Home….Loved my day a little too much.

The massage was great, but was hard because he was touching my body (my fat) and I was so ashamed, but he did a great job and even found places such as my shoulder blades I didn’t know I had pain at! He was strong too, so it wasn’t a light gentle touch and you felt scammed of your money as if you paid someone to blow on you.

I went to dennys and my sweet and my meal was a total of 11.something, but gave her a 20 and told her to keep the change when my 20 percent tip should of been 2 dollars and something, but waiters and waitresses work hard for low pay. I even didn’t put on my recipe what I gave her….I will allow her to fill in the blank 😉

She was a skinny woman appeared to be a size 2, in her 40’s, brown hair with purplish dye and a chip tooth and in need of dental work yet was nice and gave good service. Women like her can get any guy she wants yes I toothless THIN women do get great guys. She had teeth at least….but heres a little known fact if you never been fat you sometimes don’t know your worth until you gain weight.

I went crazy food happy……went to mc donalds for a apple pie, one cheese burger, and a small fry…then crossed the street for a personal pan pizza from pizza hut…yes just now.

Heres pics from my Denny’s…

Each bite gave me this unreal feeling of pure joy and happiness the burger was huge and such a delight to look at and with a kick of spice.

I asked for my dessert first since it tends to be faster….funny thing is it took the burger only a few minutes right after Im spooning mouthfuls of thick apples and sugar and ice cream I just wanted to scream in such food addict joy. Everything was so perfect….so perfect. Why can’t I eat like this and be thin at the same time?

Look at this beauty below! Apple crisp…mmmmm

Deep down I wish I had no desires to look good or want a guy because I think food is all I need. Never talks funny, doesn’t care how I look, and never judges me ever!

Today was perfect, the scale won’t be so perfect in the morning and no way Im weighing tomorrow I did serious damage I don’t want to see.


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