Its 3am-271.8

Honestly I took a nap to fight the urge to eat. I have a habit of eating when tired since food gives me a little energy for a slight moment. Woke up from nap and yes from 8pm something all the way to 11pm something I laid in bed fighting the urge to eat, afraid that if I got up I would eat…such a sad way to live.Four different times I almost got up to eat, but manage to stay in bed. Next minute my sister who works over night we were texting…she called…I saw it was 1:30am and somehow got in my mind well its a new day…I weighed 271.8….I ate…and ate. If I didn’t around 10am I would of been 271 or 270.6 maybe. I ate enough for one very good meal.

Let me see how many calories I ate.

Between 1800-2300 calories somewhere between that.

New problem later today I work 7pm to 12am meaning I already ate my one meal so I can only have gum, diet drinks, my crystal light drinks target brand, and carrots and maybe one whole onion cooked in zero calorie fake butter just for chewing purposes.

Yes I messed up, but I can fix this.

Considering taking two zantrex pills maybe or maybe not last year use to take them daily and it help me lose weight, but really its not good to pop this pills that give you unnatural energy, but im ready to be slim and live a life I should of since 18 at least!

Resting all day in fear of binging has me up Im well rested, but headed back to bed soon…


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