well fast failed-today im 278.2 pounds.

I had so many moments to be stressed out and so annoyed to the max…I do my best to hide it. Woke up this morning and my ride tends to come between 5:50-6am. were suppose to be at work by 6am! We tend to be late because of her and more so in the past and recent too. Like she will call me asking me 5:55am, can she come in my place…she rushes in to use the bathroom if she doesn’t get a toilet then she goes on herself, this happened alot. Or before she can make it to me she rush to 7-11, quick trip, or some random gas station for a toilet in a hurry as if someone set her on fire…I admit its funny more so when shes ok and on the way to work we take a detour for a near by toilet! I told her and even hinted that adult pull ups exist and really no shame in them. I worked in a nursing home and many adults had to wear one. Because of this we have been late 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 8 minutes 15minutes, or if she goes on self she is kind enough to have dropped me off in the past and go home to wash and change coming in a hour late herself.

We been late 7 days in a row many of times. Psychology taught me that no need to worry whats done is done and what can we do if were late? Stressing over it won’t change the time. we been late for months since I been taking rides to work with her…I live near the job a 5 minute drive, so she doesn’t mind since im on the way.

So this morning she textes me im 10 minutes away (just to tell me so I know when to come out) Next min she changes it to 15 minutes. As she is driving she figures and red lights, bathroom issues anything can change the minutes. Its 5:50am and based on her timing she should be out now, I look out my window and shes nowhere, so I go to apply my makeup to feel somewhat beautiful I guess and to cover my acne.

Next minute I get a text where are you?!

I rush out like crazy which takes me exactly 1 minute to walk to her car (im that close to the parking area) I hop in thinking were cool…she goes off and complains how I should be out and how if she textes ten min just add that to the time the text is sent  (like im that stupid) she goes on and on as im texting my ex coworker about how she is acting when many of times she made us late and how it was ok for her to get me, but park to rush in my apartment to use the bathroom having us clock in at 6:20am.

I told her I didn’t see her and that you didn’t come at the time you said you would be here! Im thinking why is it a issue…oh I see when you have us late 25 days out of the month its ok since its your fault. Like having a apt, your messy, but as soon as your roommate is adding mess to your mess then its a issue.

To hush her up because we went back and forth, I said you know what I will walk to work from now on (she didn’t expect that answer) then she says well when you walk your late. I then told her the truth im NEVER late when I walk only at rare when the company need us for odd hours from our reg. 6am-2pm then im late. I never been late as much as riding with her. Then the ride to work is a awkward quietness, then she said something about work to try and forget it all. I will now walk to work because if your late naturally 95 percent of the time, but you feel me coming out 2 minutes to the car is too much for you I rather walk.  I will take the ride home, but to work no way!

On my lunch break, and my ten break I was alone not with her. I wanted to eat over how she acted she even admitted that she is late sometimes…I thought sometimes :/

After all that we made it to work on time still.

At 7:30am my stomach felt odd like wheres the food? I wasn’t hungry, but the feeling in my stomach was odd like it knew it should of eaten something by 5am something.

Sipping on water, going up ladders still with creams and band aids on my palm, glad tomorrow Friday im off, sadly once again I was willing to work Sunday my day off at 7pm to who knows when.

My left foot had me limping again its like my right foot can handle this weight and size, but never the left. I had to stop frozen in my tracks at work because the pain was so great and had to force it through it would look odd and crazy to see me working then halt in my foot steps.

I got home at 2:14pm and ate about my guess 1500 calories at most. One meal thing again. Maybe I will be a pound smaller each pound counts sadly I got too many.

Off to play my sims then rest.


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