Something has to give….

One day I will wake up 30, just like I remember being 16 its so fresh in my mind im like where did the time go?

I feel I want to try fasting again….I fail alot just like a diet or so called lifestyle change…another word for diet.

I said ok 1000 calories, but food tastes so good I do a repeat and then its over the 1000 mark.

If I water fast and somehow manage a 20 day fast wouldn’t that be like 50 pounds?

Food is all I got right now and its a comfort, but so many cute clothes, guys, and being lighter on my feet the poor things had to carry this load.

Ok…ok…..water fast..water fast…I don’t want to do it because its hard to let food go…I may fail, but can’t just throw in the towel like this….I can’t 😦 all this is so depressing.

Im 280 today earlier…scale is going up and and up, too high…


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