used or take a guy no sane woman wants ( such as the three tooth, illegal drug use of a man) are now 45 and even older in age who never lost the weight to attract a decent person. As I watched these women were great with talking to other women,but a guy…it was shaky and something off and she appeared nervous. Is that my future to be single for life? Having to settle to have a baby with a random person just to have a child? I was so heart broken and down I gainned weight on my day off and it hit me hard to only have all these women to talk to. I can’t give up I can’t! I’m trying so hard here. My break almost up and I’m really getting tired of people old enough to be my grandparents out walk me such a
hit to the slight ego I do have. I mean they walk ,so fast with focus and here I am barly making it. I get I’m a gross sight to see and thankful that my job over looked my outter and saw my inner and what I can do. If I can get in my 50s before my upcoming day off I’m going to Austin Tx! I just ate and want more I wish a cure existed for people like me.


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