The guys-272.2

Today for breakfast was two servings aka 8oz(120 calories or 60 per serving) of Greek yogurt topped with a great amount of honey with granola bar. Was so good I wanted to do a repeat!

I woke up at 5am to get ready, make my mini breakfast was out the door in a rush to work at 5:33am…not enough time I was thinking. Saw three guys in all black (hate when guys do that why wear all black at night or super early in the morning in the dark?) the only thing shining was the guy walking in front of his two pals was his grill even in the pitch of the dark it flickered like those things you place on your bike to alert drivers that you exist don’t hit me. They were looking at me smiling, my mp3 on the highest sound possible just did a quick nod and said i’m fine and hurried along.

I got to work on time and my ride was late 😀 talk about a temporary feel good!

Just didn’t want her to use me as a excuse of lateness when she does that on her own.

One guy married like many Texans said why don’t you go party? I said well im not the partying type and like I always said since I was a teen I can party alone. See I never went to a club, but I get how it works. You go there people tend to be the best of themselves in the best clothes meaning you won’t be with the real them…who are they ect? Or what if you meet someone at the club, but problem is they love the club and need to go every weekend or seven days a week with or without you? He didn’t get it and told me have a seen a therapist.

My use to be crush ….I say that is because well he is the same age, but has a little girl from his ex girlfriend. I believe if I had a child then ok were equal lets be together and be all right (lol).I want kids with someone who doesn’t have any either. I have heard of guys with kids and single looking for a woman with no kids :/ so yea….i’m not interested in playing step-mommy and seeking any ones approval that its ok to date their dad. Another issue I feel is yes he is biracial, but I feel his pref is white girls I have no proof other then why you never shared your daughters photo or have it with you? He loves her I can tell even though he doesn’t keep her or buy her gifts since its a man made holiday in his words. That was another problem no not Jehovah witness just thats how he feels so picture me never had a bf got with him who already started a mini family, plus I can’t expect no V-day flowers, no b-day gift, or x-mas, but I can buy it for him :/

Anyway he stopped to talk to me he loves books and again I didn’t know how to react just said uh huh, right, ok ,I see,yea great writer….found that odd he wanted to talk a little.

Theres a another cute guy,but he is taken since high school and whats really left is gay guys really. The straight ones are all taken in some form or really not my type for this and that reason.

I ate twice today breakfast was light, lunch med… no one meal today.

Now the hard part not eating until tomorrow!

Glad to be off work though…a long drawn out day.


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