I almost FAILED today- 266.6 pounds

Breakfast 4 eggs, four slices a toast (only 45 cal. per slice) and raspberry jam (100 cal), then a sweet juicy peach. Lunch a bowl of watermelon. So tired from work I felt the urge to eat plus its my day off tomorrow I was so Happy I almost got my ride to take us out to Denny’s or super salad…I was debating with myself,but said never mind…it took alot out of me to just say no!!!!! No to food.

*As im typing I booked a massage for the 7th of next month..I was like well he is the best may as well wait. He just texted me and had a spot open someone had canceled I am greatly sore*

So now Denny’s and a massage! On a Sunday!

Better shave my legs just in case and try to look less manly as possible.

Anyway Im so close to just hoping on a bus now and going to denny’s and eat what I want. I just been on their site for the past 10-15 min and already got my order and its location plus my coupon Im just ready to eat…want to eat…real badly its sickening!

Anytime I see a morbidly obese person I truly understand were addicted and many of us had a terrible happening that caused us to desire food….desire it so strongly I feel im drooling at the thought of food…I am 😦

No one becomes fat just because some claim they do, but they are lying!

Tomorrow I will order the new macho nacho burger which comes with fries.

Then their 800 calorie brownie a la mode. Total based on site was wrongish because I don’t think it added the fries calories so at most maybe 1700 calories?? Alot yes, but its my treat to me.

Morning will be a zantrex 3……

Night smooth move lax.

And going up the stairs at the train station up and down at least ten times.


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One Response to “I almost FAILED today- 266.6 pounds”

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